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Michille D

Recommended by a friend

A long time back, a companion of mine instructed me to take services from to make a site for my business. I made my site for free. I figured out how to complete my site without reaching support. The features are very decent. Recommended to all.

Published on Jun. 22, 2018
James R.V

Happy with the Services

Wix is a huge help to me. Making my own particular site couldn't get simplier than this. Support was very helpful and give me perfect solution.

Published on Jun. 22, 2018
Lydel N Anderson

Powerful Interface

I simply utilized "" to blog and post articles first. Later i choose to advertise my abilities. All things considered, I utilized "" since I am effectively alright with the site and I extremely enjoyed its effortlessness. Its easy to use and helped me with my business a lot. Thanku for brilliant service!!

Published on Jun. 22, 2018 Expert Review 2022

Written by: Dheeraj

3 reviews

perfect hosting provider !

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perfect hosting provider !

About Wix review 


Over the last few years, Wix has become quite famous in the market. The company has become popular because of the outstanding campaigns run by the company by featuring the stars like Gal Gadot, Jason Statham and Heidi Klum it them. Wix provides us with a website builder which helps you in creating your website in an easy way. The Wix website builder operates in your web browser which eliminates the need to install any software in your system. The company also provide its own web hosting to its customers. All you need to do is to sign up with them by selecting a template design for your website and start creating your website. There are no technical advance skills that are needed in this. This is that simple. Wix is the topmost company to provide the website building landscape to their clients. The company has hosts a total of 110 million clients as of now which is a great achievement. In this review, we will discuss all the important aspects of Wix. 

Summary of WIX review

There is a number of solutions present for website building which are working at a very competitive rate, among them Wix provides a website builder with inclusive of all features is a tough one to beat. The tools provided by the company helps you in building your website on their software. Their servers very well hold your website in a safe way. Also, with the help of Wix admin panel, you can access your website. This is a completely different experience as compared to the one where you separately buy, install and manages all the different sections of your website. 

Just like any other website builders, working with Wix is just like instead of buying and owning any property you are leasing and customizing the property as per your need. This simply means that you still have a charge of cleaning, decor and everything else just apart from construction, plumbing, infrastructure and security which is still under the part of the property owner. In addition to all the direct competitors, the main competitors of Wix are, Squarespace and Weebly. 

Also, for as long as you want Wix is available free of cost but when you need some professional features such as domain name of your own, priority support etc.  Then you should choose any one premium plan provided by Wix as per your convenience. The six premium plan ranges from “Connect Domain” to “Business VIP”. The lowest plan with no ads that comes with a custom domain name cost somewhere around monthly $11. 

Overview of Wix review

1. The company has One-Pagers.

2. Wix provides optimized mobile view of your website.

3. It has free and reliable hosting.

4. The company provides customizable designs for your website. 

5. 100s of designer made templates.

6. The company has an Intuitive website builder.

7. Wix has Drag and Drop Website Editor. 

8. The company has HTML Embed code.

9. The company can add and organize Pages.

10. Wix provides Text Editor and free fonts to their customers. 

11. Wix has Image Editor for their customers.

12. Easy to add a blog.

13. One URL for website and mobile site.

14. The company provides Page protection.

15. The company provides social feed and Facebook comments along with Email marketing.

16. Wix also has an Online store for its customers.

17. Wix has its Wix App market.

18. Social buttons on the website such as Google+, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. 

19. Wix has Automatic blog styling. 

20. Wix provides Contact Manager to its customers.

21. Wix support multiple payment methods.

22. The company provides Live Chat option to its customers. 

23. Wix has Display Events. 

24. The company has Site Analytics such as google analytics.

25. The company has Communication tools, marketing tools as well as financial tools.

26. Wix provides personalized Google mailbox to its customers. 

Technical details

1. Devices Supported – Windows, Web-based, Mac, iPhone/iPad, Android.

2. Language support – Swedish, Turkish, Polish, Dutch and English.

3. Pricing Model – Free, Monthly payment and Annual Subscription. 

4. Customer Types – Freelancers, Medium Business and Small business.

5. Deployment – Open API, Cloud Hosted


Who should use Wix?

The company has quite impressive layouts which are perfect for artists such as photographers and musicians, online stores, restaurants, and small businesses. All the layouts provided by the company is optimized for mobile devices and can be easily used with the number of applications that are available in the Wix App Market. 

Also, Wix can be compared to a prefabricated house in which the basic structure already exists and cannot be changed whereas you can change the paint of the walls as per your requirement and wish. You can add the furniture which you love. 

Pros of Wix

In this review, we will now discuss some of the important pros given by the company to its clients. These include:

1. Designer templates in bulk

More than 510 website templates have been provided by the company to its clients which includes the templates for a wide range of industries and backgrounds. The templates provided by the company are all up to the mark with the today’s trend fulfilling all the need of the present time customers.

In addition to this, the templates provided by Wix come with dummy content which can be replaced easily with the text that you want for your website. The company also allows you to add photos as per your choice to it. But, if you don’t want that dummy content with the dummy images then you can anytime choose their blank template. But, the pre-filled content will actually help you in filling your website in an easy way.


2. Quite innovative drag-and-drop website builder

Wix seriously knows how to stand ahead in competition by introducing all new and useful features for their customers. The company surely knows how to keep pace with the changing trends and hence it provides all the necessary trending tools before any other web hosting company launches them.

wix-website builder

3. Great help and support everywhere

Customer support is a very important factor in the web hosting industry and Wix surely knows it. Hence it provides the best of customer support one can offer. For instance, most of the templates offer by Wix has its own help button which helps the customers to open a related article in one click. This eliminates all the hard work of finding related articles for help. In addition to this, the company also provide support over the phone that too 24*7. The customer can also question via email if they wish to. But, Wix does not provide live chat support over the phone like the other web hosting company such as Squarespace.


4. Reliable Hosting for your website

Along with a beautiful website, Wix provides you free domain names which are suitable for your website. In addition to this, you can also rely on their SEO optimized, reliable and secure hosting services. The company also allows you to manage as well as track your website performance all from a single dashboard. 

5. Wix Code and Artificial Design Intelligence 

Wix professional offer a unique service to their clients by providing an expert and premium website which is specially designed just for you. All you need to do is to answer some basic questions regarding yourself like who you are and what you do along with the type of content you like to include to your website. After taking this information, the company will create a professional as well as an amazing website for you which you can make life in a few seconds. 

Not only this, but Wix also develops a code module for the developers. Wix allows the developers to set up and use their own database collections. The developers can easily depend on the open API architecture in order to install the function they require. The company keeps in mind that whatever they create it should be SEO friendly. Also, all the operations of coding are very informative and without any hassle. 

6. SEO-Optimized Content

A very important aspect of creating a Wix website is that you will be able to place an SEO optimized content for your website.This will further help your website to become more available on the internet and easily detected by search engines.You can also purchase the widget of SEO functionality from the marketplace of WIX. The widget contains a number of attractive features which will help you in upgrading your account.  

7. eCommerce Module

eCommerce module of Wix can be subscribed by the online retailers for creating an attractive online store for their products. Three kinds of product catalog have been provided by the platform along with some custom checkout pages which helps in improving the buyer's experience by putting the shopping cart functionalities in place. In addition to this, Wix also supports direct payments through PayPal wallets and credit cards that too with 0% commission. Along with the shipping operations, the company also manages your inventory on end to end basis. Not only this, but the company also handles taxation on your behalf. 

8. Mobile-Optimized Website

In the present time when 90% of the customers use mobile devices to browse the online content as well as for shopping, then for this, your site should be mobile optimized. This is a prime need of this time. Wix very well understands this and hence provide mobile-optimized sites automatically. Also, if you want to create a mobile-only site with it than the company allows you to do that as well. This feature is very useful for e-commerce users who are interested in online selling and promoting.

9. No Connectivity Issues

Wix seamlessly works with a number of third-party solutions which include a leading marketplace, marketing solutions, and sales apps. This is a great feature provided by Wix to its customers. In order to promote your products, you can also use it in synergy with CRM applications and collaboration as well also enjoy a streamlined integration with social media. 

Cons of WIX

In this review, we will now discuss some of the cons provided by Wix to its customers. These are as follows:

1. Templates cannot be switched 

Wix although provide you a number of amazing templates for your website but it is required that you take your time for choosing a perfect one for your website. The reason for this is that in case you need to switch to another one later on then you will need to add and set all the content once again from the beginning. 

Although the drag and drop option in the template editor saves you from all the hassle and help you to create a new design in no time. 

2. Wix ads on the free plan 

You can build as many sites as you want to build on the free plan provided by Wix but again nothing actually comes free. On the free website, you will see Wix branding on the pages as well as in your web address i.e. URL. Although to get rid of it you can get a pro website by just paying a monthly fee of $11 for Wix Combo plan.


3. Better suited to smaller stores

Wix is ideal for selling a product online on your website. The only downfall is that it is suitable for you only if you need a small website, not a big bulky e-commerce website such as Amazon.  

For small store website, Wix has e-commerce monthly plans which start at a monthly price of $20 to $35. 

Do we recommend Wix?

After considering the whole review, yes we will recommend Wix if you need a cutting edge template with readymade designs for the website. Wix is the perfect option for a photographer who wants to showcase their stunning click in the amazing gallery provided by Wix. Wix is perfect for small and medium-sized business who need a website which has a lot of flexibility in customizing its designs along with an integrated newsletter tool. For the one who needs a bulky website, Wix is definitely not an option for you to go with.

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Features Connect your Domain Connect your Domain Free Domain Remove Wix Ads Customized Favicon Connect your Domain Free Domain Remove Wix Ads Customized Favicon Form Builder App - $48 Value Site Booster App - $60 Value Connect your Domain Free Domain Remove Wix Ads Customized Favicon Form Builder App - $48 Value Site Booster App - $60 Value Online Store Connect your Domain Free Domain Remove Wix Ads Customized Favicon Form Builder App - $48 Value Site Booster App - $60 Value Online Store 10 Email Campaigns/month Professional Site Review