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3 reviews

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SmarterASP reviews by Customer

3 reviews
Fernando Cardoso

Solid and Reliable

I am using SmarterASP services from last foru months and i never faced any issue. Very easy to use and Support is very fast and available 24/7.

Published on Jun. 22, 2018
Andy Eze

The Best Reliable Web Hosting

If you search for best hosting platform , SmarterASP.NET is the best. Customer support is totally awesome and 24/7 available. I really loved it !!

Published on Jun. 22, 2018
Jimy Acedeillo

Great Service

I have been using Hosting services from different hosting companies but SmarterAsp.Net is the BEST Service provider. They have Quick response customer service. They also have many different plans. Thanku for help!!

Published on Jun. 22, 2018

SmarterASP Expert Review 2022

Written by: Dheeraj

3 reviews

Amazing support and Fast Response

  • Reliability
  • Pricing
  • User Friendly
  • Support
  • Features

Amazing support and Fast Response

About is a web hosting company that provide plans that are mainly based on ASP.NET and focused on Windows operating systems. The hosting services provided by SmarterASP include semi-dedicated hosting, VPS hosting and shared hosting. The company started in 1999 and is based out of Monterey Park, California.  In addition to this, the company also proudly provide debt free and purchases equipment along with cash available.  In this review, we will discuss all the important aspects of 

Summary of SmarterASP.Net Review is a company that offers web hosting to its customers. The company provides a number of plans including semi-dedicated hosting, VPS hosting and shared hosting. The company also provide a free trial period of 60 days to their customers to get satisfied with their services. If one does not get satisfied in this time period then you can easily claim your money back. The company also offers 24*7 support to their clients for providing technical assistance. provide a great deal for the people who want a great web hosting offer for their customers. The company provides you features with the help of which you can start a fully functional website. All this is possible with the help of 1 click installation and cPanel which the company provides its clients. It is quite obvious that one need someone better to take care of your needs. But, if you are a newbie then a strong playground is recommended by us. SmarterASP is the correct choice for the business or individual who is serious about the windows based hosting.

Reviews on Services & Specializations is a web hosting company that offers different plans for semi-dedicated servers, VPS servers and shared web hosting. The company provides plans for businesses, developers and individuals. The company also provide support for multiple Visual Studio versions of ASP for its non-developer customers.  

In addition to this, the company also provide a free trial of 60 days for testing out their services. This helps the customers to check out the services before committing with them in the long term. Presently, all the plans hosted by the company works on windows server. The introductory or basic plan does not provide features such as disk space, number of domains and bandwidth, emails and an unlimited amount of space. All the plans provide support for Visual Studio, 1 click installers like Joomla and WordPress and multiple scripting languages i.e. Silverlight, ASP.

The company also offers semi-dedicated server plans and VPS plans apart from shared hosting. VPS plans also provide support for a single IP address as well as for the operating systems like Windows and CentOS and same databases. The plans of the company also differ by the amount of bandwidth, RAM, CPU speeds and disk space. also offers a semi-dedicated server plan in place of a dedicated server. Only a single website is allowed to host on dedicated plans whereas a server host few websites in a semi-dedicated plan. Semi-dedicated plans are hosted on servers which are based in Windows and provide their customers emails, FTP accounts, and unlimited bandwidth. Only the IIS entries and amount of database space vary. For the servers that are Windows based the company offers reseller hosting plans aside from their normal standard plans. You can simply focus on becoming a reseller while the company takes care of the network administration. In addition to this, the Reseller plans of offers the same features that are offered by the Semi-dedicated and VPS plans of the company. All the plans differ in the allotment of disk space and bandwidth.

Smarter.asp reviews

Review on Pros of SmarterASP.NET

In this review, we will now discuss the benefits that SmarterASP.NET provide its customers. Since every web host provides benefits to their customers which attracts them towards the company. SmarterASP.NET is no different. The company also provide some great advantages to its customers which is important to consider. These are:

1. ASP.NET Hosting

If you want an ASP.NET shared hosting package at an affordable price then this is a great benefit for you. The company supports the latest version of ASP.NET including 4.6 and 4.5 along with MVC 5 and 4.0 hosting. All these things come at an affordable price. The basic plan comes at a monthly price of $2.95. 60 days free trial is also provided along with it. This is seriously a great offer to reject.


2. Great Trial & Money Back

In order to gain confidence different offers are provided by different companies. Among them, some web hosting companies provide a trial offer of some days like 7, 14 or 30 days long while others provide a money back guarantee of 30 days or 60 days. But, for customers, the second offer is little hard to rely on as they have to give money first in order to first use the services of the company. So to beat all, the company provide their customers a free trial period of 60 days. This is a great steal for the customers. Along with this, the company also provide money back guarantee of 60 days which they receive as soon as they finish with their trial period. 

3. Built-in Cloudflare Integration

If the location of hosting your website is single but the website is accessed by people all around the world then the people who live away from the data center will face problems. But, to solve this problem SmarterASP.NET offers their clients a facility of Cloudflare CDN i.e. content delivery network integration. With the help of CDN, your customers who live away from your data center can also load the website with 4 time’s greater speed. Also, this facility is provided by the company to all its customers. You need not to have to opt pro for this. 

Review on Cons of SmarterASP.NET

Every company has some downside which distracts their customers to choose you like their web hosts. SmaerterASP.NET is no different. In this review, we will now discuss the main disadvantages of the SmarterASP.NET. 

1. SmarterASP is slightly behind the Industry leaders due to its low performance

The performance of SmarterASP.NET lacks in comparison to other well-known web hosts like Hostinger present in the market. The company got C grade in the ranking which is below the average. But all of the above, SmarterASP.NET is one of the affordable web host options that are present in the market. As per the Uptime calculator, the company is also offering their customers an uptime guarantee 99.9%. Although this uptime is not necessarily enough to keep your website online for as much time you want. While others web hosts provide 99.99% or even 100% uptime guarantee to its clients. This is certainly a great difference if we consider the long time period.

2. Just Two Server Locations

In today’s time where the budget of web hosting lies between $1 or $2, the web hosts provide data centers in multiple locations present all around the globe. On the contrary, the Smarter ASP.Net only have two server locations which are present in Europe and US which is certainly far from enough especially if we see the quick growth in the Asian markets in the online businesses. It will be great to see if the CDN of the company speeds up your site in compensation for this. 

3. Beginners may find it a Complicated option to choose

The company does not simplify the customers to choose the right server for their website which is Linux or ASP.NET. Although the advertising is quite clear it certainly does not seems to help the customers. Finally, maximum beginners will search for an option which is the most affordable to host a WordPress website. They eventually lose the customers in this whole process. Also as compared to any traditional web hosts, the target audience of SmarterASP.NET is different which does not certainly include the beginners. 

Reviews on Features of

In this section of our review, we will now discuss the features of SmarterASP. Here are some of the features of SmarterASP.NET. 

1. Infrastructure

Intel microprocessor technology is used by the servers of SmarterASP. The company uses this technology along with high speed and multiple cores hard drives. The company uses top quality bandwidth providers like Level 3, Global Crossing and AT&T along with its 3 data centers. Also in order to ensure reliability, the company have processes which also ensures that it uses only 30% of bandwidth.


2. Support and Customer Service

The company also provide its customers with customer service of 24*7 through the support ticket system. In addition to this, a chat system can also be found on the company’s website. 

3. Uptime Guarantee

The company provides an uptime guarantee of 99.9% to its customers. The company is even ready to provide free service of every month for each hour your website is down. This shows the commitment of a company towards its uptime. 

4. Billing

Customers are entitled to receive bills on a monthly basis with extra per year domain names. Also, the company will give their customers a good discount if they are willing to pay for 2-3 years in a shot. In addition to this, a free trial period of 60 days is provided by the company. The company accepts payments form its customers through multiple payment gateways including debit cards, credit cards, and PayPal

Why Choose

In this review, we will now discuss some important points which make SmarterASP.NET worth choosing as your web host. These are:

1. The company provides their clients a service which delivers them an uptime promise of 99.9%. With this makes very easy for their customers to feel like home. 

2. The company provides one-click Install solution to their clients by providing unlimited bandwidth and email space along with a right program. This service is mostly loved by everyone. 

3. SmarterASP provides their customers a quick and easy method to install anything. Also, a few questions can be answered with just a click of the fingers. The company also provide PHP and ASP.NET software applications to its clients. 

4. You can easily alter any plan according to your needs. Although it may look hard at first to select a perfect plan as per your need. But once it is done everything become just seamless.

5. The company also provide their customers with a detailed knowledge base with the help of which they can easily get all the information which they need for their website. You can easily learn about most of the features provided by the company which you want to use in your website. 

6. All the solutions provided by the company helps you to set up your website quickly in a short period of time. This also helps you in managing your website in a simpler way as well as in quicker startup. 

7. The company also provide unlimited email accounts along with all tiers of pricing. This makes it very easy for you as everyone in the company will get a dedicated email. 

8. The company has provided balanced pricing for their plans. Every option that is provided by the company can be set up to plan and operate easily as per your need. is quite easy to use with the help of multiple setup features and reliable assistance. 

9. The company also provide the customer service of 24*7 through various sources like phone, live chat etc. Along with this, the company also provide a 60 days refund policy if you are not satisfied with their services.

smarter.asp reviews1

Do we recommend Smarter.Net web hosting?

After the full review on, we would like to say that it is quite understood that for ASP.NET hosting service, SmarterASP.NET is not a perfect choice. There are many other options that are available for hosting apart from this which can be chosen by the customers in place of SmarterASP.NET. We would therefore not recommend this web host to anyone. 

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