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David Andreson

Great support, highly recommended

I never had any problems with rackspace and now i have running 3 websites hosted from last two years. I tried many company but Rackspace is best support from all hosting companies.

Published on Oct. 17, 2018

Rackspace Expert Review 2022

Written by: Dheeraj

1 reviews

Great support, highly recommended

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Great support, highly recommended

About Rackspace Hosting


Rackspace is one of the top-notch managed service providers of cloud hosting and has been in the market for a long time. Rackspace is founded in 1998 by Dirk Elmehof and Pat Condon is a San Antonio based web hosting company. Rackspace mainly specializes in corporations and business managed hosting. The company has its data centers in San Antonio, Dallas, Hong Kong and Vancouver. Some details of the company have changed after it is sold to Apollo Global Management.

Rackspace offers a good option if you want your business to enter in the aura of cloud computing.  Rackspace offers different kinds of cloud hosting services like Amazon web hosting, dedicated hosting, OpenStack, and Microsoft. If you want to take your business to the cloud then Rackspace is the right choice to make.

Company Overview

1. Platform – Windows and Linux.

2. Scripting & Languages – ASP, Django, Java, Python, and Ruby on rails.

3. Easy Install – Magento and WordPress.

4. Server Location – USA and UK

5. Databases – MySQL

6. Customer support – Phone, Live chat, Tickets, and Knowledgebase. 


Rackspace is a company which provides top-level hosting with good support and unbeatable services to take your business to a new height. Although Rackspace is a premium level company whose monthly hosting plans starts with three digits which makes it unaffordable for the average user. But the benefits offered by the Rackspace is countless. Rackspace claims no downtime and is an experienced company as compared to other hosts available in the market. But if you want to host a single website then certainly Rackspace is not a good choice to consider, it is certainly suitable for those users who want cloud services, managed hosting and infrastructure services. As compared to the Rackspace, Google Cloud and Amazon Web services are offering comparatively more services that too in less amount.

Of all the reviews for Rackspace, all users agree on one main thing which is the uptime provided by the company is 100% i.e. the company gives what it claims. Apart from this, it is undeniable that Rackspace is the top leader of the managed cloud services. The company is rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau which indicates that they are fully committed for providing customer satisfaction. 

You can definitely count on Rackspace if you are ready to pay a good price for the best features and services in return. But, for the mid-size company who doesn’t want to spend so much on hosting then there are so many others options available in the market.

Pros of Rackspace

Rackspace provides a handful of advantages for those who want a top-notch hosting for their business. Although from the past few years, Rackspace is continuously changing up the services and naming to stand in the market with the other competitors. The top branding is the key feature offered by the company which is definitely making it stand out from the crowd. Some of the main pros of the Rackspace are as follows-

1. Classy and Quick customer support

The customers with the basic plans have also given the support through live chat, phone, and email support. The representatives of the company answered the email within 20 minutes with a satisfactory reply. Whereas they respond to the live chat in within a minute. Apart from these two options the Rackspace representatives can be reached by phone 24*7 and are very polite and friendly on the phone.

The customer care representatives will do extra efforts to give you satisfactory reply and will solve your problem effectively. If your account is on infrastructure level the representatives will not make changes by login for you but if needed they will do this as well. Whereas in case of the top level plans the representatives can access your account fully to make any changes which help you and saves you a lot of energy and time. In short with no doubt Rackspace provides a top-notch support to its customers. 

Rackspace- support

2. Web Applications and Plentiful Features

Rackspace offers its clients lots of features and also customize them as per the requirement of your site. The account manager of Rackspace will find you those features which are important for your website and also improves your structure. SaaS system, SharePoint, e-commerce, mobile apps and rich media are some of the features which are offered by the Rackspace and run flawlessly. In addition to this, Rackspace also provides a top-level hardware which helps you in as many appropriate servers as needed.

3. 100% Uptime

The backup of the data is done on daily basis by the Rackspace which runs on proper servers. They easily move and adjust the things which are responsible for providing the downtime to the website. Rackspace does not overload their servers and keep the right aspect of them, unlike Amazon prime which generally overloads their servers. Rackspace is running at a perfect uptime of 99.9% since 2005 which is a great percentage as compared to others hosts in the market.


4. Use Based Pricing

The dedicated servers of the Rackspace are charged as per the server spaced consumed by you. It starts with a monthly price of $499 and capping at $1,249. Based on your business need the account managers of the Rackspace will provide you the services and advice you a fair plan based on fair hourly rate. This type of smart server management provides ease to those businesses who want to expand and want cloud and hosting services for them.

Cons of Rackspace Hosting

Rackspace is experimenting various services and pricing plans as per the changes occurring in the industry which is making it quite imperfect. But as Rackspace ranks among the most expensive providers in the market, it is important to closely consider the deal breakers points of this company before making any investment.

1. Structure and Admin Panel needs to be work on

Rackspace although offers a fast and clean back-end service which matches up to a great standard. But they still require some touchup. Rackspace does not use any cPanel which is a great heartbreak for those you are in habit to use cPanel. The second downside of the company is this you need to sign in and out multiple times in case you have multiple account levels. The company does not provide a basic user interface which the other host providers offers instead it provides a steep learning curve.

2. Additional Layers

In case of changing the status of your account or price discussion, you need to contact the particular account managers for the same. The company does not allow you to change them on your own. This is good if you want a guide for your every action but if you want to hold the control over certain things and want to do things on your own then this will be a big obstacle between your works.

3. Ticket Support Takes Time

In a case when you don’t want to talk on the phone regarding some issue you are facing and you fire off a ticket at that time for your issue to get resolved. You may have to wait for 30 minutes or so for the problem to get solved. This may seem to be the ok time for many as compared to other host but this is not as fast as SiteGround which is very fast. Although they promise for providing a quick response at the time of emergency, but their situation of emergency can vary from yours.

4. First Impression is Overwhelming

The website of the Rackspace is very complex and confusing for the newbies who don’t have any technical knowledge in the VPS and cloud services.  With a wide variety of plans and services that are offered by the Rackspace which can be merged in numerous ways needs you to visit their website first which sometimes make you feel that you are aimlessly wandering. In addition to this, when can buy something only after you sign up for them which means that you feel be receiving lots of promotional emails from the company which can be irritating at times. So it is better not to provide your primary email and contact number if you don’t want them to disturb you from their emails and messages. Although after passing the initial stage with the help of their representatives you will then have a smooth experience. 

Rackspace e-commerce hosting

If you are in a search for a host to start an e-commerce store or expecting a rapid growth and huge traffic then Rackspace is a perfect place for you because Rackspace specializes in cloud hosting and dedicated servers. It is certainly the best option available which provides a reliable solution for your e-commerce website.

Rackspace mainly deals with two types of hosting. These includes:

1. Dedicated hosting

The rules of this type of hosting are quite simple and easy just like any other hosting platform. It means that you can do what you like to do with the entire web server which you get. There are mainly two kinds of dedicated server present in Rackspace.

2. Rapid Development Dedicated Servers

In the rapid development dedicated servers you can choose from four servers each with the different specifications. The main aim behind this is it helps you in those situations where you need to launch your online store in short duration. You can choose the server which perfectly matches your needs and you are then good to go. This saves your time from customization. The monthly price range of this kind of servers varies from $674 to $1199.

3. Customized Dedicated Servers

In this kind of servers, you can customize the servers as well as the hardware component to get the system perfectly as per your requirements. The monthly price range of these kinds of servers varies from $750 to $1300.

4. Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting enables you to get scalable servers in quality data centers. These servers can take as much traffic as you want without any glitch. This hosting is also of two kinds. These includes:

- Public Cloud – This is the easiest cloud hosting option which offers an easy startup and growing process. It has a decent portfolio of scalable hosting solutions in which you may get things such as cloud CDN, cloud databases, cloud monitoring, cloud DNS, SSD drives, cloud orchestration and many more. The pricing of this kind is based on the configuration you choose.

- Private Cloud – Along with the control, performance and security of a dedicated environment, the efficiency, features, and power of a public cloud are offered by the Private clouds. This is an expensive hosting solution which is highly advanced and optimized.

rackspace- private cloud

Features in Rackspace e-commerce hosting

The main features offered by the Rackspace e-commerce hosting are as follows: 

I.   Dedicated IPs and SSL certificates are available on Rackspace.

II.  Rackspace offers PCI compliance.

III. Rackspace has extreme powerful servers whose RAM varies from 24GB to 128GB, core CPU ranges from 1*6 to 4*8 along with the disk space of 2*300GB. These all run on SSDs.

IV. The servers of the Rackspace are configurable which means that instead of picking up a preconfigured server you can choose the exact specification for your server which you want.

V.  To automatically increase and decrease your setup, Rackspace allows you to create simple rules as needed.

VI. Rackspace offers customer support 24*7 through chat, phone, and email.

VII.The uptime offered by the Rackspace is 100% which ensures that your store will always be present for your customers.

VIII. Rackspace has strong security features which help in keeping your store safe.

Who should use Rackspace e-commerce hosting?

The online stores which are just on the verge of starting their business should not use the Rackspace e-commerce hosting as it has advanced cloud hosting solutions and dedicated solutions. Rackspace also lacks in simplified VPS plans and shared hosting plans, but this is hardly a flaw to consider. Although it is a versatile platform for those who want to operate e-commerce stores at large scale.

Magento store is used by the Rackspace which makes it count among the few hosting provides to do so. With more than 6000 Magento and managed Magento deployments Rackspace has made its own identity. Apart from this Rackspace has also won the award for Spirit of Excellence in the year 2015 at Imagine.

To say in one line, if you have your store made from Magento then Rackspace is definitely the best platform for hosting. Rackspace also offers services to host store with WooCommerce/ WordPress apart from Magento. But for these options, you will definitely find many other hosts who provide these services in a more cost-effective manner.

Why choose Rackspace?

Rackspace certified experts will perform all the task in advance which you want to get done on your cloud. With the passion for the managed cloud which is helping in learning better and new ways of performing things. Rackspace along with many certifications in its plot. These include-

I.   More than 1000 AWS Technical Certifications.

II.  More than 1000 Microsoft Technical Certifications.

III. More than 150 VMware Certifications which comprises of more than 83 VCPs, VCAPs, and vExperts.

IV. 1 Billion hours of OpenStack Managed server and nbsp along with 99.99% uptime.

V.   More than 3000 Dedicated Hosting Engineers across Linux, Windows

VI. More than 800 Cisco Certifications which includes more than 400 CCNAs, 85 CCNPs, and 15 CCIEs.

VII. More than 160 Red Hat Certifications including RHCEs, RHCSAs, and RHCAs.

VIII.More than 70 F5 Certifications including CA and CTS.

Features of Rackspace

Rackspace offers services of the managed cloud to its customers along with the specialized services for various business present around the world. Rackspace has its headquarters in San Antonio with around 5,900 employees working for them and has offices in many territories including UK, Switzerland, Netherland, Hong Kong, Australia, Mexico, and India. Due to its global availability, Rackspace has successfully served more than 300,000 customers in 120 countries. Founded in the year 1998 the company surely has come a long way and also has achieved a milestone by hosting two third of Fortune top 100 companies. In addition to all this, the company also won many awards and accolades and are the top contributor of top 1000 e-commerce Internet retailer websites. It is definitely not possible to find another company with more reputation in this field. Rackspace also offers a variety of other features to its customers. 

1. Hybrid Cloud

Sheet level of versatility is the key selling point of the company.  Rackspace very well knows the importance of the computers in operations of today’s modern businesses. Thus it provide such services in abundance. Customers mix and match the three kinds of cloud computing in any way they want. The three types of clouds are:

- Public Cloud

Public cloud is built on the OpenStack platform which gives a variety of reason for you to use it. Digital databases and virtual storage are included in this which offers launching applications with just one click and the ability to spin servers in less than a minute. The Public cloud facility offers by the Rackspace is perfect for e-commerce or any other websites. Every bid of network facilities and infrastructure is on top level with the help of its dedicated support. Business are now able to focus completely on the core operations rather than on other sideways.-

- Private Cloud

Private cloud facility provides the top level of data protection and security to the business owners. A dedicated environment is provided by the Rackspace under this cloud spaces to grow your business. In addition to this private cloud also include two other hosting options which are VMware i.e. vCloud and Microsoft cloud. These provides a top level of personalization.

- Dedicated Servers

Rackspace dedicated server’s works on the highest standards where businesses get to choose from a tailored or quick option as to produce good results resources are present. While increasing performance and security the dedicated server decreases the overheads.

2. Other Features

- The IT solutions of the Rackspace are designed in a way to help companies belonging from any industry. The results can be obtained through a variety of different ways.

- The biggest feature offered by the company is the management of e-commerce. With the use of popular and well-versed platforms like Oracle and Magento, the company aims to provide customer-focused experience. In addition to this Rackspace are always looking for the latest trends for giving the best experience to their clients.

- Uptime provided by the Rackspace is so good unconsidered of the package you opt. The uptime of 99.9% definitely increases the profit chances.

- With the change in technology and trends, Rackspace has improved itself with time. A web and mobile application are developed by the company to give your business a new height. Along with this productivity and collaboration also helps your business to grow.

- There are around 3000 exprtise of cloud that are available to help you with smallest issues like how to use email management service? So now, business owners don’t have to be panic while facing any issue.

Plans of Rackspace

Most plans of the Rackspace are on the job to job basis due to its vast versatility of solutions. This is definitely a value for money solution without any doubt although sometimes it may feel uneasy to some business owners.

The business will receive the best plan which is suitable and will give a good return. Business who are looking for efficiency will be provided with a perfect solution matching up their expectations. In short, Rackspace will take all your worries of maintaining and organizing the IT solutions. 

Do we recommend Rackspace?

We recommend Rackspace who want a serious web hosting solution without worrying about the budget. No doubt Rackspace provide great hosting options at a great price which makes it unaffordable for small-scale businesses. But, if you want an e-commerce website or any website which will have a heavy traffic then who without any second thought you must consider Rackspace. But, for small business holders, there are a number of other hosts present in the market which will provide you hosting at a much reliable price.