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3 reviews
Jonh Smith
(5.0) is AWESOME

I am using services around 3 years, Online net is perhaps the most reasonable and best host for dedicated servers. After reading some of bad reviews you never want to use their Services and their AWESOME services has demonstrated something else.

Published on Jun. 27, 2018
Landon Clody

Perfect for my Website

I need Shared Hosting for my Website and i got it from I simply utilize their Services and it works awesome constantly. My site is dependably up and running and I don't have face any issue with them. Highly Recommend.

Published on Jun. 27, 2018
Toddy Herozen

Very happy with this Hosting Company

I am 100% satisfied with this organization. They helped me get all set up and running with no inconvenience. They have extremely dependable hosting and I haven't had any issues. When I required help at first making my WordPress page I opened a ticket and they hit me up extremely quick. They revealed to me how to utilize their a single click installation tool and I had everything up and going soon after that.Now I have been with them almost three years now and will remain with them always as long as they don't transform anything.

Published on Jul. 17, 2018 Expert Review 2022

Written by: Dheeraj

3 reviews

Quick and efficient

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Quick and efficient

About Hosting

Before starting up with this review, we would like to know something about the company first. is a France based company which is popularly known in Europe for its vast range of web hosting plans. is a perfect fit for those who want to customize their plans as per their needs and requirements. has the plan for all kinds of need that a customer may have. From a personal blog to a corporate website with top-notch features, got you covered. has left no space for their customers which makes them unhappy about anything. They have some cheap shared hosting plans as well as some powerful dedicated servers and cloud hosting platforms to offer their customers. In this review, we will discuss all the important aspect of 

Summary of hosting review is a web hosting company based out of France. The company provides its customers with a wide range of services that too in the budget range. also provide SLA on budget plans along with it. The customer support provided by the company is good but also have certain flaws in it. In addition to this, the company also provide cutting-edge cloud plans at an inexpensive price. In all, we can say that is a one-stop solution that fulfills all the hosting needs of their customers. But, certainly, also has some flaws like it has no pre-configured WordPress plan for its customers as well as selecting some low priced plan can also be a tedious task due to the number of plans it offers to its customers.

Summary of

Review on Pros of offers some great features to its customers which are of great benefit to them. In this review we will discuss some main pros of the company which includes:

1. Simple Control Panel

The control panel of is quite simple but still effective in many ways. The company provides the control panel which looks neat but yet it is bundled with nicely placed features. In spite of having that clunky control panel where it becomes quite problematic for users to find the required features, everything is quite maintained in a nice way here. 

- In addition to this, the exact location of the server which is present inside the data center is quite precise.  

- The user can easily install a variety of OS images from windows to Linux as well as do distributions for visualization with the help this control panel. The control panel also provides a feature in which you can also partition your hard drives i.e. SSDs in order to match your needs.

Simple Control Panel

2. Monitoring/Statistics of

A monitoring service has also been included by the servers of which provide notifications to admin through SMS or email. Although the company uses French numbers for writing purpose still it helps users to receive notifications informing if any port from the predefined list of services goes down. But, as of now, users cannot add custom ports. 

- To talk about performance monitoring, users receive a long list of series showing a detailed graph of the network usage by the server. These graphs are far better than the monitoring network of OVH. But on the contrary, does not provide monitoring over the usage of RAM or CPU. 

3. Performance of

The Scale away branch of which has remote access SSDs is known for its high latency. The quality of bandwidth and network, as well as the performance of SSD, can be checked out through 

- The server of has a disk speed which has been measured using pipebench has come out to be 328 Mb/sec and the network speed which has been measured using Speedtest-cli has come out 418 Mb/sec as a downloading speed and 611 Mb/sec as a upload speed. 

- These values come certainly above the range of the bandwidth that is guaranteed. But, in case anyone wants to use these speed constantly then he/she need to upgrade the package to the higher bandwidth one at a monthly price of 79.99. A positive thing in between all this is that you will get 1 Gbps bandwidth in between the servers that are present within the data center. 

4. Customer Support of

The plans that are provided by the comes at a very cheap price. So, at that price range if someone expects a great customer support is hypothetical. But still, the company provide the support over phone or email along with their Basic or cheapest plan. Although the Business tier plan which is provided at a monthly price of 35 Euros comes with much quicker support as compared to the basic plan. The company promises their customer to reply within 20 minutes, as well as one hour of technical support. 

- In addition to this, the company also provide physical access to your server in which the user can easily visit the data center and take their server as well as if needed can also change either RAM, disks. The user can also add peripherals if they want such as PCIe devices. 

- This service quite benefits to all the big businesses who run multiple services. This is because such businesses allow higher reactions to problems along with greater customizability of server. This all can be possible without even spending a penny in their own hardware. 

5. Included Backup Storage

The servers of comes with FTP of 100 GB along with 100 files stored. Although this is not actually a limitation as you can archive all the files in compressed folders which will be counted as one file. Along with service like a backup manager, this service can be used quite easily. As it helps in uploading files automatically to the backup server. 

- You can access your server through your normal desktop FTP clients, but there is a limitation in file uploading that the files can only be uploaded through server. By paying a monthly amount of $4.99, you can upgrade the default backup space to 750 GB with the help of the control panel. In addition to this, the owner of the server can also set up the FTP server to the backup storage service of known as C-14. 

Review of Cons of 

1. No pre-configured WordPress hosting plans

WordPress hosting plan is the main and essential requirement of maximum users. Many customers only want a pre-configured WordPress hosting plan for their website. It can be due to their friendliness with it or may be any other reason. The does not have any pre-configured WordPress plans for their customers which is a great shut down for some customers. 

2. Too many low range plans confuse customers

The company provides a handful of plans that are of low budget and are very flexible which a good thing is certainly for any company. But, sometimes it becomes very confusing for the customers to choose the plan for their website.

Review of  Features of

1. chooses KVM over IP so that the customers do not lose any contact over their server. 

2. Mostly all Dedibox comes with ECC memory which helps in correcting and detecting single bit errors. With the help of ECC which helps in preventing server crashes and data corruption.

3. The company provides 24*7 technical assistance through phone and ticket. The customers can solve their issues either in English or French. 

4. Keeping the data of customers is very important. understands it very well hence it provides either RAID0 or RAID1 in all its LTS dedibox. 

5. DDoS protection is also provided by the company in order to provide you with a safe and pleasant experience. 

Hosting plans and Services of

1. Shared Hosting Plan of

All the requirements, while you need at the time of hosting, has been taken cared by Starting from domain purchase to server arrangement to hosting your website all have been taken cared for by the company. Although you can choose the domains as per your choice and can also search for your favorite domain name on the website of 

- The Prices of Shared hosting plans offered by the are very competitive. The prices even drop down if you purchase hosting plans along with domain name. Also, if anyone buys hosting package along with the domain name then the entire process becomes flawless and without any interruptions. 

- provide extremely cheap plans of Shared hosting. For instance, just by paying a monthly price of EUR 1.99 one can get a platform which is  PHP 5.6 enabled and which supports 3 emal accounts, 150 units of disk space, 1 MySQL and unlimited transfer bandwidth along with a domain name included. 

- The high end shared hosting plan of comes at a monthly price of EUR 5.99. Along with this plan, one also get support for 10 MySQL databases, 750 email accounts, 750 units of storage space and unlimited bandwidth. 

- The automatic systems of load balancing also come along with shared hosting of which optimizes all the web traffic in order to keep the performance of your website flawless and smooth irrespective of server load. This makes shared hosting platform one of the most sophisticated platforms present in the business.

- The built-in website creation tool also helps the users to design the website in the way they like to design. The website can be easily customized without even having the knowledge or skills of web development and coding. With the DDoS protection, you will get a shared hosting plan which is most suitable for you, that too at an extremely pocket-friendly price. 

- In addition to this, a hybrid cloud platform is also offered by the which offers the benefits of load sharing as well as the low price of shared hosting add with the benefits of cloud hosting. The lowest plan comes at a monthly price of EUR 9.99 whereas the top-notch plan comes at the monthly price of EUR 29.99. This price is all inclusive of the domain registration fee and renewal fee.

- Although Hybrid cloud platform is a technology which is still developing due to which not many web hosts provide this. But, is surely out of the league in this as it is not just offering this service to their customers but is also very confident about its server infrastructure.

2. Cloud Hosting Plan of

- The cloud hosting plan starts at a monthly price of EUR 2.99 which includes 2 GB of RAM, two x86 processing cores, 50 GB of high-speed SSD storage and a connection that runs at a speed of 200 Mbps. The highest plan of cloud hosting comes at a monthly price of EUR 9.99 which includes 8 GB of RAM, six x86 processing cores and a storage space of 200 GB for the same amount of bandwidth.

- If required, the company also provide the system of billing on hur basis. This billing system is mainly used in a place where the major concern is scalability.  

- In addition to all this, Cloud hosting plans can also scale resources in a seamless manner in order to adjust for the high load time. This is also important so that the website does not face any downtimes at such time. 

Cloud Hosting Plan

3. Dedicated Hosting Plan of

- The company also provide dedicated hosting plans which makes it one of the few companies to offer solutions for cloud hosting at an affordable price which is not outside the budget of a regular user. In addition to this, the company also provide a number of bundled services to their clients which makes the company stands out from the crowd and the customers choose it over other competitors. 

- The company provide features like preconfigured server images, reserved IPs, inbuilt APIs, one-click deployment of web applications and software development kits which helps in quick development of automation software. In addition to this, the company at this price also provide a 99.9% service level agreement which is quite unbelievable. 

- So to summarize, we can say that the company has a vast option of dedicated hosting plans that come in different budgets and resource requirements.  

4. WordPress Hosting of

- does not offer their customers with any predefined Drupal or WordPress offerings. Although CMS based plans are quite popular this is certainly not in the case of  The reason that the company gives for not providing it is a simplification. As these systems require the handful of advanced configurations, as well as some dedicated offerings, consume lots of time and resources of the company. 

- The company compensates this by providing easy to use and affordable shared hosting plans as well as cloud hosting plans that are easily accessible. It is also true that many users will happily pick a more flexible cloud hosting plan over any preconfigured WordPress hosting plans

Do we recommend ?

After the full review, we recommend as it is one of the best web hosts that are present in the market. The company offers the plans that come with great features and price that no competitor can reach there. has great packages to offer their clients, which are of premium hardware and services. The plans which are offered by the are great as long as the customer does not need any help from their customer support. As customer support will provide less help to those who need it. So as long as you know that what are you doing and where you want to go without any outside help then you are good to go. is giving a great competition to their competitors which can also be seen as an example that their servers are being sold constantly as soon as the company struggles to expand themselves. So definitely, is a great choice for those who really need a value for money plan and can manage on their own without much need of their customer support. Because it’s the customer service in which this company fails as they might not be there to help you when you need them in solving some critical issues.

Cloud Hosting Plans - 2022

Space 500 GB 750 GB 750 GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Price $11.31 $21.50 $33.96
CPU 2 cores 4 cores 8 cores
RAM 1 GB 2 GB 8 GB

Dedicated Server Hosting Plans - 2022

Space 1000 GB 1000 GB 500 GB 8 TB 750 GB 1.5 TB 8 TB 8 TB 12 TB 12 TB 6.6 TB 12 TB 12 TB 23.4 TB 47 TB 70.3 TB
Price $10.18 $18.10 $33.96 $45.28 $45.28 $62.27 $113.25 $169.90 $249.14 $362.30 $1811.83 $90.57 $396.22 $645.51 $249.16 $249.16
CPU 2 x 1.70GHz 8 x 2.40GHz 6 x 2.20GHz 4 x 3.10GHz 4 x 3.50GHz 4 x 3.50GHz 4 x 2.80GHz 12 x 2.40GHz 16 x 2.60GHz 20 x 2.60GHz 24 x 3.03GHz 4 x 2.80GHz 12 x 2.40GHz 12 x 2.40GHz 8 x 3.10GHz 8 x 3.10GHz
RAM 4 GB 16 GB 32 GB 32 GB 32 GB 64 GB 96 GB 128 GB 192 GB 256 GB 512 GB 16 GB 96 GB 96 GB 64 GB 64 GB

VPS Hosting Plans - 2022

Space 50 GB 100 GB 200 GB
Price $3.40 $6.78 $11.31
CPU 2 cores 4 cores 6 cores
RAM 2 GB 4 GB 8 GB

Shared Hosting Plans - 2022

Space 150 GB 300 GB 750 GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Panel cPanel cPanel cPanel
Number of Sites Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Price $2.25 $4.52 $6.78