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PRO ISP Reviews by Real Users & Reviews by Hosting Experts

PRO ISP Reviews and Expert Opinion

From $1.75 / month
Price Range

$4.50 – $419.00

  • Our web hosting is compatible and optimized for all popular scripts like WordPress and Joomla
  • Install more than 400 scripts easily via 1 click.
  • Easy and automatic upgrade, backup and cloning of your scripts

Customer score for PRO ISP

Cloud Hosting Plans - 2022

Plan Name Plan minimum Plan maximum
Space 102 GB 1 TB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Price $53.21 $1327.32
CPU 1 core 24 cores
RAM 512 MB 64 GB

Shared Hosting Plans - 2022

Plan Name Pro Start Pro Medium Pro Premium
Space 1 GB 15 GB 30 GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Panel cPanel cPanel cPanel
Number of Sites Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Price $1.75 $7.95 $17.54