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  • More Power per user
  • Geeky E-Commerce
  • Geeky staging Tools
  • Instant Backups on Demand

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2 reviews
Philip k Powell

Quick and efficient

I really loved the customer support as they make it very simple and take care of my issues and resolve very quickly.

Published on Oct. 17, 2018
Pradeep Kumar

Best Hosting

I have been using siteground for quite a long time now and i have never face any such issues. They are best in shared hosting.

Published on Oct. 17, 2018

Siteground Expert Review 2022

Written by: Dheeraj

2 reviews

One of The Best Hosting

  • Reliability
  • Pricing
  • User Friendly
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One of The Best Hosting

About SiteGround Hosting


Founded in 2004 in Bulgaria, SiteGround has made its place among the popular web hosting company with more than 1,000,000 domains present globally. In addition to this SiteGround also grant services like cloud hosting, dedicated servers and shared hosting. Many popular forums and blogs like Drupal, Joomla and also recommend to their users. SiteGround have their data centers in 5 distinct locations which include Singapore (Asia), Milan (Italy), Amsterdam (Netherland), London (UK), Chicago (USA) with more than 500 employees working in the company. 

Initially, the company started with one employee which is now one of the youngest leviathans in the field of web hosting. To accomplish this position in such a short span the company is surely running on the right track. SiteGround works in association with several companies like SoftLayer, SingleHop, CloudFlare, cPanel, OpenSRS, Softaculous, GlobalSign, 1H, Open Classifieds and Spam Experts.

Advantages of SiteGround Hosting

The web hosting site is judged basically on three factors which play a vital role in the success of any web hosting platform. These factors are support, speed, and uptime. In addition to these factors, there are quite other fields also which helps the web hosts to set a different benchmark in the market. Here are some of the factors which provide great advantages to the clients of SiteGround.

1. Performance and Speed

- Speed plays an important role in today’s internet era. People do not like to wait for a long time to open a website. As soon as a user enters the address of the website its request gets processed for the file to the website’s hosting server. This is the job of the hosting server to quickly process the needed file to the user’s browser. SiteGround surely lived up to all the promises which they have done on their site about the speed of the website.

- TTFB is Time to First Byte which is mainly responsible for the speed of the site. This means that TTFB is how fast a server response to a request by sending the first byte of the first file. 

Along with this, the data centers of the SiteGround are situated globally in London, Chicago, Milan, Amsterdam and Singapore so the distance traveled by the files of the website also plays an important role in the site speed. So the web hosts assign nearest data center to the users according to their location. 

In order to keep control on the performance, most hosting websites keep their memory limits to very low. In contrast to this, the SiteGround keep their software up to date in order to provide good allocations to their users.

Siteground- performance- review

2. High Uptime (99.98%)

- For high aspect hosting experience for the users, SiteGround uses its self-crafted solutions instead of using the software solutions which are available in the market. 

- In case of instant traffic spikes, the SiteGround platform offers proper stability as they are developed on Linux containers. 

- In order to ensure the security of client, SiteGround is the first company which works on the technology of account isolation. 

- The servers of the SiteGround get monitored in every 0.5 seconds due to their self- developed a proactive server monitoring system. This system helps in self-fixing any issues without the interference of any human which in return assures high uptime.


3.Top notch loading time

The average loading time of the SiteGround site page is 585ms which is way more than the average loading time of another web hosting sites. The loading time of SiteGround is very quick and consistent. There is no slow loading or spikes are seen in the loading time of SiteGround.

Siteground-loading time

4. Brilliant Support

- SiteGround gives proper attention to its customer care service. Every day the team of SiteGround is tackling more than 800 phone calls, 2000 chats and 1500 tickets every day. For this task, SiteGround has assigned a team of over 230 members who are handling the problems of their customers 24*7. SiteGround provides assistance basically in three languages which include Spanish, Italian and English. 

- Apart from answering problems related to web hosting, the customer care also helps the clients of SiteGround with the questions of CMS.  

siteground- support- reviews

- The satisfaction rate of the customers of the SiteGround is over 96% as found by official client survey of the company.

- The customer care answers to all the questions including how the email address is created on SiteGround, how the server name can be changed on domains, hoe to make the inbox of email spam free. They efficiently solve all the issues by providing the best solutions possible.

5. Effective Web hosting plans

- The proper WordPress hosting provided by the SiteGround on all the accounts is one of the exclusive feature offered by the company. This means that for all the people who are new in web hosting business and are starting launching first website do not have to worry about the services such as security, speed, updates, support along with all the enhancement tools. As all these services will be tackled by someone else. 

- The SuperCacher is a self-developed caching tool which is built on SSD. This SuperCacher is very useful for improving the website loading speed.

- SiteGround is also very concerned about the security of their customers and for this, they constantly watch problems related to the proactively securing clients via customized WAF rules and vulnerabilities issues related to the WordPress

- Along with this, SiteGround also takes cares of the updates related to WordPress plugins and free routine backups. 

- For the assurance of quick delivery of heavy multimedia files users gets access to their free CDN which have more than 100 server locations and  “Let’s Encrypt SSL”. This will ensure that the loading time of the web page does not get a hit. 

- Lastly, for power clients, SiteGround offers a variety of additional features in their GrowBig and GoGeek plans. These features include pre-installed Git, WordPress Stagging environment, PCI compliance for e-shops, priority customer care support, free backup, free restore, free one-year Wildcard SSL and WP-CLI for options like easy command line management. 

6. Free Add-Ons for security

For websites of different sizes and shapes, SiteGround offers extra features of security along with the security benefits present with their trained hosting of WordPress. The tools which are included in safeguarding the sites are SpamExperts, SpamAssassin, Leech Protect, the block list of IP address and protection of hotlink. For extra security, all the plans of SiteGround come with a feature of “Let’s Encrypt SSL”. With a per month charge of $1, the user can also choose a HackAlert Monitoring service which analyses the website on daily basis and alert the client in case of any hack or other issues. 

7. Quick and easy installations of E-Commerce 

It is important for a popular E-commerce website like Magento to be technically inclined in order to provide their customers an ease to visit their applications.

SiteGround the users to select and install their favorite E-commerce application from the existed 18 applications.The users can install the application in one click. 

Along with this SiteGround also provides free CDN, multiple locations of their servers, caching solutions which are advanced and gives their customers a great experience and site performance. 

With the help of custom server solution, the accounts of users are kept isolated from one another for the purpose of security. This helps in securing the accounts of the users in case of hacking i.e. if one account got hacked then the other will safe. 

8. Zero cost Transfers for Existing Websites

- SiteGround transfers the existing website of the users for 24 hours from the previous host for free of cost. Whereas in case of other hosts this process may take up to a month and also involve charges. But with SiteGround users don’t have to wait for such long time for the transfer of a professional website for free. 

- The agents appointed by the SiteGround handles this task. 

- Apart from this, there is another way to complete this task. To do this one need to click on the tab for “Transfer an existing website” which is present in the Account Setup. This is done just after the user signup for SiteGround. 

- The user can also find an option to file a request for transferring of the website in the support section in the user’s SiteGround account.  This feature is perfect for those who decide to transfer their site after signup process. They just need to click on “User Area” where they will find an option of “Support”. Further user will get an option of “Request Assistance from our team” which will lend the user on the page of “Proceed to contact us here link” which have an option of “Transfer Website”

- The SiteGround will transfer the database and files for a single website which excludes all the account settings and email accounts of the user in case the prior web host of the user is not working on cPanel.

- In addition to this, the user also has an option which helps in manual transfer of the website to the SiteGround. But it is recommended to use the free transfer advantage which comes along with the user’s plan. 

9. Affordable Pricing 

The pricing of plans as offered by the SiteGround are lowest in comparison to the other web hosting companies which are present in the market. The plans offered however offers quality hosting wrapped up with extra features. They have a variety of monthly plans which starts with $3.95 and goes up to $9.99. This is surely a steal deal which is offered by the SiteGround with the handful of features as compared to other web hosts present in the market. 

10. Money back guarantee in 30 days

SiteGround offers a money back guarantee in 30 days instead of offering any free trial for their products and services. This is a perfect security which customer need from a web hosting company and SiteGround does exactly the same. It gives a sense of satisfaction to the customers who don’t want to risk their money in paying to a web hosting company whom they don’t trust. Only after being satisfied with the services of the SiteGround the customer decides whether to continue using it or not. 

But SiteGround applies certain conditions in order to avail this money back guarantee offer. These conditions are:

1.The customer must provide a request regarding termination of service with the help of the User Area. 

2.The service of money back will start from the very day on which the user gets the service it’s activated. From this day onwards thirty days are considered. 

3.Under this service, all the orders regarding the renewal of the services are not covered. 

4.This offer does not include the fees of domain privacy and domain name. Hence these are non-refundable cost. After the cancellation of any service within 30 days, these fee does not get refunded. 

5.The money back guarantees scheme does not cover all the third party services, paid promotion or support and services of cloud hosting. 

6.When a customer cancels the entire reseller package then only its full money gets refunded. Else customers get nothing in the refund. Although this condition is not applicable to the single account termination in the package of the reseller. 

Cons of SiteGround Hosting

Apart from all the advantages such as high loading speeds, instant uptime, efficient customer support, etc. which are offered by the SiteGround hosting they also have certain drawbacks which people should consider before sealing a deal. These drawbacks are:

1. Monthly Billing Setup fee

- Many web hosting companies offer a very less monthly fee in order to attract the customers. As a result, they end up signing up for more than two or three years bond in order to avail the offer. Certain web hosting companies do not even charge monthly setup option instead they offer one year plan to lock the deal.

- But SiteGroud does not play such tactics instead it offers a straightforward pricing to its customers by offering them a deal of 12 months. This allows the customer to get rid of the monthly payment. 

- For the customer who wants a monthly payment scheme, they also have a “monthly’ payment option under the same price of the 12 months. But, hear the customer also have to pay a setup fee which is charged one time for the month to month plan. This setup fee is around $14.95.

- The downside is that this setup fee is disclosed by the company on the last stage when the customer is entering the details of his credit card. This is a kind of hidden fee as its information is not given on anywhere else. 

billing setup- siteground

2. Limited Storage Space

- The storage space which is offered by the SiteGround is quite less as compared to other competitive web hosting sites. 

- The number of visitors which can be handled on the monthly basis without facing any problem is clearly stated on the company website. 

- For the Startup company, the initial plan is quite sufficient as there are not many features needed. But, as the popularity of your company and website increases user can opt for an upgraded plan easily which is more effective and have more power to handle the pressure. 

- The Startup plan offers a web space of 10 GB with a capacity of 10,000 monthly visitors to handle    efficiently. 

- For a more upgraded plan, one can opt for the GrowBig plan which offers a web space of around 20 GB along with a capacity of 25,000 monthly visitors to handle efficiently. This package is mostly used and recommended by the SiteGround. 

- For the users who want a more storage space with more capacity of visitors, GoGeek plan is offered to them.  As this plan offers a space of 30 GB with the limit of 100,000 monthly visitors which can be handled effectively by the company.  

Interesting facts about the SiteGround

The hosting plans offered by the SiteGround are as follows:

Shared HostingThere are mainly three plans that come under shared hosting. These are -

- The StartUp plan: With a monthly cost of $3.95, this plan is very famous among the newbies which want to host one website and are just introducing their first website. This plan can handle 10,000 visitors every month. It also offers a static cache of SuperCacher plugin which is of the initial level, a customer care support of 24*7, unlimited Emails and DB’s, cost-free CDN, Let’s Encrypt SSL, free daily backup and site migration. 

- The GrowBig plan: With a monthly cost of $5.95 this plan offers multiple websites hosting along with a crowd of 25,000 monthly visitors that can be tackled effectively without any lag. Along with this, the GrowBig plan also offers a free 1 year SSL wildcard, free restore, and 30 backup copies. This plan also provides a SuperCasher of all 3 levels which aids tremendous loading time and provide the customer support on top priority. In spite of having an extremely quick response time, the clients of GrowBig and GoGeek are given top preference by the team SiteGround. 

- The GoGeek plan: With the monthly cost of $11.95 this plan offers multiple websites hosting along with a large space and per month visitors handling the capacity of 100,000. Along with all the features which are offered by the other two plans, it also provides installed git of plus-1 click, some server accounts, and PCI compliance.

siteground- go greek plan

Along with all these features, all plans of shared hosting also comes with free CDN, email account, and infinite bandwidth. The full list of the features are as follows:

1. Domain price starts with $9.95. 

2. The Signup is a one-page processand is very easy.

3. The payments are fulfilled through Credit cards. 

4. A setup fee of $14.95 is charged by the company if the user opts for a monthly plan of shared hosting instead of opting for the annual plan. 

5. There are few upsells which is not that bad to consider.

6. The account activation process is very fast. 7.

It uses cPanel for providing Dashboard experience and control panel to users. 

8. The installation is quite easy and quick for the CMSs using Softaculous and famous apps. 

Final Words

By offering efficient products and great customer support SiteGround has surely become one of the fastest developing self-reliant web hosting company. Based out of Bulgaria has surely advantages this company in many ways. The company got the opportunity to serve worldwide as compared to other companies of US along with the top-notch products. The company can serve even better if they remove or disclose their auto installation of WordPress

The customers are offered with a discount of 60% on the plans of SiteGround if they prefer a globally based web hosting company which offers different plans for hosting a website with effective technical features. They will not get the link schemes of the company under this scheme. 

But in order to avail the full benefits and features of the SiteGround which provide great guarantees and price then the customers can also consider InMotion Hosting. 

After considering all the pros and cons of the SiteGround this is certainly a good option for all the people who need a good customer care support along with the other features like instant loading time, unbeatable uptime (99.98%), several plans for WordPress Hosting, free transfer across site, zero charge for installation of e-commerce and security add-ons, low pricing with money back guarantee of 30 days.

Cloud Hosting Plans - 2022

Plan Name Entry Business Business Plus Super Power
Space 40 GB 60 GB 80 GB 120 GB
Bandwidth 5 TB 5 TB 5 TB 5 TB
Price $74.84 $112.27 $149.69 $224.53
CPU 2 x 3.00GHz 3 x 3.00GHz 4 x 3.00GHz 8 x 3.00GHz
RAM 4 GB 6 GB 8 GB 10 GB

Dedicated Server Hosting Plans - 2022

Plan Name Entry Server Power Server Super Power Server
Space 500 GB 1000 GB 2 TB
Price $209.33 $301.72 $392.93
CPU 4 x 3.20GHz 4 x 3.50GHz 12 x 2.00GHz
RAM 4 GB 15.6 GB 15.6 GB

Shared Hosting Plans - 2022

Plan Name StartUp GrowBig GoGeek
Space 10 GB 20 GB 30 GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Panel cPanel cPanel cPanel
Number of Sites 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Price $4.62 $7.54 $13.97