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Kinsta Reviews by Real Users & Reviews by Hosting Experts

Kinsta Reviews and Expert Opinion

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3 reviews

  • Fully managed
  • Secure Like Fort Knox
  • Free Migerations
  • Ultimate Speed
  • Daily Backups
  • Google Cloud Platform

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Kinsta reviews by Customer

3 reviews
Ryan Newman

Excellent Service

I have been searching for a solid Hosting organization for our websites for at some point, at that point I discovered Kinsta through a proposal from my friend. It was all extremely awesome. I need to state, the help I have gotten from Kinsta has been incredible. There is somebody generally there when you require help. The framework they have composed is truly easy to understand. I didn't have to contact support much. Thank you.

Published on Oct. 17, 2018
Johan Ruofel

Brilliant Service

I just started new Project and looking for Hosting Company for my Website, then i chosen "Kinsta" as our hosting provider. From starting day everything has been perfect from response times. Extremely cheerful and anticipating growing our business later on !!

Published on Oct. 17, 2018
Adam.J Lace

Stress Free Hosting

Kinsta won't be the least expensive host yet they're truly outstanding Hosting Company. I'm new client and the help has been incredible. If you're serious about your site and need a an Excellent hosting experience than Kinsta is the best Option.

Published on Oct. 17, 2018

Kinsta Expert Review 2022

Written by: Dheeraj

3 reviews

Brilliant Service

  • Reliability
  • Pricing
  • User Friendly
  • Support
  • Features

Brilliant Service

About Kinsta Hosting


Experience a digital Wordpress platform managing your skills and imagination and a clear vision in the digital world. Kinsta always tries to take care of all your needs and requirements. The basic service of hosting the ultimate speed up, free migrations, and user-friendly .you can experience growing business and monitor the proactive WordPress. Powerful design packed with advanced developers, the installation process is simple and very quick using the pro solutions. Kinsta can Install and control the hosting tool and WordPress which has a unique requirement, kinsta always provide the best performance supporting team and is said to be one of the reliable in WordPress management hosted at Google Cloud. They also try to maintain liability and security.

Kinsta word press program was mainly founded by Mark Gavalda, having the whole set up in London, Los Angeles, Budapest.Started in early 2014.They try offering various hosting to the consumers, through which they gained popularity. They have surpassed the competitive world with their high –end solutions and excellent performances.

Kinsta infrastructure

Kinsta infrastructure easily scales up your website. You can choose the installation WordPress by managing and hosting the top class management premium. The WordPress engines are high-performance, integrated solutions, for deploying a wide range of experience building online and size of extension in e-commerce content. Enterprise performances are attracting many customers and client towards the e-commerce shuffling, thousand of contents per day are building up, and the digital experiences are based on cloud solutions which have the hi-speed, security, and availability. You can have an enterprise performance with confidence. Most of the time we have seen that consumers take a lot of time in loading a page, therefore most of the consumers being not  satisfied with the skills and the performance give up the size and look for are the Technologies which are fast and relevant. Therefore kinsta providing the WordPress Technology inherently is making the things faster and easier than ever before.

Hosting the site

This is being referred to as internet services computing to Resources served on the web from hosting company. The traditional hosting handling server features problem in  traffic resulting in the disappearance of the sites, computing of cloud  increases the service availability and scaling back in reducing the traffic. Many companies are providing the cloud computing which includes the Amazon, the Google, Microsoft etc. Bath with kinsta you can have a simple interface server which rollback up and down providing a single server keeping in view customers reliability. On the other hand, leaving too many servers online may result in unexpected, therefore, kinsta tries to take care of your server and provided with simple interface services.

The Google study reveals that the customer's expectations are rising higher and higher considerably in frictionless mobile. For improving and developing a brand it is very necessary to have an impact on the site. The WordPress partners of different websites like Amazon and Google are trying to build up the digital experience of Companies using their own powerful digital experiences. Also ensuring that the sites are loading very fast and the coverage empowering with high performances. Wordpress availability with digital experience is the protection of data making sure that your sites are loaded very quickly and at a very fast speed. Recovery sites give you a reliable source for backing up the business which is unlikely for any kind of unpredictable events happening. In order to be in a competition with the international market place you always should keep in mind the compromising site and the speed up of traffic. kinsta has a fully managed network delivering contents for optimize WordPress and therefore customers are building up their trust in us. 

Security features

The WordPress engine also is trying to build up the reputation for security features avoiding the major threats of the brand. The Enterprises are offering update detection and blocking process to which you can handle the security and create or publish your brand freely. There are numerous features for increasing the stability and the reliability of speed network. Moreover kinsta employee’s expert for security services ensuring customers benefit. KInsta always tries to keep their server up to date with every new regulation. Maintaining security level sometimes is very expensive with the majority of security threats in the server and attack on the WordPress.

The team members of kinsta constantly keep updating their regulations in regard to changes made in themes and plugins, the team takes action instantly disabling if there seems any kind of security threat. 

Detecting and monitoring

The professional automated system monitoring the site regularly and every moment, they are able to detect any attack on the sites the hacker cannot access to your server and WordPress which is why  It is designed in malicious code which can detect the changes, there are also design in such a way that they can recognize the anti-virus threatening the web server. 

Wordpress specialist

You can find many benefits for using the cloud in order to host your site but kinsta is said to be one of the best web host ensuring virtual web server providing the specialist in WordPress. In order to install WordPress, it is very necessary to take care of the performance and the security along with its installation process. it is said to be a big challenge in the IT resource server because in any in-house services the process is very necessary to keep it secure, lacking in WordPress main result in not good hosting services. It is not the matter of experiences but in regard to speed aspects kinsta is said to be one of the best top notch customer friendly and also a high-performance wordpress.

Word press specialist

Remarkably kinsta had a very good responsive evaluation for their amazing performances. They straight away jumped into the top performances test capturing the best consumer features. These are some of the hosting companies related to kinsta, their current clients, Adexpresso, ubisoft, intuitand many other. These are some of the companies which kinsta deal in hosting, and this sets them apart from others. In 2016 they kinsta was recognized as one of the most reliable and high performance hosting company.

They are also one of the best wordpress hosting Performances Company supported by the Google cloud platform. Their network reaches too many high companies featuring automatic scaling. One of the unique features also includes the isolation resources which remain indifferent to other wordpress sites. Every site and every container has its own PHP, MY SQL etc.utilizing the Google platform and offering different centers and different locations being one of the best and exclusive hosting arcticture companies.

Kinsta wordpress hosting

Every month you can find a new releasing of kinsta hosting prices it is basically based on number of visitors on their site. With every blog you can enjoy the wordpress hosting at a very reasonable rate. Managing a block is an easy task and blogging is about writing which requires different activities like optimizing WordPress and SEO, promoting the blog, moreover updating and social media marketing. One of the major factors for blogging is making money out of business. Professional blogger may have ups and downs in his business because it keeps changing the course of blog. Kinsta wordpress hosting provides an insight into growing blog and technical hosting through which you can have a better experience. Wordpress engine hosting is a powerful tool and a great platform for hosting pricing policies. Kinsta word press engine is the best way and the best option for growing your blog founded by CEO Mark Gavalda. Kinsta has many offers for manage hosting with free hosting migration services. Kinsta site is one of the main domain name server and foundation for growth. With the kinsta hosting site based on Google cloud platform is said to be one of the most reliable infrastructure available on the website. Kinsta has managed wordpress hosting by the Google cloud platform on certain Technologies which are believed to be of high level transportability and costing machines enabling the complete backup of wordpress sites.

The dashboard which is a powerful tool offered by Kinsta has wordpress hosting platform with daily automatic backup and there also many ways where you can restore the backup or on a staging site. There are also possibilities to make changes in the test environment which has become a part of development process. Many features for high and manage hosting site and also for wordpress hosting are features of SSL and PHP engine. Which enable or disable the custom WordPress infrastructure and also the features which are offered by Kinsta.

Hosting price

There are many sites offering hosting packages cloudflare or incapsula are the high level filtering that give the most reliable offers. It filters the traffic using kinsta or WP engine offering a plan based on the packages. They also offer discount on early packages or monthly packages also available for annual package. The enterprise package has 15 website and more than 40 + plugins. The wordpress has customdeals section where you can get 1.5 pages views a month because of its growing Technology. Using the kinsta WordPress you can have a complete value for money promising and delivering excellent customer support services and high quality performance for many years. In comparison to other companies offering the wordpress hosting .kinsta is said to be a manageable hosting website which guarantees hosting environment and more fun, the sites of WordPress topnotch infrastructure is also budget friendly.

Reviews of kinsta

The web hosting industry is also full of negative and fake reviews unfortunately being one of the best company for hosting wordpress services, it has some of the independent reviews around the web that are unbiased and not possible. Kinsta has a perfect run on enterprise and hosting an enterprise level. Kinsta wordpress hosting companies is one of the largest up to date companies achieving a target of highest ratings in 2018 the ratings of 4.8 out of 5. They are rated as best wordpress hosting companies. The server performance of kinsta is extremely functional and 100%. Reflecting a satisfied result from the client and outstanding performance in regard to server. Ensuring this site is running fast and without any issues related to hosting, the team members are very supportive and responsive especially in the areas of modified wordpress site.

The collected data of different areas also include satisfaction and value result oriented wordpress compatibility which are supportive, usability having an average satisfaction of focusing on wordpress sites and having a high performance traffic. Kinsta is a good choice for wordpress compatibility, medium cost per month, satisfaction, value and speed. Kinsta has the highest stability and low cost hosting for blogs which are fast and hundred percent available. Kinsta is reliable and customer friendly hosting companies satisfying the needs of many clients and however also increasing demand day by day for learning new skills.

Hosting provider

Hosting provider has helped and developed seeking the website in WordPress. The fantastic features of hosting provider are premium DNS, daily backup and many more. kinsta hosting the most premium website and boosting incredible response switching of websites to hosting plan and other beneficial and supportive WordPress offers. They automatically have a higher traffic and scale of volumes on the user website giving many options to change the PHP version and installation process it has a fantastic platform represent customer support services 24/7. Use of dashboard are top notch developer which helps in solving the problems when you have an issue. The service is outstanding with no complaints and no regrets which can give you an amazing experience for Website solutions. 

Using kinsta give some awesome experience with many reliable functions and wordpress website having different sorts of resources and issues relating to website. Kinsta supportive team are sustainable and also a winner in the market improving their product every day. The hosting of kinsta is without any hazel and very supportive comparing to other benchmark companies. They are reliable and fast hosting very responsive fulfilling all the requirements at a very early stage. The customer service caters to the need of every consumer.

Recommendations for using kinsta products

The pro hosting company has a server location with CDN and build up which is said to be perfect in speed and high administration. On the other side they are super fast hosting also improving the ranks of Google. Looking at the feedback of Kensta it is a user friendly global expansion interface with additional site and dashboard. There are also other features of kinsta offering first page loading time and backup

Speed.kinsta also offers an email hosting having an advantage of offering emails and products with a very good flexible pricing speedup performances and security for 24/7 proving the worth for all the investment. It is a wonderful experience and a wonderful option for all the developers who look for a platform to build up their website, it has a test drive themes and plugins which are placed on professional sites and for consumers. The kinsta dashboard companies have many features of organizing the sites into the different and suitable dashboard. This also helps in creating a different dashboard in a different environment which is suitable and fulfilling the requirements of all the clients.

Hosting experiments

The hosting experiments started in early 2013 when most of the hosting companies did not pay attention to the traffic or investing in hosting but in few years the need to have hosting grown out of visiting and creating the blog on the average optimizing the user's consistent experience. Few years back the hosting platform of kinsta did not have a high reputation, but over the years creating more portfolios and with more sites joining in kinsta seems to offer the best and tempting platform contributing factors which are stunning, this has in few years attracted many consumers and visitors having a huge traffic for this site creating a different platform in all. Kinsta reputation is convincing because they mainly focuses on manage WordPress hosting an additional user input hosting survey as it is said to be a top quality solution the hosting packages are different from other web hosting plans. Offering the power of Google cloud platform which is accessible and easy to use. You can have a promise promotional Insight managing your hosting account and customize solution which becomes easier and straightforward in dealing with important details.

WordPress hosting is a level that many hosts prefer to use. Handling the management system which is very Apparent and admin panel, they are purely manageable running on Google cloud platform moreover offering a customized uprising business enterprise custom hosting solutions which are based on free site migration, multisite support, premium DNS management and many more. The WordPress hosting of first installationprocess of SSL certificate is free of cost since it is a process of obtaining and optimizing the daily backup. It has a standard feature of Costing forms. Also have a specific implementation and backup creating a server overheard and backups which are restored. Kinsta migration is one of the best switching cost with confirmation allowing to use the server, for example, the WordPress engine and plugins. 



Having a glance at kinsta dashboard from the user point of view is different from what the solutions look like because the panel of kinsta mainly focuses on daily and regular task hosting platform and also administrating the server. The dashboard panel can easily access to the initial setup and create the first backup of FTP account and https. You can have a migrations overview of the account and the performance which has the ability to perform well, other features of the dashboard are  setting activity, log section and user guide which helps in resolving the issues.

Using kinsta migration process give  good experience in editing post and refreshing the changes done at the time of migration, all the changes can be done and refresh back a very responsive time it has a strong performance and noticeable improvement accessing the perfect speed at a very unexpected time.You can have a satisfactory result in resolving the issues construct performances. The process is very smooth to handle with resource for software and Browser Performances as it is said to be the most important characteristics of wordpress hosting. Another most crucial SEO loading site is challenge with User experience give a height of performance skills particularly optimizing the source and hosting managing experience switching to SSL.

Migration is very simple because it gives details about the current installation and you can learn all the in and out of the site which is migrated into your server without any failure or any probability of migration into another site. Kinsta tries to take care of all the process of hosting platform; the hosting performances are optimized by traffic Security at the same time it tries to keep the backup. It is one of the basic Staging environments which have the option of migrating the database compare to other popular manage hosting solutions which cannot give an overview like the kinsta WordPress hosting.

The kinsta hosting WordPress is a little bit costlier in comparison and in regard to other hosting companies. You can also opt for the cheapest one which is good and great in progression however it has got a great significant traffic which allows you to get static traffic and valuable bandwidths. It is probably the best option and the site for starting with a low traffic volume which is specific and beneficiary form offering rapid growth. Kinsta has an organized outlook and indifferent platform built on websites. It is the best place to built professional sites for consumers and clients featuring a good environment.

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