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glenn valley

Its a Good Web Hosting

Whatever i want i can do in my Website without any problem. The Support Team is always available for help. No w my site is growing up !!

Published on Nov. 16, 2018 Expert Review 2022

Written by: Dheeraj

1 reviews

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Best from Others

About Hosting


The face of doing business has changed over the years. Today, if a business is to make any headway, then it must appear on the web. The language of business has gone digital and if an entrepreneur wants to make an impact, then he must find a space on the web for the business. The reach is worldwide; the market is worldwide; the prospects are in their millions.

No matter the size of the business, there is room to grow and excel on the web. Where there is a need, there will always be service providers who are ready to provide the needed solutions to the problem at stake. The need for a website for every business that wants to compete favorably has led many service providers to throw their hats into the ring.

There are much hype on the web pages of these service providers. Ordinarily, they will tell you that they are the best around. They will sing the praises of their template to the high heavens. The objective is clear, to convince every prospect to do business with them. Many people have made the wrong choice for their business.

Today we are taking an objective look at what Website Builder has for her customers. They are among the top 10 for the year 2018. This is not an advertorial for this service provider; far from that. We are making an objective review who they are and what you stand to gain from them. What their areas of strength? What about their weaknesses? All these points will be highlighted so that at the end of the day you will be able to get a clear picture of what they are and their profitability to your business.

It is, however, worthy to note that there is no perfect technology. Every design comes with its strengths and areas of weaknesses. What you should be on the lookout for is a design whose pros are more than the cons. Yes, the strengths must override any areas of weaknesses. That way you will get good value for your money.

Brief Intro To

The advent of Web into businesses dates back to the year 2001. The rise over the years of website builders has been on the increase over the past 17years gone by. has come in to contribute their own quota. It is mainly for those who do not need a complicated design for their business. It can easily be created for your business at an initial affordable price. The price will increase in the second month. Unlike some other websites, will not permit yearly upfront payment. In that case, you will not be able to save a dime on upward quarterly or yearly payments. If you do not have knowledge of designs or any coding experience, you will not have any issues on this platform. There is a mix with the choice of this service provider and we shall give it a fair preview with the objective of telling the story exactly how it is.

Is Builder Good For You?

We want to that on that note because it is first most important question that you must ask for the sake of business progress. What is there in this builder that will benefit your business? We shall take an objective look at their mission statement to avail you of where your interests stand with this service provider.

The target of is small business enterprises. These category of entrepreneurs are after what will serve their business needs, they are less concerned about a design that is trendy. If you don’t care about a sophisticated design, then you can go on to get the benefits from this web builder.

They have free business articles on the site which are pretty good for business startups. The users feedback on their web pages is not bad. But one is sure, they are not likely going to publish the terrible news in order to protect their business interests.

This review will not agree with the user reviews you are used to on the pages of this builders website. This is a very critical assessment of what they have on offer based on available facts. It is worthy to note these facts:

They can’t deliver stunning pages

Innovative tools are absent

The site not scalable

There is no decent range of templates.

If you are the ambitious type of entrepreneur, then based on the facts stated above, then you will have your doubts about this web builder. The above-stated attributes that are absent on this platform are a most if you must get the best benefits for your site.

The Bargain

This is bait that is working for Yes, give it to them; the offer for the first month is like a freebie. But from the next month onwards, the price will go up. So if you want a very low bargain, it is only for the first month, after that, it will surely go up in subsequent months to follow. If you need it for some few weeks and you want something really cheap, then you can sign up with them; but make sure you close the deal after about three weeks.

How Is The User Interface?

When you want to get started, it takes a rather long process. An experience shows that you have to begin the process by choosing a domain name. You will wait for the free domain button to lead you somewhere. This wait can be frustrating in some instances. There are cases of users who kept reloading the page and nothing useful seems to come up; it can be that frustrating!

Another hurdle is that you have to create a account to see the available prices. After waiting for some length of time; when the prices pop up, you have to choose a plan and at another time trying to pay for it. A request will be made for your type of business; when you have fulfilled that part, then you will be allowed to see the template of the business. The process is that cumbersome.

The process will make you commit to a plan and an industry before they show you the design involved. At that stage, there is no more going back because you have already made a commitment to your payment.

When you are undergoing the process of building your website, you will need to use the technology in drag and drop. Texts are the simplest of the things to you will need to joggle with during the building process. The drag and drop should work perfectly. But with, the process is rather messy. You can imagine the implication of that if you are experienced in the business.

Straight to the positives; the basic template tweaks are ok. The basic customization is also very simple. You are able to change your text with a simple click of the button on your computer. Also, you can easily swap photos as your own.

How Good Is Their Template?

Their advert will tell you that they have hundreds of templates to offer their clients. But is that the truth or a mere advertiser’s hype? Going by real-time experiences of some users; they are only handed some handful instead of the hundreds that they promised in their offer. Even at that, the handful that they offered is very similar in their designs. You can hardly spot the difference between them.

We shall take a look at a case study. He applied for a template for a private tutoring business. He got only three templates which are identical. Take a look at the three templates below and see if you can spot any difference. Yet they are present as three different templates!

Another issue with their templates is the quality that comes with them. It is rather poor. The image will not give you any desirable boost if it present to people that has taste for current trends in the technology of things.

One good thing about the template is; they are all mobile responsive. You can easily view them on your phones. However, one can still call the intelligence on their arrangement on the screen to question because they are not intelligently arranged. If you have a small screen, then you will not fancy the arrangement on your screen. Take a look at the screen-shot below for a better understanding.


The mobile preview page is excellent. You will be able to check your pages in landscape mode. But when you place what you have here side by side with what obtains with other web builders, you will realize that there are better options that you can take to.

There are extra features that you can add to your site. They are very easy to add and they come in small choice of layouts with some editing options. These features come one after the other. The freedom to rearrange them at will is very limited. It is impossible to drag a couple of features to sit side by side. You can add sections such as: Testimonials, videos and an interactive contact form with a map…. Etc.

The Customer Support

A good customer support should be in place to clear any areas of doubt that the customer might have issues with. Most of the service providers have a 24/7 customer hotline open for their clients. has this plan also in place for the benefit of her esteemed customers. Among the options that they have on offer; we shall take a look at them with a view to telling you which option will work best in your own business interests.

The Social Media Pages

Their Facebook and Twitter pages are popular and very responsive. However, not much is said about this website builder on their forum. However, you may choose this option to reach them if other options that we shall discuss shortly fails.

The Help Articles

After going through the help articles, the conclusion is that they are poorly written. They can not offer any useful tip to the site builder-statement of facts. There are scanty information based on website builder. What you will get is information about connecting’s packages to Word Press. Take a look at the screen short below and see if you can make something usefull out of it:


The articles are mostly about other website builders.

The One On One Help

Taking a look at the offer of their one on one help, there are options that you can choose from. When you try the chat tool on offer, you are likely to find their answers vague and uninspiring. If you try the support ticket, you are likely going to meet a brick wall as well. They are likely going to ask you for a secret code which you do not know. So what is the best option in their one on one offer? 

Your best option is the 24/7 phone line. You will get instant results. The line is 1-866-655-7679 and it is free with all plans.

The Online Business Articles

This is the best among all that they have in their customer care. It is the silver lining in the horizon. You will meet the archive of decent online business articles here. You can bookmark them as they will be useful when you are setting up your own business site while you are using another business site of course.

The Online Business Articles

This is the best among all that they have in their customer care. It is the silver lining in the horizon. You will meet the archive of decent online business articles here. You can bookmark them as they will be useful when you are setting up your own business site while you are using another business site ofcourse.

The Pricing Index-Is It Worth Investing In?

We have pointed it out in the opening lines that for the initial month, the offer is worth it. But afterwards, it is a different ball game. There are three website builder plans. For each of the three, the initial month is deeply subsidized; but immediately after; the prizes go up high. The first month is like a bait; when it is swallowed, then one becomes hooked up! That is just the basic truth.

The billing plan is not also favorable. They will not allow for a year plan upward payment; they go strictly by their monthly billing method. Take a look at the analysis of what it will cost you to join and how much you have to pay afterwards:

Can you see the massive increase in the second month compared to your initial payment for the first month? Take a look at the respective percentage increments. That is the reality of things with pricing.

For more understanding, take a look at the screen-shot below:


It can be that the cost is rather on the high side. If you are committing to this website builder, then you have to be prepared to pay heavily on their monthly tariffs.

What Are The Features

* Mobile Optimization

It offers mobile site only as part of its advanced package. It however comes at a price.

* Seo Tools & Marketing

The important role of SEO in online business cannot be overemphasized. Any business that wants to break the barrier should take it very seriously if the business is to compete with the best. There is a focus on this area by Though at a price; the monthly support service is crucial to business survival.

* Social Media Tools

Take a statistics of the people around the world and you will find out that at least each individual belongs to one social media platform. It is a market with millions of prospects all over the world. The presence of this builder on the platform is a welcome development though much stills to be done to strengthen the collaboration between these social media platforms and Web.Com.

* eCommerce

There is the e-commerce package that is there for your pick. You can make instant sales if you choose the package.

* Apps and Plug-ins

They do not have an app store but offer a limited number of apps. However, you can add an HTML snippet to your page for a custom code.

What Are The Pros Of

We have been greatly critical of this web builder all along; but all that has been said about them are statement of facts; not of fiction. The idea is to say it the way it is in a no holds barred manner. Before any designer comes up with a design, he definitely has a point to make. We shall consider below some of the best attributes of builder. Here we go:

* The starting price is very pocket friendly. It is great if the truth must be told. You are going to get a free domain name when you sign up with them.

* It has a straightforward interface for users. If you are a beginner, you will not have issues getting along with the simple interface. There are no cumbersome technicalities involved unlike what is obtained with some website builders.

* There is an industry-specific template that comes with free photos headings, menus and more which saves a lot of hassles. You can easily use to find your pics.

* The 24/7 phone support of is great.

* They will give you all the SEO tools that you will need to get a fair share in the market. May businesses with very bright prospects fail to break even because of poorly managed SEO.   There is the provision of marketing tools that will make your business shine. If you think they are worth your money, then you will be expected to pay extra for the tools to be able to access them.

The Cons

* It is only ideal for simple websites

* There is a mobile limitation here. You have to pay to get a mobile version of your site. That is crazy and unacceptable. There are many competitors that offer that as a standard because they know it is a feature that is of absolute requirement.

* There is no free plan. For you to see their web pages, you have to hand over your credit card; it is that very tight with them. Though they have a 30 days money back guarantee, it is hard to reach the refund team; we have had cases bothering on that.

* The customization tools can prove very difficult. They can produce messy results.

* The template is another issue. You will not be allowed to browse the templates before you start building your site here.

Final Words

We have being to dissect and lay bare the technology behind It is very important to note here once again that there is no perfect invention. Every invention is subject to some strengths and weak areas. The idea is that the strengths must be far above the weaknesses so as to make the investments in such a venture a justified.

The initial offer of is a very good starting point. What happens after the first month leaves much to be desired in times like this when there is a global economic crisis. Every investor will weigh the costs and will always go for the one that comes with a cheaper option.

The non-availability of yearly plans is another issue working against Their entry point is fine, but what happens immediately after leaves much to be desired. The designs are also a little bit behind considering the trends that are happening today.

We must also mention the user interface. A lot of time is wasted trying to access the portal. In times like this when every second count in business; there should be something better than what is presently obtained.

Overall, has something to offer people looking for a way to build their site. The SEO of a thing which is instrumental to business survival that is included in their template is a welcome development. The issue, however, is the price placed on it.

If can come down a little on their asking price in their monthly plans, they will get more prospects.

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