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John Scott

Excellent and great support

I've been proposed by a friend to utilize VHosting and I'm extremely cheerful to utilize them now. The support team also available for yor help at any time. So i recommend to all use atleast once.

Published on Jan. 08, 2019

Vhosting Solution Expert Review 2022

Written by: Dheeraj

1 reviews

Perfect Hosting Provider

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Perfect Hosting Provider

About VHosting Solution

VHosting solution is a web hosting company based in Italy. The company has its data centers present all over Europe at several locations. In Italy, the company ranks as one of the biggest web hosting company that comes under top 20. Vhosting Solution also provides their customers with a policy of no overselling, low cost along with reliable web hosting, specialized CMS hosting, VPS as well as managed and unmanaged dedicated servers. The company also have their website in two languages including English and Italian. In this review, we will discuss all the important aspect of VHosting Solution.

Summary of VHosting

Started in Palermo, Italy, VHosting Solution is a web hosting company. The company holds their own data center in the same city from where they started out. Being present in this market for a long time now the company knows exactly how to operate in the market and make their clients happy hence they provide their customers with an uptime guarantee of 99.80%. Also, the datacenters of the company support a speed of more than 200 Gbps which is absolutely great. In addition to this, the support team of the company is quite trained which helps their customers to solve their queries with ease. The customer's support is present 24*7 for their customers.  

The company provides air-conditioned room for their hosting servers. The room is well equipped with the fire and smoke detection systems. This ensures the safety of their systems for all the time. In addition to this, the servers are monitored all the time which simply indicates that the accessibility of these premises is done only through the magnetic card which has to be carried along every time one needs to enter the premises. This certainly means that no unauthorized person can enter the room only the employees can enter it. The company tries their best to be as reliable as they can be to their customers. This can also be judged by this point that the company hired a technician for the purpose of checking the condition of the servers in every four hours in order to make sure that the servers are running and up for all the time.

Pros of Vhosting web hosting

Every web hosting companies offers certain advantages to their clients. In this review, we will discuss the pros of Vhosting web services.  

1. Professional Hosting to guarantee stability for your business 

The company offers professional hosting service that has been designed mainly for all those companies who make their website the main source of income, allowing high performance at any time of the day. The limited number of customers per server will ensure that there will be no performance drops even at peak times.

2. Sites in security with Professional Hosting

The company guarantees the security of your websites and your customers with the help of the Raid Hardware 10 which has SSD disks, the geographical redundancy of the nameserver, the presence of the Mod Security Web Application Firewall (Anti Hack), SSL certificates and from the email service on storage separated from the hosting service. 

3. Professional Hosting for giving fast site experience

The professional plans have been designed in software and hardware to provide high-level performance, all thanks to the powerful LiteSpeed Web Server and its integrated cache, SSDs, dedicated CPU and HTTP/2 protocol, you have the basics to make your website fast. 

4. Pricing of VHosting Solutions

As compared to other web hosts in Italy, VHosting solutions prices are quite comparable. The company has a number of hosting plans for their customers that come at a pocket-friendly rate. Also, the company has a good amount of features to serve their customers who need a small website for their business or blog.  The only limitation that comes with VHosting package is that its top-notch hosting plans also have some noticeable limitations such as a cap of 10 GB of storage.  But, in case you need to further upgrade your plan then you can anytime upgrade them by choosing their VPS and dedicated server packages that are also available for you. The company does not provide you with any free plan, instead, they always offer you a money back guarantee of 30 days. 

5. Support of VHosting Solutions

The technical support team of VHosting solutions can be reached through various mediums. The company website has a various phone number listed from which you can easily contact the supporting team of the company. In addition to this, the client portal, email, fax, and the company’s social media channels can be used to contact the supporting team of the company in case of any problem faced by you. 

The company also provide you support through Skype support and a live chat. These are available from Monday to Friday during office hours. But, the client ticketing portal and email support are available for you to 24*7.  But on the contrary, the FAQ’s section of VHosting Solution does not have a lot of information to show. Thus, it does not help you much in solving your problem. But, the company certainly has an impressive ticket response time which is less than ten minutes. The customer representatives of the company surely go out their way to help in solving your problem in the best way possible. 

Cons of VHosting Solutions

In this review, we will now discuss some of the cons provided by VHosting to their customers. These include:

1. Sections of their website not well-translated

The company has several sections in its website which are not translated in English. When a user is using the English version of their website then certain pages of the websites are available which are written in the Italian language. This increases the difficulty for the users to use their website who does not know the other language. 

2. Standards of service lower for English users

The company does not treat all its customers in the same manner. For their English users, the company does not provide as much efficient service as it provides or its Italian clients. 

Features of Vhosting web services

1. VHosting Solution offers their customers a handful of hosting services which include premium as well as pocket-friendly CMS hosting, VPS hosting, shared hosting, managed and unmanaged dedicated servers and email services. The web hosting packages of VHosting comes with following features. These are:

a. 99.9% uptime SLA

b. Free domain registration

c. Unlimited email accounts

d. Free SSL certificates

e. Unlimited databases

f. Unlimited subdomains

g. Plesk control panel

h. Automatic daily FTP and database backups retained for seven days

i. Unlimited traffic

2. RAID 10 arrays have been used by VHosting Solution for their 300Gbit network. But, if you opt for their budget shared hosting plans then you will get RAID 1. The company also dedicates the speed of 1 Gbps to each of their servers. These two makes the company a perfect choice for all the small as well as medium sized business who are looking for a combination of speed and reliability. The company also uses dedicated email storage which is separate from the website storage in order to secure their email services. This eliminates all your worry regarding emails consuming the space which is meant for your website.

3. Due to certain limitations that have been placed on the servers of certain customers by the vendors, most users can only be able to control up to four email accounts from IMAP. This is especially when VHosting Solution claims their customers that they can create an infinite number of email addresses on their platform. In order to increase the limit of the emails, users have to make the request by contacting the vendors. 

4. The data centers of the company are strategically located in Germany, Italy, and France which ensures optimal coverage all over Europe. But, the one thing has to be noticed that if you are accessing the company website in the English language then you are accessible to the only German data center of the company. Also, an effort has been made by VHosting Solution for translating their website in English but a still a certain section of the websites are present only in the Italian language. These pages include the terms and conditions web pages as well as the email service webpage. 

Review on Services of VHosting Solution

In this review, we will now discuss the services provided by VHosting Solution. Hosting Solution provides services related to servers and web hosting to their customers. Apart from these two the company also provide services of Domain Registration, Email Services, SSL certificates, and Data Storage. In total, the company provides five hosting plans along with two server plans to its customers. 

VHosting Solutions provide their customers five web hosting plans. These plans include Low cost, Professional, Reseller multi-domains, and CMS hosting plan. Every plan comes with its own benefits. The hosting plans of Vhosting Solution provide their customers high performance at any time of the day all because of the dedicated CPU that are available for their customers. Also, as the number of clients per server will be limited, which will result in no drop at peak performance on all the hosting plans of VHosting Solutions. In addition to this, the hosting plans of Vhosting Solutions also provide service security which is guaranteed by Hardware Raid, geographic redundancy name servers and daily backups. 

Vhosting solution backup

Virtual Servers by Vhosting Solution

You can create a secondary DNS server, a personal repository, a test environment, a VPN or can host an e-commerce site and many more sites with the help of Virtual private server of VHosting Solutions. There are mainly two virtual servers present in VHosting Solution. These servers are named as Xen Windows VPS and Xen Linux VPS. The features of VPS plans of VHosting Solutions are similar to the dedicated server. 

Dedicated Servers of Vhosting Solution

There are two kinds of servers that come under dedicated servers of VHosting. These include Managed as well as unmanaged servers. The Uptime of VHosting solution on an annual scale is approx. 99.9%. The company also uses hardware of latest technology which helps in providing top-notch service to their customers without any interruptions. 

Domains and Services of Vhosting Solution

Domain Control services, as well as other services that include SSL certificates, Email services, and Data storage, are also provided by VHosting Solutions in addition to servers and hosting plans. These services are available as per the plans selected by you. 

Do we recommend VHosting?

After considering the whole review, we would like to say that VHosting is the best option for all those SME’s across Europe who are looking for a mixture of excellent support, reliability, and affordability. In case of large corporations who need a bulky website then it is better that they should consider some bigger hosting vendors who have the large infrastructure which can handle the complex websites as well as resource intensive databases easily.

Resellers Hosting Plans - 2022

Plan Name Hosting Multidominio 10
Space 10 GB
Bandwidth Unlimited
Panel Plesk
Price $11.73

Dedicated Server Hosting Plans - 2022

Plan Name Server Managed 1 Server Managed 1.2 Server Managed 1.4 Server Managed SO-200 Server Managed SO-150 Server Managed SO-100 Server Unmanaged 2.5 Server Unmanaged 2.0 Server Unmanaged 1.2 Server Managed 2.0 Server Managed 1.8 Server Managed 1.6
Space 1000 GB 500 GB 1000 GB 4.5 TB 2 TB 1.5 TB 4 TB 4 TB 4 TB 960 GB 480 GB 960 GB
Price $127.84 $151.30 $163.03 $139.57 $116.12 $104.39 $127.84 $104.39 $80.93 $292.05 $233.40 $187.66
CPU 8 x 3.40GHz 8 x 3.40GHz 8 x 3.40GHz 8 x 3.20GHz 8 x 3.00GHz 8 x 2.80GHz 4 x 3.50GHz 4 x 3.40GHz 4 x 3.20GHz 12 x 3.50GHz 12 x 3.50GHz 8 x 3.60GHz
RAM 32 GB 64 GB 64 GB 24 GB 16 GB 12 GB 32 GB 32 GB 16 GB 256 GB 128 GB 64 GB

VPS Hosting Plans - 2022

Space 131 GB 87 GB 43 GB 24 GB 240 GB 120 GB 60 GB 30 GB 131 GB 87 GB 43 GB 24 GB 240 GB 120 GB 60 GB 30 GB 131 GB 87 GB 43 GB 24 GB 240 GB 120 GB 60 GB 30 GB
Price $80.93 $49.26 $32.84 $17.59 $45.74 $30.49 $17.59 $9.38 $86.79 $55.13 $38.71 $23.46 $51.61 $36.36 $23.46 $15.25 $116.12 $90.31 $68.03 $52.78 $80.93 $65.68 $52.78 $44.57
CPU 8 x 3.00GHz 8 x 3.00GHz 6 x 3.00GHz 4 x 3.00GHz 10 cores 10 cores 6 cores 6 cores 8 cores 8 cores 6 cores 4 cores 10 cores 10 cores 6 cores 6 cores 8 cores 8 cores 6 cores 4 cores 10 cores 10 cores 6 cores 6 cores
RAM 25 GB 18 GB 10 GB 5 GB 8 GB 4 GB 2 GB 1 GB 24 GB 16 GB 8 GB 4 GB 8 GB 4 GB 2 GB 1 GB 24 GB 16 GB 8 GB 4 GB 8 GB 4 GB 2 GB 1 GB

Shared Hosting Plans - 2022

Plan Name Hosting WordPress SSD03 Hosting WordPress SSD02 Hosting WordPress SSD01 Hosting WordPress 03 Hosting WordPress 02 Hosting WordPress 01 Hosting Joomla 03 Hosting Joomla 02 Hosting Joomla 01 Hosting Low Cost 06 Hosting Low Cost 05 Hosting Low Cost 04 Hosting Low Cost 03 Hosting Low Cost 02 Hosting Low Cost 01 Hosting Pro Advanced Hosting Pro Medium Hosting Pro Basic Hosting Multidominio 60 Hosting Multidominio 50 Hosting Multidominio 40 Hosting Multidominio 30 Hosting Multidominio 20 Hosting Multidominio 10 Semisided Hosting 03 Semisided Hosting 02 Semisided Hosting 01
Space 20 GB 10 GB 6 GB 20 GB 10 GB 6 GB 4 GB 20 GB 10 GB 8 GB 6 GB 4 GB 2 GB 2 GB 10 GB 8 GB 8 GB 6 GB 50 GB 50 GB 40 GB 30 GB 20 GB 10 GB 20 GB 16 GB 12 GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Panel cPanel cPanel cPanel cPanel cPanel cPanel cPanel cPanel cPanel cPanel cPanel cPanel cPanel cPanel cPanel cPanel cPanel cPanel cPanel cPanel cPanel cPanel cPanel cPanel cPanel cPanel cPanel
Number of Sites 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 60 50 40 30 20 10 5 4 3
Price $8.30 $7.82 $6.36 $5.86 $5.37 $3.92 $5.37 $3.81 $2.93 $5.77 $5.37 $4.79 $3.81 $2.93 $2.44 $24.63 $19.94 $17.59 $64.51 $57.47 $45.74 $34.01 $26.98 $17.59 $53.95 $45.74 $35.19