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Gianfranico Capoz

Good experience, very happy with their services !!

At this moment I run one of my website with "". I had few bad experiences with other Hosting Websites but I never faced that type of issue with Customer support helps you when u needed and also offered you very reasonable price compared to others Hosts. Totally Recommended !!

Published on Jul. 17, 2018 Expert Review 2022

Written by: Dheeraj

1 reviews

Fab Support

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Fab Support

About Hosting

Before starting up with our review on, firstly let us know something about it. Founded in the year 2002, is a Denmark based company founded by Jacob Jensen. Over the years has grown up as one of the biggest European hosting company. The company has successfully achieved over 1,500,000 customers around 149 countries along with the same number of employees which is quite impressive. But, if we find their identity stateside, they are still not known virtually. Specifically, if we compare them against the popular web hosts that are present in the market such as Bluehost, GoDaddy, and Hostgator. This is a detailed review discussing all the aspects of company. 

Summary of review was established in the year 2002 in Denmark. The Editor of has made it possible for all the newbies to develop their website in the budget. is a web hosting company which simply aims in providing websites, domain and hosting services to their clients that too in a stress-free and easy way. Founded by Jacob Jensen, the company aims to provide easy and flexible solutions related to a website which would also meet the expectations of experts and professionals. With more than 270 employees working for the company aims to make it a strong and professional web host. 

In the last 15 years, is continuously growing and expanding. The company has managed to make its strong presence over Europe and in other parts. The company also have its registered companies present in Dubai, Philippines, India, and Denmark. The company gives domain services and web hosting to more than 1,500,000 customers that are present in over 149 countries all over the globe. In addition to this, the customer support of provides their support in Swedish, French, Norwegian, Dutch, German, Danish and English. The queries have been solved by the representatives of in these languages. This is certainly a great advantage as only few web hosts across Europe provide customer support in multilingual. 

Review on Features of

1. Although offers low-cost packages and services to their clients, still they only have few features to offer them. Along with generous storage amount to boot, all plans of comes with a website builder support and SSL security. 

2. Since the plans of are quite cheap so the other features come at some premium which is certainly not a big issue considering the price of the plan. 

3. All plans come encrypted with SSL security and website builder support, with a generous amount of storage to boot. Outside of that, most features come at a premium, one that’s not too concerning considering how cheap plans are by themselves.

4. The free features that come with every plan include unlimited credit of Google AdWords and unlimited email addresses. Any traditional webmail client is being used by Email which have user definable mailbox limits. Although this company does not provide you GSuite which is one of the best email hosting services present in the market which other web host provider. 

5. You cannot access a blog and a builder but certainly, every plan provides access to the blog. So, you can either have one or the other. Each blog and builder comes with their own set of templates to use. The blog templates are one of the weakest areas of as they are outdated which lacks in all sort of backend that can be used for creating posts or organization. 

6. The subdomain provided by is free which is the only workaround provided by the company, like instead of using your normal domain if your blog is ready to launch then it will be placed with the name as “”.  So if you want to use the archaic templates as your main design then this is the only way around. 

7. also provide comprehensive analytics, virus protection and FTP/sFTP access to your website which is great. 

8. Now if we talk about the paid features, then the list is quite impressive. In order to provide complete security to your site then you can add SiteLock to your website. SiteLock is a complete a complete package of security which successfully deals with all kinds of spam and malware. SiteLock also has a capacity to scan up to 500 pages of your website and can additionally provide a complete report of all the vulnerabilities that happens to your site. In addition to this, SiteLock also provides a blacklist lookout and a reputation report on a daily basis which helps the customer to know the position of their website across the internet. 

9. SEO services are also provided by through MarketGoo. A basic SEO metrics, a weekly audit, and a maximum of 5 keywords also come with the basic plan. This also increases as the plan becomes expensive. The expensive plan comes with up to 15 keywords, daily audit report of your website and an enhanced report with a dashboard. 

10. If we look at the money, then no one can beat It offers a great feature set with the kind of money it takes from its customers. Features like MarketGoo and SiteLock makes the company in the position of providing great features at this price range.

Review on Pros of using Hosting

On each plan, provide a respectable load time along with some customer-oriented extras. The pricing of is one of the competitive ones as compared to other web hosts. Some of the pros that offers its customers are discussed below in this review. 

1. Slightly above average load times

Recently, Google has updated their benchmarks regarding the mobile page speed for companies. What they actually do is analyze the speed of websites across millions of website and then compare the results as per the behavior of visitors. 

- For instance, Google has come to know that around 53% of visitors of mobile websites leave a page which takes more than three seconds to load. This means that the websites who do not get open within three seconds will be left unattended by its customers. The customers get irritated while waiting for more than three seconds. While customers browse over their phone then three seconds feels like an eternity to wait. 

- The most shocking part is that the average loading time which was experienced by Google was 15 seconds which is certainly five times more than expected. 

- So, it can be judged that how many customers will leave your page if the load time of your website is five times more. 

- However, certainly understand the importance of load times for its customer’s website. It provides an average loading speed of 666ms which certainly means that knows how to make their customer’s customer happy. So for this load time more and more customers will visit your website. 

- The complete performance showing the uptime variations of in 2018 has been shown below. 

     . The average uptime speed in the month of January found out to be 618ms.

     . The average uptime speed in the month of February found out to be 648ms.

     . The average uptime speed in the month of March found out to be 815ms.

     . The average uptime speed in the month of April found out to be 678ms.

     . The average uptime speed in the month of May found out to be 695ms.

     . The average uptime speed in the month of June found out to be 704ms.

     . The average uptime speed in the month of July found out to be 582ms.

     . The average uptime speed in the month of August found out to be 591ms. 

2. Knowledgeable customer support

- is a company which is very popular in Europe and operates in more than 150 countries from all around the world. So, there is no denying that handling customers from such wide diversity is definitely not easy and hence logistical mess is clearly understood. The company has to handle different customers belonging from so many different time zones, cultures, and languages. But still, the company is performing a pretty good job in handling their customers. They are certainly maintaining this balance in a great way. 

- With the extensive knowledge base provided by the company that helps its customers to solve the common or small issues. But, if any customer fails to do so then they also provide the customer support over the phone which are available at various locations all around the globe. 

- In addition to this, the email support which is provided by the company promises their customers to answer them within 24 hours. Also, the option of live chat is available in several different languages. This option is available on during local business hours but for English support, it is available 24*7 all-round the year. customer support

3. Unlimited Email Accounts

It seems like a very impossible task of signing up for any web hosts. The company tricks their customers in a variety of ways to make them pay extra in the name of some hidden fee. 

- These tricks can involve by making then pay for at least three years package in order to avail their lowest rate offer. 

- Second is the way they advertise low rates on their website for the initial package of one year which certainly goes up by two or three times after the end of one year i.e. at the time of renewal. 

- The company also offers some “extras” for free for the initial one year and after that, they charge you for that extra in the second or third year. 

- But, certainly, the smartest trick that the company plays with their customers is to make them force for paying a big amount in name of email accounts. 

- Certainly, with, this isn’t the case. They do not play this trick with their customers. Instead, the company provides email accounts free of charge to their customers. The free email is not only provided by the company along with their business or higher plan but also on their most basic start-up plan. 

4. Included SSL Certificate

Another common trick to attract customers is to offer them free SSL certificates so that they choose them as their web hosts. But as soon as the time comes when the customer has to renew the package then the company charge good amount from its customers in the name of SSL Certificate.

- Although in earlier days, the customer doesn’t really need the SSL certificate. The only websites which used to use them were e-commerce sites and other websites which has the feature of credit card transactions. 

- The work of SSL certificate is to establish a safe connection between the browser of your visitor and your server. This connection is made in a way that no one could intercept the personal information that is being passed between the two. 

- But,in recent years due to the increase in a number of hacks, breaches and data leaks cybersecurity has been questioned. 

- As a result of this, Google also added a feature in their popular Chrome browser which shows a warning message when a website doesn’t offer a safe connection. This message certainly comes out when any user visits a site that does not have an SSL certificate. 

- But, certainly, understand this problem. This is the reason that the company offers their customers free SSL certificate on their every plan whatsoever. Also, no hidden fees are being charged by the company later on in name of renewal as well. 

5. WordPress and Website builder

In case of any normal web host, an expert helps you in developing your website. But, the main problem faced by people is that it is quite expensive which is obvious as they need to hire a website designer in order to develop your website. In addition to this, a developer is also needed which helps in transforming mockups into a functional prototype. This certainly makes a website very expensive for any normal person. 

- This is where the role of website builders come into action. A website builder allows anyone from small business owners to a blogger to a hobbyist a website which is not only user-friendly but also its DIY route help the users to start their website in no time. 

- Just by spending few bucks a month, you can get drag and drop options for different elements of your website which helps in creating the website in a way you like and providing you a customized feel for your website. 

- Some of the popular names are Wix or Squarespace. But, the problem with these is that if you choose them then you will have to use their own hosting. This means that you cannot shop or pick the stuff or setup which you like for your website. Also, in case your website grows and you wish to move into a customized WordPress website then also you cannot do that and hence you will be stuck with them. 

- This certainly is not the case with offer their customers with their own website builder. This website builder comes along with their each and every plan. In addition to this, the company also provide their clients with popular open source apps such as WordPress along with it. 

- This means the customers can easily startup and create a basic website with the help of a website builder. Also, if you need to expand your website in future then also you can do it easily. pros

Review on Cons of using Hosting

Every web host has it some disadvantages. is no different. also provide certain cons to its customers. These may act as a deal breaker for some. The main cons are discussed below. 

1. Uptime is very disappointing - 99.70%

- In order to describe the service, sometimes web host use certain confusing technical terms.  Such as they tell you that every plan they offer differs in a certain amount of bandwidth or storage. So, if you are someone who does not have any knowledge of these terms then these numbers are just meaningless to you. 

- Similarly, if any web host claims that they provide an uptime of 99.70%, then it will not sound bad at first until someone tells us that it actually means that your website will go down for two hours every month. If we see this in a year then this will become full three business days.

- Certainly, you cannot afford this for your business that your website is going down for hours in a month. This will certainly affect your business in a serious way. 

- Similarly, the uptime of is not that consistent. It starts off good but certainly, it goes down which make it also come in the con section. 

- The average uptime of in the year 2018 is as follows:

     . Uptime of January: 99.94%

     . Uptime of February: 99.80%

     . Uptime of March: 97.58%

     . Uptime of April: 99.61%

     . Uptime of May: 99.75%

     . Uptime of June: 99.06%

     . Uptime of July: 99.92%

     . Uptime of August: 99.96% uptime

2. No Backups

Backup is a very essential part of any web hosting plan. It helps in keeping the data of your website safe time to time. But, sadly does not offer any backups along with their first few hosting plans. 

- Although the price of their hosting plans is quite less still it is quite disappointing to see this option lacking in their some plans.

Overview of Pricing and Hosting Plans of

Hosting plans

Overview of

1. The starter is the cheapest plan of which comes at a starting price of $2.45 per month. This plan also includes a single database, unlimited email accounts, SSL certificates and a website builder along with it. 

2. Professional is the next plan that comes after the Starter. This plan comes at a monthly price of $4.99 per month. Also, these plans increase the storage of your website from 25 to 100 GB. It also includes some standard features along with multiple databases. But, only one domain comes with this plan. 

3. The Professional plus plan of comes with a monthly price of $6.99. But, the storage gets double with this plan. In addition to this, backup and restore functionality also comes along this plan.  This plan is one of the best plans that is offered by 

4. The top-notch plan of is the Business plan which comes at a monthly price of $11.99. This being the topmost plan has all the possible features which are required for any business website. 

5. provide free domain only for the first year. 

6. The company has an easy sign-up process. 

7. Major credit cards and PayPal are provided as payment methods. 

8. As per the Terms of Service stated by, it is stated that “Traffic is basically unlimited. However, traffic must be normal in nature and not disrupt that of other customers. If a customer’s traffic disrupts that of others, reserves the right to close the customer’s web space without notice and/or make a separate charge for the traffic. reserves the absolute right to decide whether or not traffic is excessive. On closure of a web space, no refund will be made of any subscription paid in advance.”

9. also charges a high renewal fee for extra products. Also, the company has few upsells.

10. The account activation process of is quite fast. 

11. The company has cPanel as its Control Panel and for its Dashboard experience. 

12. also provide 1 click install tool which helps in easy installation of popular apps and CMSs like WordPress, Joomla, etc. 

Do We Recommend

After the full review on we would conclude that is a strong web host with average page speeds and fast support which certainly impresses its customers who are present all over the globe. In addition to this, the company also provide some extra features like website builder, SSL certificate and unlimited email accounts along with their plans. Although the company does not provide any backups with their lowest plan. But still, we say that provide quality hosting services at very great prices. So, we recommend to all the newbies who are just starting out with their website. Although yes it might not be a good option to consider if you are an advance blogger or a big website owner who has got great traffic on his website.

Shared Hosting Plans - 2022

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Space 15 GB 100 GB 200 GB 500 GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Panel cPanel cPanel cPanel cPanel
Number of Sites Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Price $0.00 $2.52 $3.53 $6.06