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Thomas Liwis

Amazing Service

Amazing service provider. I was simply on the telephone with one Customer Support Person and he was amazing, He easily solved everything quickly. Thankful to that Person.

Published on Oct. 17, 2018

WP Engine Expert Review 2022

Written by: Dheeraj

1 reviews

Amazing Service

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Amazing Service

About WP Engine Hosting


A million websites are running by using a common service popularly known as WordPress. Many Web hosting services thus focus on hosting this famous content management service. One such host is WP Engine. WP Engine has become a very popular host of WordPress with time. WP Engine is a platform which provides WordPress cloud hosting for applications and websites. It is available internationally. WP Engine is based in Austin, Texas and was founded in 2010. Apart from this, it has its offices in San Francisco, Texas, San Antonio, Brisbane, Australia, England, and London. A number of well-known investors like Automattic has funded WP Engine. Also, many WordPress experts and bloggers consider them as one of the best WordPress managed company. 

Conclusion of WP Engine

WP Engine is a premium site hosting company and gives you the experience of what a premium level company should give. Due to the optimized servers, its site speed is amazing along with a smooth and quick site migration. Staging Area is another outstanding feature offered by WP Engine through the help of which you can make changes on the test site before making those changes to the live site this eliminated the fear of shutting down the site accidentally with some unknown errors. 

Some other features offered by the company to provide you the flawless experience include the automatic daily backup, 100% guarantee of uptime, one-click restore points and guarantee off hacker cleanup. Apart from this, some unfriendly factors were also there like WP offers Gmail which is not professional if you owns a business. Plus there is no phone support and live chat system. So in case of any issue, you have to contact them via email that too is not available 24*7. But this factor can be ignored as the servers are quite reliable and most of the issues are solved by itself. WP is recommended to you if you are a developer or want a WordPress site for the heavy traffic. They also give you a 60 days money back guarantee to test them on every aspect.

Pros of WP Engine

There are some undeniable advantages which WP Engine provides to its customers. These are:

1.  Speed & Performance

Website speed depends on lots of variables but as per the rule, it is said that the more complicated it the site the more complicated its speed solutions will become. WordPress although is very fast and lean.

In case your site contains mainly texts with limited plugins and small images then a cheap shared hosting plan from hosts like HostGator, InMotion or Bluehost is good for you. But if you are among those website owners who like to keep their WordPress install lean with custom theme files, additional plugins, widgets, tons of images, forms, ads, widgets and many more then the traffic which results from all these features will surely slow down your WordPress install.

This slow site does not indicate that you need to look for a bigger and better server. Instead, it means that you need to be more considerate about speed. This task may be sometimes as simple as getting a more strong server but in some cases, it is as complex as optimizing your files and caching various resources in  particular order. There is a number of solutions but this requires either developer or you should implement them.

This is where managed WordPress hosting plays its role. All the concerns of speed are taken care of by the WP Engine through their customized servers which have more advanced “stack” and extreme aggressive caching as compared to other typical web hosts in the market. In order to keep your site moving their trained representatives’ looks after your entire WordPress install in order to identify exact issue. Due to their customized setup for caching, they don’t use the caching plugins on their installs. This even helps unoptimized WordPress installs to perform well as their platform does some extra work

wp engine-reviews

2.  Customer Support*

Since the launching of the WP Engine customer support is their core part. It is important for them to focus more on customer support as they are selling service more than the product i.e. they deal majorly in managed hosting then hosting.

The representatives of WP Engine effectively answer all the questions which are asked of them whether it is as simple as installing a new WordPress theme to explaining the SSL certificates. The team tries to solve all your issues in the shorted time possible. Although WP Engine does not provide 24*7 telephone support to the customers who have opted their Personal Web Hosting Plan.

This facility is only available for the Professional subscriber. But on the context, they provide a live chat and video and also a ticketing system which is fast and trackable which is present everywhere on the site through chat. 

In addition to this, they also have many videos of tutorials which provide knowledge as well as helpful in solving many problems. 

Although WP Engine lacks in some areas of their customer support which we will discuss in cons but they surely know that customer support is very important for their clients and they also do appropriate investment in this.

3.  Security

WP Engine offers Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate which comes without any charge along with your hosting subscription. This Secure Socket layer certificate is helpful when you want to sell products on your website. This protects the information which is sent from the computer of your customer to your site servers.

Along with this, WP Engine also provides regular automatic scans of malware and has a firewall which is also updated on the daily basis in order to protect the site from the latest threats. The major security advantage provided by the WP Engine is that the claims that they will repair the damage of your site free of charge of your site got hacked.

wp engine-ssl

4.  Pricing on Value

The pans of WP Engine is certainly not pocket-friendly. They start with a monthly plan of $35 which include one-time installation and allows monthly visits up to 25000.  But this price is justified by the value they provide. Like per month updates of the WordPress and QA’ing the installation can take approximately 30-35 minutes. If the bill of these services are billed around $50 then it will be equivalent to the monthly fee of WP Engine. 

Also if due to downtime caused by a bad plugin update results in downgrading the number of visitors or your site goes down due to the hotfix done by you on your PHP code then the loses will be equivalent to the monthly fees of WP Engine. A decrease in the number of visitors due to downtime or speed issues can cause income losses.

WP Engine provides a managed hosting service which saves you from all these issues and hence provides us value-based pricing which makes it a pro. 

5.  Market Focus

WP Engine is not suitable for all kinds of people. There are mainly three types of customers for whom WP Engine seems to be a perfect solution. WP Engine offers a strong focus along with a number of tools for each kind.

- The first kind of customer includes the Designers and developers of WordPress who aims to focus on design and development without going into the hosting maintenance. They have clients who don’t have any issues of budget. Such designers or developers develops and launches the site directly through the staging environment of the WP Engine and then hand it over to their clients.

The website’s hosting, speed, and security have been taken cared by the WP Engine. For the ongoing basic maintenance of the website, WP Engine has all the essential tools like git, staging, transferable installs and site migration.

- The second kind of customers are the owner of the growing website who got puzzled while dealing with the growing technical developments. They have already experienced the shared hosting from some hosts and now want to switch to a better host.

Apart from this, they are also financially stable who have enough budget for managed services. To provide them ease WP Engine offers them customer support and automated migration tool. For then the support over the phone is a key factor where all the issues are fixed just in a phone call.

- Startup website owners who have no budget issues and are in need of a long-term platform which allows them to grow are the third kind of customers which can opt for the WP Engine. They want to learn about the unique backend of the WP Engine and plans to launch approximately the complete website in one shot.

WP Engine offers them scalable features, support, and customers with whom they can make promises and provide support.

6.  Excellent Uptime

The uptime of any website is an important feature of a hosting company. As it will be a bad impression on your customers if your websites remain down and they won’t be able to contact you. WP Engine takes this issue very seriously. The company guarantees an uptime of 100% and is successful in providing them with what they claim.

7.  Exclusive to WordPress Sites

For the user who exclusively uses WordPress, this is a big pro but certain users don’t like WordPress and the site without WordPress many are little frustrating to create as developer face issues in building whatever they want in whichever way they want.

This is a great advantage to certain users who love WordPress as the nature of WP Engine allows to develop a site by finely tuning every aspect of the business. Many web hosting companies are compatible with various systems of content management. So to hire people who are well versed in every platform in which their services are compatible with is a tough task.

But this is no concern with the WP Engine as they only have to hire the group of experts who are well versed in WordPress. So they can handle the complaints of the customers effectively. So WP Engine doesn’t have to worry about hiring different staff according to every CMS that is available in the market.

wordpress- reviews

Cons of WP Engine

Just like any host present in the market, WP Engine is also not suitable for everyone. The clients of WP Engine has done many complaints all around the internet.  Some of the complains are unreliable, whereas some are exaggerated and some are valid. Although they provide some very awesome features still they have some disadvantages which make them unsuitable for certain clientage. Here are some of the major disadvantages of WP Engine.

1)   Plans May Not Be Cost Effective to Some Users

The first thing that anyone will notice while browsing the website of WP Engine is its plans costs. The cheapest monthly plan of WP Engine is $29. And then the other plans become more and more expensive for the number of sites you need to host and visitors to support.

But being a premium service host its target customers are web developers and business professionals who want WordPress to boost their business. The hosting plans also comprises of lot of services including the personal plans also.

2)   Small List of Disallowed Plugins

In the hosting environment of WP Engine many services are included. Due to which some popular plugins are not allowed to use which include WordFence, W3Total Cache, WP DB Backup, etc.

3)   No Domains or Email Hosting

This is a real disadvantage to those customers who with the help of their web hosts want to register their domains and hosts email accounts because these services are not offered by WP Engine. So in order to get these services you need to go to third party.

4)   Careful configuration of SEO settings

Many users of WP Engine has complaint about SEO issues. These issues occur because in order to rank your site in a best way possible with WP Engine some settings need to be done manually. But in last few years WP Engine has mixed many of these settings.

5)  Built-in Caching System with EverCache 

When you are hosting your website with WP Engine then installing caching plugins such as W3 Total Cache and WP rocket is totally unnecessary. Because a built-in caching system is provided by WP Engine with every installation which is known as EverCache. This works similar to the other caching plugins i.e. media is served in a way which increases the speed and availability of the website.

Plans of WP Engine

There are four WordPress hosting plans offered by the WP Engine. All of these plans include unlimited monthly data transfers, malware scanning, and automatic daily backups. All plans of WP Engine are the managed WordPress hosting plans so the technicians of WP Engine gives a white glove treatment to your installation. All the plans are based out of Linux. No windows hosting plans are provided by the WP Engine.

- Personal Plan is the most basic plan offered by the WP Engine which starts at a monthly price of $29. This plan supports one WordPress installation, 10 GB storgae, and 25k monthly visitors.

- Next comes the Professional Plan which starts at a monthly price of $99. This plan offers 10 WordPress installations, the storage capacity of 20 GB and 100,000 monthly visitors. 

- After Professional plan comes to the Business plan which starts with a monthly charge of $249 and allows 25 WordPress installations, the storage capacity of 30 GB and 400,000 monthly visitors.

- Premium plan of WP Engine offers 150 WordPress installations, the storage capacity of 300GB and 1 million monthly visits.

- For information about the pricing of Enterprise and Premium plans you should call a representative of WP Engine.

- Also, you should ask them for the pricing of Enterprise Grade which is the top notch WP Engine hosting plan which gives 150 installations, storage capacity of 1 TB and 5 million monthly visits.

wp engine-plans

Features of WP Engine

Moffered by the WP Engine which is different from other web hosting company. These features includeany features are 

1. Staging – In many businesses and industries, there are different ways to do certain things like they make changes and add new features on the testing website which is different from the live website. This helps them to get ensure by testing that the changes made on the website will work as per their expectations. In case if the changes don’t work as per their expectations then there is no fear that those changes will go live as they are done only on the test website. This is known as Staging.

WP Engine provides this staging environment to their clients which helps them to test the changes on the test website before actually applying them on the original live website. This is a very important and useful feature provided by WP Engine.

wp engine-staging

2. CDN – CDN is Cloud Delivery Network which is included in all the plans of WP Engine apart from their personal plan where this option can be included only at a monthly price of $19.95. By using website loading times, security and advanced caching CDN helps in boosting performances of the website. As WP Engine is working in partnership with MaxCDN which helps in including a network for content delivery with each installation. With the help of CDN instead of a single server access to your website can be distributed among multiple global servers which helps the international users to easily access your website.

3. GeoTarget - GeoIP service is introduced to dynamically change and optimize content based on your website as per geographical location of the user. This feature is available in the business, enterprise and premium plans of WP Engine. For eg – With the help of this feature, the client of U.S will not face any problem while accessing your website if your website is UK based. Also, the client will not face any flaws in the loading speed of the website.

geotarget-wp engine

4. Content Performance - Another useful and interesting feature included in the premium level plans of WP Engine is the content performance. Through this access to WordPress Google Analytics is given to the users which have been specially optimized as per your website. On your website dashboard, WP Engine gives you an overview of your data which helps you to make informed decisions about the strategy of your content with all the main work already completed for you. This Google Analytics comes free of cost along with plans

5. Ease of Use – As the performance results achieved by the WP Engine is so great which leads to a degree of complexity that comes along with it.Traditional cPanel is not used by WP Engine which makes difficult for you whether you are a beginner or an experienced user to operate their back-end system. In order to ensure if your WordPress website gets up and runs smoothly then multiple checks need to be ticked from the knowledge base of WP Engine. In case of any problem which you failed to resolve through their guides then you may contact the customer care of WP Engine anytime and their representatives are available 24*7 for you to provide guidance and advice to resolve your issues. This can be said that in the beginning, WP Engine is definitely not the simplest host to deal with but once you get friendly with it and reached a stage where set up of all your backend systems are completed then there will be no better host to work with.

Do we recommend WP Engine?

We recommend WP Engine for those who want a heavy traffic WordPress site or who is a developer. Also if you don’t have any budget issue and are ready to pay the high prices then WP Engine is the right choice for you. This price is worth for the speed, reliability and the peace of mind you get from this hosting. But WP Engine is not for anyone who wants to start its own WordPress site or want a low traffic simple site. As there are many other conventional options that are available in the market such as A2 Hosting, Interserver or InMotion Hosting etc.

Shared Hosting Plans - 2022

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