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I appreciate utilizing A2hosting. They are solid and expert. Since I went along with them, I haven't had any significant issue. Totally Recommended to all.

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Perfect Hosting Service !

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Perfect Hosting Service !

About Hosting is a company providing its services in internet services but specializes mainly in domain registration. The company in more than ten years has successfully done approx. 2.5 million domain registrations. In the year 2010, the company was taken by which is a large organization of web services that also owns some other brands popularly known as Solid Cactus and Network Solutions. In all the brands of gives services to more than 1 million customers resent all around the globe. In this review, we will discuss some of the important aspects of reviews

Pros of

In this review, we will now discuss some of the advantages offered by which makes their client happy. As we know, offers their customers with three hosting packages. All these packages have excellent customer support. In addition to this, the highest package which is the e-commerce package also supports shopping cart features and credit card processing. Here are some of the main pros offered by the company.

1. FTP Access

The FTP access is offered by only a few hosting providers. FTP is File Transfer Protocol which is an internet standard. The FTP access is a very good technical solution which provides more technical solution and provides a great degree of customization and flexibility. Through this option for complete customization, the customer gets the freedom to transfer any kind of files to and fro from your computer and their server.

2. Site Backups

Website backups is a very important feature for any customer. Although this is a standard feature which is provided by many web hosts some web host still miss it. not only provide back up for your website but also provide access to a feature called as File Restore. With the help of File Restore, if you need to erase any mistake which has been made by you then you can easily roll back the version of your website. Although this feature only protects your last three days data. But, still, the company offers this feature is a big plus from our side.

3. 24/7 Email and Phone Support

This is a great advantage provided by the company. The company provides their customers with 24*7 customer support through email and phone. This customer support is provided all around the year. Although the company does not offer live chat to their customers they really excel in the support which they provide.


4. Uptime/Downtime claims to provide an uptime guarantee of 99.99% to its customers. This uptime decreases slightly in case of Windows hosting and reaches 99.9%. In addition to this, if the availability drops below the relevant point then the customers are entitled to receive free hosting time.

Cons of Hosting

Every company has some disadvantages which make their customers unhappy. is no different. Now in this review, we will discuss some of the downfalls of Although the company has more downfall then advantages which is rare to find. Below are some of the major shortcomings of the company.

1. Very Expensive

Although the customer considers as one of the original Web registrars. But, here is a slight trick in this. Currently, GoDaddy is the most famous prevalent Web registrar of the present time. Most of the web hosts on their own use the registration feature of GoDaddy. Also, for registering your domain name GoDaddy only charges $14.99 whereas for a dot-com address charges yearly $35. This is certainly 250 percent more than the most trusted web registrar. This is very important as Web hosting providers are used by many people to park their domains. Also, due to this vast difference in the cost of domain name registration becomes a terrific choice to register and park domains.

2. Their Site Building Tool is chargeable

The Site building tools come free of cost with every web hosting provider which simplifies the experience of web building of their customers. But,, on the other hand, charges their customers for their site building tools. This is a huge disappointment from a web host who even charges for Site building tool. The site building tools offered by WordPress comes free of cost along with free templates. Also, WordPress is quite simple to use as compared to Still, the company charges you for a tool which is provided free of cost by any other hosting provider working in the market.

3. Confusing Sales Pages

There is always a catch when a company says “We will build your website for free”. So it is very important to read all the conditions before considering such services. is no different. The company also states the same but the catch is that the company monthly charges $94.95 for this service. Also, the top-notch hosting plan comes at $30 a month. So this is clear that nothing comes free. The company which shows they are giving you free services is actually charging monthly $100 from you. Also for site building service, the company charges $799 along with $94.95 per month. So considering this amount, the total cost reaches $1139.40 for a year. 

4. They Charge Extra for Email

This is the biggest deal breaker feature of the company. Email hosting is included by every web hosting provider inside their package of web hosting. Not only this but even when you need to manage your email then you are required to log in a different portal using a different set of credentials. Only after this, you can manage your website. No hosting package comes with a single email address which is really a sad part.  

5 MB of storage at yearly $9.99. Not only this, the top-notch package provided by the company comes at a yearly price of $99.99 which includes 100 MB of storage and 10 mailboxes. This is really very sad to see this, as email is not a feature to be sold like this. Even Google provide an email which are domain customized and with much more features that too at affordable price. 

Review of Features offers a variety of features to their customers. So in this section of our review, we will discuss some of the major features provided by the company to their clients. 

1. Control Panel 

When we saw at first then there was no control panel that the company mentions. But, as we went in deep then we found that the company to provide some sort of customized control panel. The designed is little dated. The control panel provided by the company does not have the power and familiarity of the control panel like cPanel which is used by most of the web hosts. This certainly does not matter for the one who does not care much about the control panel.

2. Email Accounts

The company is very easy to go about their email limitations. In order to restrict the number of email addresses and to create email accounts for your website, you can always make to a small number which is charged by many shared hosts present in the market. Even the lowest package of allows you to create up to 10 custom email addresses with lots of space. 

3. Extras and Freebies 

In order to attract the customers to sign up, the company provides few extras and bonuses along with a free domain name which is applicable for any for any top-notch domain name. But, the one thing which is quite unusual is that on offer the company does not provide any free advertising credits.  

4. Premium SSL options on

All the hosting services are closely tied to their SSL certificates. SSL certificate is very important for the safety and security of any website and understands it. So that is why the company provide their customers with SSL certificated with their every plan. SSL certificate is especially very important and essential security feature if your website is an e-commerce website. 

5. Cost of SSL Certificates 

The SSL certificates provided by the company are not free. The company charges them from you. But, they are not as expensive as compared to other web hosts who sell their SSL certificates at a much higher price. 

The company allows you to buy a certificate for a 1 year or 2-year term. After which you can simply renew it whenever it gets expired. It is a very a great option to get an SSL certificate for your site by providing some extra cost. This certainly adds up your extra cost other than the plan which you have to work on it. ssl

6. Money Back Guarantee and Cancellation Policy provide money back guarantee to their customers for their internet services. But, as per their policy of terms and conditions the company does not provide money back guarantee on their web hosting. These terms and conditions do not cover any sort of guarantee on hosting. 

7. Customer support options of 

The company provides their customers with a number of self-sufficient options such as tips, tutorials, product tours, user guides and range of FAQs. In addition to this, the company also provide both Canadian and US toll-free number for their customers to get any help regarding technical issues. 

8. Lightning Fast Response Times 

The customer representative gives you a call back at the requested time as per your convenience. This is certainly a great addition to their customer support. This is a rare thing which one can get at any web host. As per the statistics are shown by the company, in less than 50 seconds approx. 70% of calls are answered by the representatives of the company. In addition to this support over email is also provided by the company. 

9. Social Media Presence 

The staff of the company actively maintain the Facebook and Twitter accounts of the company. This is really appreciated as the company interact with their customers through these channels whenever needed. 

Review on Hosting Plans

In this review, we will now discuss the hosting plans provided by the company to its customers. Only shared hosting plans are offered by the to its customers. This simply means that the company allows you to share a single IP address and server resources with other customers. The plans offered by the are either based on Windows or UNIX operating systems. The company also provide three plans to their customers to choose from. 

1. Essential Hosting Plan – The most basic plan of the is Essential hosting plan. This is the lowest priced plan which comes with 300 GB of disk space and unlimited bandwidth. The customers who opt for this plan also receive up to 10 email boxes, capacity to host up to 25 MySQL databases and 25 FTP accounts. 

2. Professional Hosting Plan – Professional hosting plan is the next plan that comes after Essential hosting. In this plan, the disk space got increased to 500 GB along with 25 email boxes, 50 MySQL databases, and 50 FTP accounts. Although the numbers of these are not much as compared to Essential plan still this plan is slightly beneficial to medium-sized businesses. 

3. Premium Hosting Plan – Premium hosting plan is the top-notch plan provided by This plan comes with unlimited disk space, unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited FTP accounts and also provide its customers an option to set up 25 email accounts. plans

Do we recommend

After the whole review, we will recommend the company to the owners of small businesses. The services that the company offers fits perfectly with the small business owners. Also, the tools provided by the company can help them to get success by creating a fabulous website which will connect them with their customers. In addition to this, the plans are also quite affordable to their budget that they don’t have to think twice while choosing them. Also, for the company who are interested in selling the products, they offer them with the E-commerce options. The company also provide some fabulous templates designs for the traditional websites.

Shared Hosting Plans - 2022

Plan Name Essential Professional Premium
Space 300 GB 500 GB Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Panel cPanel cPanel cPanel
Number of Sites Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Price $5.95 $7.95 $9.95