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Liquid Web Reviews by Real Users & Reviews by Hosting Experts

Liquid Web Reviews and Expert Opinion

From $59.00 / month
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5 reviews

  • Phone & Chat Support
  • 100% Network Uptime
  • 100% Power Uptime
  • 30-Minute Help Desk
  • 30-Minute Hrdware

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Liquid Web reviews by Customer

5 reviews
Oscar Muroi

Great hosting company

Have been utilizing services from Liquid Web for a long time and they are extraordinary. We have countless client sites and they helped me very well. U can asked any query anytime.

Published on Oct. 17, 2018
Eriks Salman

The best WebHost

From last few years I have been with a few web Hosting organizations but Liquid Web provide me Services that i am looking for. Liquid Web has been the best organization that I have been with. Must try.

Published on Oct. 17, 2018
Charlos Romero

Excellent Service

I give full stars to Support team. They respond you very quickly and available all time. Support team are superb and cool in the meantime.

Published on Oct. 17, 2018
Michell Woods

Amazing Support

I've had a virtual server with Liquid Web for quite a long while and support are also very helpful. Only extraordinary service and support.

Published on Oct. 17, 2018
Joe Dodds

Brilliant Responsive Service

I have utilized Liquid Web for various years. The services is dependable and, on the events I do require help, greatly responsive and helpful. Much thanks to you.

Published on Oct. 17, 2018

Liquid Web Expert Review 2022

Written by: Dheeraj

5 reviews

The best WebHost

  • Reliability
  • Pricing
  • User Friendly
  • Support
  • Features

The best WebHost

About LiquidWeb Hosting


Before getting started, I want to ask a simple question. What service would you choose to handle the traffic demands on your website? The answer is LiquidWeb. In our review, we have found LiquidWeb to be the best for dedicated web hosting. When your business has reached the point where you need a web hosting then this is the right choice.

The service review will assist you when you are taking decision for your hosting partner. The services provided by LiquidWeb hosting are worth for the money. If you don’t believe then let me tell you my experience. I have already used this service for my blog and I got such a great assistance from the LiquidWeb team. And it’s just not only me who have benefited from this web hosting service, but there are many others too. This is one of the services which are fully managed hostservice.

What is LiquidWeb?

LiquidWeb is a leader which is providing best hosting services from 1997. The service is recommended as support system which provides you with multimedia features. More than 500000 clients have trusted it globally. No matter whether it’s big or small, dedicated, managed or unmanaged or VPS servers, this is the perfect solution for web hosting. With the excellent support and self-governed data centers, it has powerful and reliable location as a service provider. There is no doubt in the fact that this is the complete solution for your creative and innovative ideas.

LiquidWeb has diverse products, solutions service and supportive data centers for hosting the website. There are many different ways of hosting your website. All you need is to be innovative and should have creative thoughts related to your business, and off course rest will be taken care of with the services. The single aim of LiquidWeb is to give wings to your imagination.The services are provided to the users by using different technologies.Some of the salient features of LiquidWeb hosting that will attract you-

- Continuous Backups

- One-Click Installs

- Management Tools

- Security Services

- Owned Data Centers

By owning data centers, they are able to design and maintain an ideal server environment. These features not only attract you so far, but also provide fast, secure and high-level performance.The products that it uses take care of your hosting needs and will give you the best service as per your requirements. So, let’s have a look to the products-

LiquidWeb Products-Today, They shine like a star by having products that provides you excellent services. They have designed the products in such a manner that will allow you to choose the product that will best serve your project.

Liquid web-reviews

- Dedicated Servers are the single dedicated customizable servers which provide the great level of security and high-level performance.Cloud VPS Hosting is the best server in speed by an independent source. This is considered to be the fastest managed VPS hosting on the earth.

- Cloud Dedicated is the single dedicated servers which are demanded by many clients for their project. The reason behind its huge demand is its resources and great cloud features.

- Managed Word Press helps you to manage your hosting and Word

Press installations. The advance feature updates the Word Press automatically, Plug-in and many more.

- Managed Hosting is not only fully managed but also the all-in-one solution for high performance.

Additional Products of LiquidWeb-

- Dedicated Add-On

- Custom Solution

- Storm Add-On.

Web Hosting Solutions

Not only the products but the web hosting solution provided by LiquidWeb appears as the perfect solutions which best matches your requirements. The solutions are best fitted to the web designs and blog hosting as well. 

Liquid web- manages service

- Enterprise-class- With redundant hardware, it will help you to assist all the applications.

- Hybrid hosting- The additional features of different and unique servers will increase hosting. Thus, hybrid hosting is the combination of different servers.

- Disaster recovery- Many times you are worried about your data but now with this web hosting solution, you can recover your data with the recovery option. This provides back up to your data.

- HIPPAAcompliant- This solution gives your data a tight protection through HIPPAA acquiescent.

- Linux hosting- The perfect solution for your project website as it laid down many reasonable hosting plans.

- Game servers- This provides you great gaming experience with specialized servers.

Web Hosting Services

LiquidWeb Services gives you an assurance to take your site to the succeeding stage. The services provided are safe and provides you with networking and storing requirements.

- Storage and backup- There are two salient features available to protect your data- SAN and Guardian off-site backup.

- Network services- Provides configuration through its favorable networking services.

- Security services- By using the inbuilt services, gives you the benefit of protecting data.

- Software services- You can manage your projects by using some software services such as CMS, Blogs and many more.

- Database services- With grouping and reproduction feature; this service not only set up but also controls MySQL folders.

- Log storage- This will help you to handle and check your server logs.

Liquid Web Support

If you are a liquid web user, then you can get access to heroic support. You can’t deny the excellent support they are providing to their users. You can talk with the experts for help at any point in time, or you can also call them when you are confronting any problem. Again, you can also chat with the team to guide or assist you. They have creative and technical staff which is available 24*7.

Liquid web- support

There are three levels of LiquidWeb support which will manage your servers perfectly-

Fully managed

- Core Managed

- Self-managed

Surprisingly, there are around 400 specialized experts who are available for 365 days to guide you in every possible manner. They are categorized in following teams-

- Monitoring team

- Network team

- Setup team

- Sales team

- Security team

- System team

Why LiquidWeb?

The most surprising fact is the rating which LiquidWeb has got globally. Yes, you heard me right! With 4.8 stars of rating, it has reached to the sky.The passion which their team puts into providing services to their clients is remarkable. LiquidWeb gives you the commitmenttobuilding out more functionality for their clients and boasts supreme uptime as well. The enthusiasm they are showing is ultimately translated into the unique technology culture and awesomeness. The uniqueness of LiquidWeb is that they will host your new website and will take care of all the logistics already running as well.

LiquidWeb will manage everything, so you don’t have to worry about your site. You can take the advantages of all the latest technologies because they own their hardware. By owning all of the hardware, provides them with an advantage to control the options that are offered to their clients. The peace of mind you will get in exchange for paying a bit of premium is priceless. They also have 50+ developers to strengthen their dedicated systems. There is no surprise that customers consistently vouch for LiquidWeb hosting.

Who are the competitors?

- SiteGroundWeb hosting is the top most website hosting which provides great support with sensible pricing. This web hosting is crafted for a superior experience. The hosting offers technologies in the field of server security, uptime and speed. SiteGround’s innovation and their attractive technology platform produce great website speed. Some of the key features-

- Email functionality

- E-commerce capabilities

- Data backup services

- Website migration services

- Integrated control panel

- GoDaddy is the world’s largest hosting provider. When it comes to your web hosting, you want a hosting provider on which you can trust. This means that millions of people choose GoDaddy to take care of their websites. They have various data centers so that sites are delivered as soon as possible. Some of the features are- 100% uptime, all time security monitoring and high-level security and performance that’s hard to beat.

- Bluehost Web hosting makes it easy to create attractive and stable pages for your business.  The web hosting has an easy-to-use interface and website-building software as well. There is the availability of wide range of web hosting options. 

Apart from these pros, there are cons too-

- Lacks Windows-based servers

- Users need to install Add-On

- No monthly shared hosting plans

- Aggressive upselling

- iPage Web hosting has potential to become the best web hosting. The web hosting not only boasts hosting packages but also provides rock-solid advanced options to those who need a powerful hosting foundation. This seems pretty good, right? Unfortunately, iPage has no Windows-based hosting server and lacks few options as well that let you switch to another web hosting.

- Dreamhost- The “Dinosaur” of the web hosts. They promise you great uptime and excellent support. Also, they will provide an extra day of service for downtime your site experience with them. Dreamhost offers the longest money back guarantee and “Free Days” for downtime too. For any query, you can connect to live chat agent within 5 minutes. Their support is available 24/7. Unfortunately, they do not provide phone support.

5 LiquidWeb Hosting plans

- Standard- The hosting type of standard plan is “Linux Shared”. 5 GB SSD is the storage space and the monthly bandwidth is 120 GB.

Professional- The hosting type is “Linux Shared”. The storage space is much larger than the standard plan is of 40GB SSD with the monthly bandwidth of 320 GB.

- Storm VPS- “Linux VPS” is the hosting type with 75 GB storing space.

- Intel Core i5-760 consists of “dedicated” hosting type and monthly bandwidth is 5 TB.

- Storm VPS- “Windows VPS” is the hosting type. Monthly bandwidth is 5TB  with storage space of 150 GB 

Pros of LiquidWeb hosting

- Free migration- Migration can be smooth or complex as well. For smooth migration, LiquidWeb has dedicated a migration team which provides you advice and guides you in complex situations. They have around 10,000 migration experience and some tips to ensure a smooth migration.

Some tips that you should do for smooth migrations-

- Identify the type of migration your business needs.

- Login to outside sources and make changes so that migration can be completed.

- There should be enough space while ordering your new solutions.

- Let your providers know that you want to migrate your email as well.

- Look at your site content and clean all the trash that you won’t require.

- Allow the migration team to access the source server.

- Don’t forget to update your site before getting started.

- Add new sites or make changes in the content if you want to.

- 24/7/365 Excellent customer support- LiquidWeb hosting has the employees who are responsible, helpful and dedicated as well for providing support. They monitor your servers, takes risks, optimize performance and what not! You can also work with one of their certified technicians for any advice or support.

Benefits of their heroic support-

- Phone and chat support will help you within few minutes.

- Access to engineers by phone, email or live chat.

- Software hardening to protect your server.

- Continuous monitoring by complete user-level tools.

- Security enhancement

- Core software support.

VPS and dedicated hosting- LiquidWeb hosting have many RAM Plans but it depends on you, which plan you want or that suits your business.

- 100% uptime and reliability- LiquidWeb provides dedicated customers with 100% network uptime guarantee. They also have 30 minutes response guarantee and 30-minute hardware replacement guarantee as well. Apart from this, they credit ten times the cost of downtimes when a client experience downtimes. The company has various data centers for providing continuous and reliable services to their prominent customers. LiquidWeb promise you that if you host your website with them, you will never face any downtime.

- Proactive Teams- Apart from the reliable and robust infrastructure; LiquidWeb has a huge number of teams who continuously monitors your server so that it never goes down. Their Sonar Monitoring team is completely focused to ensure your server’s high-quality performance by detecting problems at the initial stage. If an issue is detected or identified by sonar monitoring teams, then they respond immediately and repair it as well before the client is even aware of the issue.

Cons of LiquidWeb hosting-

- More expensive- As compared with other web hosts, LiquidWeb hosting is quite expensive. The plans and packages run on the expensive side. Their plans and packages are adopted to increase the website traffic. This means that the plans and packages come with advanced resources which ultimately lead to a bit pricey.

- No money back guarantee- Web hosts like Bluehost and SiteGround offers a money back guarantee which attracts the clients. This is one of the drawbacks today, LiquidWeb is facing. LiquidWeb doesn’t offer a money back guarantee to their customers. To overcome this, they have come up with new plans that don’t come in the contract which means you can cancel their services at any time.

- No shared hosting package- For the beginners, shared hosting is the most common web hosting. Unfortunately, shared hosting option is not available with the LiquidWeb. The reason behind unavailability of shared hosting is the fact that they are more focused on serving high traffic websites.

- Less trained staff- Most of the complaints against LiquidWeb are registered by customers for the inadequate services provided by new members of staff. These staffs are not properly trained before being allowed to deal with customers. This issue appears one of the most problematic for many customers.

Do we recommend LiquidWeb?

The first and foremost reason for recommending LiquidWeb is their uptime or downtime ratio. Generally, there are very little hances of downtime on websites which are hosted by LiquidWeb, causing little inconvenience to their users.

While talking about this bit pricey website, a certain level of value for money is maintained. The clients of LiquidWeb feel that they are getting worth of their money. Also, the record of customer’s complaints is decreasing day-by-day who feels that they are paying too much for the services they are provided with.

LiquidWeb hosting relies on great customer service and technical support as well to their prompting customers. The support is generally referred to as “heroic” by their clients, which means that their support staffs are “heroes”. The service is user-friendly as the staffs are filled with enthusiasm when it comes to helping their clients.

The finalreason to recommend LiquidWeb is the choice of control panel, which is cPanel. cPanel is a user-friendly that offers a graphical interface and allowing for no of parties which also includes the third party. With the help of the cPanel, people access their website and control it from an administrative standpoint. Also, it makes installation super easy.

Cpanel- Liquid web


After this review, we can’t deny that not only it is fully managed web host, but also a fluid and flexible web hosting provider. There are thousands of real customers who recommend the service of LiquidWeb. With a strong product, they bring their strong reputation to the market that matches the requirements of the people. Their advanced web solutions provide benefits to not only their clients but also to others through their Partner’s Program.

So far LiquidWeb is the best web service provider as compared to other web hosts. The overall concentration of LiquidWeb is on providing best assistance in case of an issue. The services offered to clients are fully reliable and accessible too on every important parameter. No parts of services are compromised on any terms. Today, LiquidWeb has stood no.1 among all the competitors because of its unbeatable solutions.  According to the needs of customers, LiquidWeb offers unique and multi-server solutions whether it’s a website or app.

While browsing LiquidWeb, you can have a range of features to improve the web experience for you. The dedicated servers are flexible enough to adapt to different needs and expectations of the customers.Some powerful web hosting services are also included in LiquidWeb to get your site in the exact manner you want it to be.

Based on various advantages and disadvantages, if the traffic of your website is high and getting better service for your website in the exchange of high prices, then LiquidWeb is the perfect choice for you and your website.

Cloud Hosting Plans - 2022

Plan Name Cloud Dedicated 1230 Cloud Dedicated 1270 Cloud Dedicated 1650
Space 250 GB 250 GB 250 GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Price $104.94 $137.94 $190.74
CPU 4 x 3.60GHz 4 x 3.70GHz 6 x 3.80GHz
RAM 8 GB 16 GB 16 GB

Dedicated Server Hosting Plans - 2022

Plan Name Intel Xeon E3-1230 v5 Intel Xeon E3-1275 v5 Intel Xeon E5-1650 v4 Dual Intel Xeon E5-2620 v4 Xeon E3-1240 Xeon E3-1220 Duel Intel Xeon E5-2650v4
Space 256 GB 256 GB 256 GB 256 GB 2 TB 2 TB 2 TB
Price $123.38 $197.78 $185.38 $247.38 $98.58 $79.98 $371.38
CPU 4 x 3.40GHz 4 x 4.20GHz 6 x 3.80GHz 16 x 2.10GHz 4 x 3.30GHz 4 x 3.10GHz 24 x 2.20GHz
RAM 16 GB 16 GB 16 GB 32 GB 16 GB 64 GB 3 TB

VPS Hosting Plans - 2022

Plan Name Cloud VPS 2GB Cloud VPS 2GB Cloud VPS 4GB Cloud VPS 8GB
Space 40 GB 100 GB 150 GB 300 GB
Price $59.00 $79.00 $139.00 $219.00
CPU 2 cores 2 cores 4 cores 8 cores
RAM 2 GB 2 GB 4 GB 8 GB