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Web Hosting Hub Reviews and Expert Opinion

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2 reviews

  • Easily manage my Website
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  • Migerate my Website for me
  • Setup my eCommerce shop
  • Make a beautiful Website
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Web Hosting Hub reviews by Customer

2 reviews
Pandora Edmundson

Best support ever

I have many sites hosted at Web Hosting Hub. The speed are same. And it is very good deal for one price. The support is also very good. they provide me full support everytime. I recommend it .

Published on Oct. 17, 2018
Faysal Faruqui

Very responsive company

Its been an awesome felling to be your customer. Great customer service and quick response.

Published on Oct. 17, 2018

Web Hosting Hub Expert Review 2022

Written by: Dheeraj

2 reviews

Always the Best

  • Reliability
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Always the Best

About WebHostingHub Hosting 


Are you looking for a hosting provider that will function well on shared hosting in the short and long-term? Yes, you got it right. Here I am reviewing about Web Hosting Hub hosting. To get an online presence for small businesses, it is the easiest way. With the easy control panel, WordPress which is combined with their excellent support, website builder, it is quite hard to beat their price and value. For beginner users, it offers special discounts and also has earned numerous best value awards. Not just small businesses, but bloggers are also getting affordable and reliable shared hosting.

The primary aim is to be a one-stop shop that will provide everything that you need to create an effective web presence. The affordable hosting services are provided with the highest level of technical support and customer satisfaction.  According to the reviews of many customers, the quality, reliability and customer support are the factors that what makes it stand out from the crowd. We are reviewing the company that will help you to decide whether it is the right choice for you and your website or not?

What is Web Hosting Hub?

Web Hosting Hub is an award-winning hosting company as it allows you to install more than 200 popular web applications with just a single click because the service provider includes Softaculous FREE in all accounts. A FREE PREMIUM Web builder is also offered to you, which doesn’t restrict the number of pages and functionality like other providers does. People who are looking for a fast start for getting a dynamic website effortless, then it isa good option for them. According to the various reports, it was founded to attract more of the start-up and professional blogger market. For beginners,it is easy to use and scalable for businesses as well.

The company provides affordable web hosting solutions which are offering great support for a wide range of applications. Along with the services provided, it also offers several services which include dedicated eCommerce, Search Engine Optimization, custom website design and social media evaluation which even provides help to new beginners to build an effective and professional site for their business.  Also, they use Green Data Center technology to reduce their impact on the environment.  When you have an idea of the site’s design but don’t possess much capital to get started, then you don’t need to worry or give up on your website because they are specially designed for this kind of situation.

Web Hosting Hub Features-

They offer many great features which will attract you for choosing it. Some of them are-

- The inclusionof cPanel control panel- The company has chosen to provide cPanel to its user rather than using a customized or proprietary control panel as it is an industry-leading option. For managing all aspects of your web hosting account, the control panel is the administrative area where you can keep an eye on. As you can do things such as-

- Managing your account preferences like email, password and so on.

- Managing your website domain name.

- Keep tabs on your monthly resource usage.

- Creating or deleting new email accounts.

- One-stop to perform administrative features without using additional tools.

cPanel is easy to use and powerful tool, which means you can easily learn how to use your software without wasting much time.

- The availability of Softaculous- With just a single click of a mouse, you will be able to add thousands of application to your website. Thanks to Softaculous! This will also allow you to create a fantastic website with no hassle by adding features and functionality. Some options which are available with this software are as follows-

- WordPress- A full-featured and popular CMS

- PrestaShop- Suite of e-commerce tools

- PhpBB Easy to use software

- Anchor-A blogging system which is lightweight.web hosting hub- reviews

- Typesetter- Alternative of WordPress

- Cheap prices- In addition to the affordable prices which are being offered, it also offers special discounts. Interestingly, to acquire hosting services, you can pay as little as $3.47 per month. They offer 1 to 3-year contract rather than month to month payment option. Among web hosting companies, this is quite standard. You will be ‘locked in’ to a lengthier contract to get the best prices.

- Free set-up and onboarding assistance- With your web hosting purchase, the benefits you can get are free set-up and on boarding call which are designed to help you get set up quickly and running in no time.

Once you aredone with your signing up, within 5 minutes you will receive a call from one of the friendly support representatives who slowly takes you through the setup and alongside, they will answer all the queries you may have. This service is best for the beginners and those who are not well served in setting up a website.The onboarding call can cover anything such as getting your username or password from the welcome mail.

- E-commerce hosting and tools- The company provides various e-commerce tools that can be integrated to your website.If you are creating an online store, this thing is going to happen the best for you.  From popular shopping tools like Cube Cart and Zen Cart to major companies that process payment like Google and PayPal, to various security tools like shared SSL Certificate these tools will provide your website a good start over your competitors who also starting out just like you.

- Free website transfers- Migration assistance and services both should be at the top of the list for which you are looking for in a web host. This host provides you with the best website transfer services. Without any cost, the company does all the transfer work on behalf of you and also ensures you with great experience with zero downtime. While transferring, it provides you with progress notifications and a temporary URL where you can perform various tests and trails as well over the servers. Along with website transfers, it offers well written and ample documentation on the process.

- Hosing types and plans- This host offers 3 shared hosting packages: Spark, Nitro,and Dynamo-

  . Spark-This plan is ideal for bloggers and those who are getting started with their website.  This is one of the best startups shared hosting services for a newbie. Also, it allows 2 websites, 25 subdomains, 5 domains, and 10 MySQL databases. A longside, it features various options such as SSH access free SSD, auto-installed WordPress, a free website builder and auto-installed shopping cart. This plan costs $4.99 per month

If you are well known with the importance ofan online presence but are margins are not much large at that time, you wish to have an economical option to get up and run for the website. That economical option is provided in the form of Spark.  When your website gets older and starts to pay for itself then you can surely move for more expensive and feature-rich options but till then, Spark is the best option available to you.

  . Nitro and Dynamo- The other two hosting plans involves all the features that Spark plan involves and they also give you the choice of selecting the datacenter that will host your website and unlimited websites, subdomains, parked domains, MySQL and many more. They consist of discounts of 20% and 30% of web designs.  According to the reports, the company suggests you get started with the Nitro plan because it is the option that is considered as a small business hosting that offers better performance. When it comes to online sales, people will not wait too long for your information pages to load. Thus, faster page loading is always a bonus for you to generate more sales.

Nitro plan costs $6.99 per month

Dynamo plan costs $8.99 per month

- Web hosting hub ratings

Better business bureau

   . Current rating: A+

   . Customer review rating: 4/5

   . Filed complaints: 8 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years 0 complaints are closed in last 1 year

- Yelp

   . Current rating: 3.5/5

   . Business page status: claimed

   . Number of reviews: 40

- Google+

   . Current ratings: 2/5

   . Number of reviews:2

What to expect from Web Hosting Hub?

You can expect various features which are involved in web hosting packages as the hosting plans from the company primary focus on shared hosting. Some of the standard features that you may expect are as follows-

- Free SSDs

- One click installer

- Free website  builder

- Unlimited space

- Unlimited bandwidth

- A free domain name

- 24/7 customer support

- Unlimited hosting for secure emails.

Value-Added services of Web Hosting Hub

Where the hosting features are robust, the value-added services of the company are truly helpful for setting this host apart from its competitors. Therefore, these services cover Business Websites, e-commerce, SEO and social media which are described below-

- Business websites– These sites are based on the information which you provide during the consultation with Web Hosting Hub. These websites are custom-design sites. A premium plan can be selected for your site with up to five pages such as home page, product gallery, contact form etc. With this premium plan, you can also select 30 minutes of update each month or you can select a premium plus plan that offers up to 15 pages along with 90 minutes of website update each month. Both the plans include a domain name and all the benefits of the shared hosting plans. These plans are a complete package of what you need for getting started.

- E-commerce- This service is quite similar to a business website with its standard configuration but it has its focus onbuilding a dedicated online presence for your business. For various payment options such as credit card and PayPal, these sites provide support. With the support, it also features a huge variety of plugins for your shopping cart of choices such as customized shipping calculators, coupons, language and currency customization and what not!

- SEO- Search Engine Optimization service of the company attempts to boost your site’s standing in popular search engines which uses a combination of cutting-edge technology like integration with Google places. This service is largely based on information gathered during your consultation. They also use ethical and search-engine authorized technologies that will improve your results in Google and other search engines as well.

- Social Media- This service is used to site owners who may not get the appeal of social media platform which is integrated on their site.  The company helps to ensure that your brand is engaging with your target market in the social media. That is why it offers custom integration with services such as Twitter and Facebook. You can also build a blog into your website as the company offers support for custom WordPress development.

Web Hosting Hub coupon codes

Web Hosting Hub was set up with the primary goal to provide easy setup and affordable hosting plans with supportive domain names, free web applications, custom hosting solutions and web design services as per the needs of the clients.

Best Top rated web hosting coupon codes-

- $ 1 OFF

Use coupon- onedollaroff

- 43% OFF

Use coupon- 43offcoupon

- Month End Sale! 50% OFF first 100 servers

Use coupon- GREEZY

- Save 28%

Use coupon- nocode 1

- Get 43 % OFF when you sign up for 3 years

Use coupon- nocode

Why do you need Web Hosting Hub Coupon?

ou can choose any of the coupons out of these above 5 coupons which are best for you and get them at a discounted price. When you buy a domain or a hosting with any of the packs, you can get your discounts.

Click on any of the above coupons you want to get discount with. You will be redirected to the Web Hosting Hub.comwhen you click on any of the coupons you want to get discount with. From the three plans: Spark, Nitro,and Dynamo choose the desired plan. Later on, if you need it, you can upgrade to the other one.

You will be redirected to fill your personal and account details when you click on the ‘Order Now’. Once you click on ‘Purchase’, you will get web hosting plan and the domain at a discounted price. You can also redeem your coupon with the three packs available which can be worthy.

web hosting hub- secure order

A detailed description of Web Hosting Hub

- Performance- This hosting provider has faster servers as it has 2 data centers around the world and they also use varied routine data. This is what makes them different from others. You can choose any of the two data centers which are nearest to you. To rank, a website, faster servers and great speed are the important factors to be considered.  Thus, among the various competitors, its uptime guarantee of 99.99% makes it more reliable. You can also run any small or big business website without hassle as it also gives you unlimited storage and bandwidth. Once you chose the plan, you are ready to get started.

- Security- Addition to the performance, the security option makes it more reliable. The hosting provider gives you the protection from domain privacy which means all your information such as email, address, and registration name becomes generic in WHOIS domain. For the page rank, SSL Certificates are one of the most important factors which are considered in optimization. The securities which are provided to users for faster speed isconsist of firewalls, SSDs and so on.

- Ease of use- What makes it easy to use? Well, the handy and intuitive interface makes it breezy to use. The host provides you with Application Management Portal with huge features in order to manage your files.  Now you can get access to your cPanel to manage your account efficiently. Even you can make a purchase of additional hosting as well.

IncPanel, with other option such as addon domains, subdomains, file manager, cron jobs etc, you can get access to McAfee email security.  While using any of your desired website templates of any kind of niche, you can be able to create your website in 10 minutes. In 45 minutes, you can add design and colors to your website. Also, the plugins and widgets are so easy to use.

Pros of Web Hosting Hub

18% faster page load times than your competitors- The solid-state hard drives can be up to 20 times faster. This is the benefit on which the company prides themselves. This also considers site since even a one-second delay can cause a 7% decrease in conversions.  Here are the last 8 months average load time-


- September average speed- 705 ms

- October average speed- 762 ms

- November average speed- 755 ms

- December average speed- 720 ms


- January average speed: 715 ms

- February average speed: 740 ms

- March average speed: 730 ms

- April average speed: 690 ms

.24/7/365 support- The company provides great customer support. They got connected with you in less than three minutes but it takes additional 5 minutes to verify. This host is so quick and concern as there is a bit of downtime and lag between responses though.  Majority of the customers are satisfied with the Web Hosting Hub customer support.

.Free domain name and site migration- Are worried about your website that is hosted somewhere else? No problem! This host will transfer up to three websites and databases for you. During this process of transfer, they promised you to experience zero downtime.  They will also provide you a free domain name when you are getting started with your website.

.90-days money back guarantees-You always wanted to have a website that offers refund policy with a guarantee. Well, you can consider this host as it offers 90-days money back guarantee. That means if you are taking chance with this company then it is quite arisk-free for testing their services for a full three months.


Shared hosting is not so much good for advanced users- The Company offers only shared hosting options to its new beginners.  But when your website takes off, that might pose few problems. For larger sites, you want to have dedicated hosting options rather than shared hosting. As the dedicated hosting provides you more and better resources to run your website as compared to shared hosting.

Extra fees for Backups and security- Web Hosting Hub offers daily backups and also automate the process for your convenience but it will cost you an extra dollar every month. Not only for the backup but again for the security, it charges you extra every month. Thus, extra fee for backups and security makes their customers even frustrated.

Possible delayed action- To verify your account; they might require extra details like a live phone call. This can be quite problematic for you especially when you are located overseas. Sometimes, the delayed action bound their customers to switch to other providers.


Web Hosting Hub not only provides you with great support but also offers services at affordable prices with top class security. For their users, its robust servers and fastest network makes it more reliable and useful as well.  This is the ideal option for the bloggers and those entrepreneurs who are looking for good host providers for their website for getting started.  Also, the pricing of different hosting plans are quite appealing and distributed too.

Besides various limitations, if you want to have your pages load faster and a supportive customer care staff then it is the best host for you and your website. The company also provides pretty much every other thing for what you are looking for. Though the features it provides are minimal, it still provides you witha great experience every single time when you host your website with it. I highly recommend this host for your website needs because they are outstanding and will do what it takes to makes sure that you are taken care of.

Shared Hosting Plans - 2022

Plan Name Spark Nitro Dynamo
Space Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Panel cPanel cPanel cPanel
Number of Sites Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Price $4.99 $6.99 $8.99