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InMotion Hosting Reviews and Expert Opinion

From $2.95 / month
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$4.50 – $419.00


2 reviews

  • Free SSD Drives
  • FREE Domain
  • 90 Days Guarantee
  • FREE Data Backups
  • FREE 1 Click Installer
  • Max Speed Zone
  • Google Apps Integration

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InMotion Hosting reviews by Customer

2 reviews
Scotti Gomboa

Excellent customer service

Fantastic customer service through chat. Quick to respond on chat, accurate answers, friendly service.

Published on Oct. 17, 2018
Frank Kaplana

Excellent service

I have been very happy for many years with "InMotion Hosting" and their awesome services. Everytime resolve my issue pleasently . I Totally Recommended !!

Published on Oct. 17, 2018

InMotion Hosting Expert Review 2022

Written by: Dheeraj

2 reviews

Excellent value for Money

  • Reliability
  • Pricing
  • User Friendly
  • Support
  • Features

Excellent value for Money

About InMotion Hosting


InMotion has launched in 2001 and has set a record of more than 30,000 domains along with data centers located in Virgina Beach and Los Angeles. Apart from this they also have a Web hosting Hub which is developed mainly to focus on beginners and bloggers. It is one of the most well-known names in the industry which also claim of being a numerouno in the field of support, transfers and industry guarantee.InM

otion hosting is undoubtedly the most popular host present in the market which is famous for its secure and reliable services to business. In the world of web hosting, InMotion is a veteran which is supported by the expert team of people with diverse backgrounds. To provide the best option with the reliability of getting a smooth experience, InMotion focuses on the latest technology. The company is mainly business oriented which offer their clients data centers of their choice for fast speeds, in-house support which is available 24*7 and is based out of the US and free automatic backup. Different kinds of hosting options such as Dedicated, VPS and Shared platform are given by the InMotion in order to grow as per your needs.


No host is perfect neither Inmotion. The templates in the web designer are out of date which is not an issue as today everybody uses WordPress. Also, you can buy its annual package without any hesitation as the company offers 90 days money back guarantee. So you can get your whole money back if you are not happy with its services. But, Inmotion is certainly providing lots of advantages such as affordable web hosting, flexible plans, and user-friendly interface. In addition to this, InMotion also offers free features which are excellent mainly providing the free backups.

There may be some flaws in this web hosting company but we recommend it to all the users especially the bloggers of WordPress. InMotion is a perfect blend of incredible technology and innovation as well as of low price. It is increasing its ranks among the professional web hosting solutions present in the market.

Although InMotion does not have complete managed WordPress hosting and Windows servers due to which it is unable to make its position among the top web hosting services. But undoubtedly it is still a good choice due to its excellent uptime, free e-commerce features, number of free add-ons, 90 days money back guarantee and unlimited emails at all levels.

Pros of InMotion

1. Customer Support

Customer support is the important factor in any web hosting. It helps you to solve the problems    related to your website hosting. It is important for any web hosting company to cooperate with the customer if they face any issue. Your website is dependent on it as many minor issue in your website can cause you loss of your several customers. The customer care of InMotion have many benefits.  These are:

- U.S based customer support - The company provides its customer's support which is based in the United States which means that you will get the response at a fast rate and higher grade customer care. Also all the company representatives who are hired for this job have in-depth knowledge about their work. They go through the internal training of 160 hours before they start interacting with the customers.

- Great onboarding process – The starting process of the hosting services is very fantastic. This will be a major bonus for you if you are starting and running your website for the first time.

In order to help you in setting up your website on their server, InMotion hosting sends a series of helpful emails demonstrating each phase. The emails which are sent to you are specifically formed as per your website. So it contains all the relevant information regarding setting up your website.

- Multiple communication channels – InMotion hosting provide you number of the medium through which you can contact them. You can send them an email, can do a live chat with their representatives, call them using Skype, use the conventional ticket system or can even call them on phone.  The response time for every service they offer is very fast. You will definitely get their support in time with waiting much.

- 24/7 support - It is very important for any hosting company to provide 24*7 support to their customers. Thus InMotion hosting provides you support whenever you need without concerning the day and time. It provides support 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

2. Hosting Performance & Speed

After customer support comes the other factor in which InMotion Hosting excels in. The speed and performance of InMotion hosting are also very good. Up till now, the average uptime provided by the InMotion host is 99.97% which is pretty good for a huge company like them.

Also, they do not oversell their servers i.e. they don’t allow to host many websites on their servers which are in case of many other shared web hosting services.  They provide only that much load to a server which a server can handle which means at the time of peak traffic if multiple sites hit the server at the same time then also the server handles them effectively.

There is the number of features which the InMotion Hosting offers in order to provide good uptime, security, and speed to their customers. These are-

- SSD drives for all of their servers – Instead of using a HDD drive, SSD drive is used to support every single server. SSD drive is a solid state drive which is based on chips and is comparatively faster as compared to HDD drive in retrieving the stored data. This is beneficial to the users of the website as the website will load at fast speed and also the data will be retrieved at faster rates. So people will not leave sites due to these reasons.

As per InMotion hosting, they claim -

.  The SSDs will be 20 times as fast as HDDs.

With the help of SSDs 65%, more data will be fetched from the server as compared to HDDs

Also, during high input demand, the percentage of data increased by 95% as compared to HDDs.

- Multiple data centers and Max Speed Zones - InMotion hosting uses multiple data centers which help in serving the entire country, unlike other hosts which have a single data center that serve the entire country.

At the time of purchasing their services, you need to choose a location that serves you the best which will depend on the location of your maximum customers or visitors. To help you to choose the perfect data center for your website, InMotion helps you by offering you a file downloading test which is used on their website for comparing the centers that serve you fast. Due to the presence of multiple data centers, the company also have Max Speed Zones which tells the geographical locations inside the range of their data centers. Inside the Max Speed Zone, they claim that your email and website will get 6 times faster speed as compared to other hosts.

- Strong focus on security – Security is the main focus of InMotion hosting. They offer 24*7 security of your servers. Also,  your websites are well protected by DDoS protection as well as advanced firewalls such as Mod security and custom firewall rules are used.

- Solid WordPress features – Managed WordPress hosting is used by the InMotion on all of their plans which allows automatic updates of WordPress and covers some common security concerns. All the websites which are based on WordPress use a platform of CloudLinux and have enabled OptimumCache. At the time of sign up, users are allowed to choose WordPress pre-installed or they can also raise a request for transferring website afterward. WP-CLI integration comes along all the WordPress websites which are used to manage WordPress installation. It means it allows you to configure installations, update plugins, etc. without the need of any web browser. Also, the WordPress hosting of InMotion comes with PHP 7 which helps the websites to perform 2 to 3 times quicker than the websites which use a prior version of PHP.

- InMotion Hosting offers FREE private SSL certificates - InMotion hosting provides the security to their customers on all VPS hosting, Shared Business hosting and Dedicated Server hosting which helps them in securing their websites for safe browsing in just one click.

Features –

Free of charge automatic renewal of SSL.

.  It is supported by cPanel and Comodo.

.  Have 256-bit Encryption.

SSL which is validated by Domain.

It is a great step taken by InMotion hosting in which they offer free private SSL certificates which is very important for you if you are having an e-commerce site. It helps you to complete online transactions and to accept payments without any worry. 

3. Free Website Backups

All the hosting companies offer backups on a regular basis so as InMotion hosting. But what makes it different is that the backup offered by the InMotion is absolutely free of charge. Unlike other web hosts who charge a fee for the emergency backup they provide, InMotion offers you in completely no charge.

Although the backup which comes with your plan have some limit. Restoring is limited to every 4 months. Although it is free but for additional restores an additional fee of $49 will be charged. In addition to this automatic backup is not supported for the site whose size is more than 10 GB.

 Free Website Backups

4. Free Site Migration

InMotion hosting offers free website transfer facility to their clients who want to transfer their website from other host to their. Also they claims that during this process no downtime will be experienced by the users. Although there are certain conditions which comes along this facility. Like only cPanel migrations includes migration of email accounts else the migration without cPanel would require to do it manually. For the migration of more than 3 websites or more than 5 GB data additional charges is required to pay.

5. Flexibility

InMotion hosting s certainl one of the oldest company in the field of hosting which is definitely maintaining its pace with time. In addition to the services, they offer they also offer flexibility with your website. Phenomenal Google App integration comes with the package you choose from InMotion Hosting. Also, you get a number of e-commerce support and integration for various application due to their various partnership with e-commerce services.

A unique service of WordPress integration is also offered by the InMotion hosting which includes an option of prior installation of WordPress at the time you purchase hosting with them. Apart from this free advertising worth $250, Google AdWords credit worth $100, Bing advertising credits worth $75 and Yahoo advertising credit worth $75 are also provided by the InMotion host for helping you to attract traffic towards your website.

6. Powerful website builder

Every hosting plan of InMotion comes with a premium website builder known as BoldGrid. You can build a stunning and responsive website with the help of BoldGrid which is a quick drag and drop editor.

BoldGrid is very user-friendly which can be easily used due to its simple drag and drop feature. It also has responsive and pre-built themes for its users. Also, it comes with options like staging and built-in SEO. Unlike other hosts, InMotion hosting offers it free of cost to its clients and your site is fully in your control and ownership.

Powerful website builder

Cons of InMotion hosting

1. Price Point

This is one of the biggest disadvantage of using the InMotion hosting. Its price is higher as compared to most hosting services present in the market who are offering the same services. But, definitely you get a full power packed package for which you pay so much amount. Also with outstanding customer support, free backup and storage, free site migration and so on they definitely make up for their higher prices.After reviewing the Pros of InMotion hosting lets discuss some disadvantages of using InMotion.

Price Point

2. Year Long Contract

The InMotion hosting locks you into a yearlong contract. It means that in case you don’t like its services then also you have to use it for a minimum time of one year. But, they make it up by providing a 90 days money back guarantee. So that in case you are unsatisfied with the hosting of InMotion then you can claim your money back in 90 days. But after this u would be locked with them for one year. 

But it should be noted that this money back guarantee does not work on any purchases of add-ons like domain name registration and SSL certificate.

3. Limit for Number of Sites

The customer is bounded by the limit for the number of websites which they can host on a single account. But this condition comes only with the Power and Launch packages however unlimited websites can be hosted in case of Pro packages.

So in case if you need to host a number of websites on a single server then it is better to look for a different host or else pay more fee for the Pro package which comes with the unlimited hosting limit. But if you need just a couple of websites to host on one server then this will not affect you.

4. Slow account setup

For preventing fraud InMotion offers strict prevention policies. All the new customers who sign up for their package goes through a whole phone verification process in order to verify their purchase of hosting. After the verification, your account will get activated on the same day.

Although the verification process is quite hassle-free but in case you need to access your account instantly, it is not possible since you will be only able to access your account once it goes through the entire verification process.

Hosting Plans of InMotion

1. Shared Hosting – The shared hosting is also known as business hosting in InMotion hosting. There are three plans that comes under this category.  These are-

-  Launch plan 

· Plan starts at a monthly price of $6.39.

· Launch plan can host up to 2 websites on single server.

· It offers free backup of website on daily basis.

· It gives free website transfer and setup from other servers to theirs.

· It supports 2 MySQL and PostgreSQL database.

· It offers 6 parked domains and 25 subdomains.

· US-based customer support.

· It provides Max Speed Zone technology.

· It has malware and email protection.

· It offers 90 days money back guarantee.

-  Power plan

· This plan starts at a monthly price of $8.49.

· Power plan allows you to host up to 6 websites one single server.

· This plan supports 50 MySQL and PostgreSQL databases.

· It offers unlimited bandwidth and disk space.

· It allows free daily backup of your website.

· It allows free transfer and setup of the website from some other server to theirs.

· It offers 26 parked domains and 100 subdomains.

· It also offers e-commerce ready 1 click shopping carts.

· It uses technology of Maximum Speed zone.

· It protects from malware and email spam.

· It provides shared SSL certificate.

· It offers US-based support.

· It provides 90 days money back guarantee.

-  Pro plan

· Pro plan starts with a monthly price of $14.71.

· Pro plan allows you to host unlimited number of websites on a single server.

· It comes with unlimited disk space and bandwidth.

· This plan offers unlimited MySQL and PostgreSQL databases.

· This plan provides unlimited parked domains and unlimited subdomains.

· This plans offers free transfer and setup of websites from any other server to theirs.

· This plan also offers free daily website backups.

· This plan provide E-commerce ready 1-click shopping carts.

· This plans comes with Max speed zone technology.

· It offers a Pro-level US-based support.

· A shared SSL certificate also comes with this plan.

· It comes with Malware and email spam protection.

It provides a 90 days money back guarantee.

Shared Hosting

2. VPS Hosting

- The plans of VPS hosting starts at higher price i.e $24.99 per month as compared to other host present in the market. 

- The lowest plan in VPS hosting comes with 4GB RAM, storage capacity of 74GB, 3 TB bandwidth and 3 IP address.

- Whereas the highest plan comes with 8 GB RAM with the storage capacity of 260 GB, 6 TB of bandwidth and 5 IP addresses.

3. Dedicated Hosting

-The essential plan comes at a monthly price of $189.99.

- The advance plan comes at a monthly price of $219.99.

-The Elite plan comes at a monthly price of $299.99.

The dedicated hosting plans are suitable for you if you need your own server for running a large commercial enterprise.

Dedicated Hosting

4. Reseller Hosting

- Reseller lowest plan starts with a monthly price of $27.99 which offers 80 GB RAM. Whereas the highest plan comes at a monthly price of $39.99 along with 160 GB RAM.

- All the plans of Reseller hosting come with a free dedicated IP address.

- The lowest plan which is R-1000S also includes the bandwidth of 800GB/month whereas the highest plan R-3000S comes with a bandwidth of 1600 GB/month.

5. WordPress Hosting  

The WordPress hosting plan of the InMotion hosting is similar to their shared hosting plans. But it is finely designed for WordPress.

- WordPress hosting offers free domains.

- The signup process of WordPress hosting comprises of four steps which is a bit lengthy.

- WordPress hosting accepts the payment through Credit card, Purchase order or check.

- WordPress hosting package comes with a limit of 50,000 files per account for its customers.

- WordPress hosting experience a few upsells.

- The account activation in WordPress hosting may take some time. A phone verification is done before activating the account.

WordPress hosting supports cPanel for their control panel and dashboard experience.

WordPress hosting allows installing the popular apps and CMSs in just one click.

Do we recommend InMotion Hosting?

Yes, we do recommend InMotion Hosting. It is a solid web hosting company which provide outstanding customer support, great uptime, high performance and shared hosting along with lots of features.  Also as InMotion hosting is based out of the U.S which have a number of data centers which helps in loading the website at fast speed.

In all InMotion hosting work beyond the expectations of their customers by offering them a bunch of free services along with some features. Also with a number of packages and add-ons they are ready to provide their services to a variety of customers who needs a different kind of websites for different purposes.

Dedicated Server Hosting Plans - 2022

Plan Name Essential Advanced Elite Commercial CLASS 500 Commercial CLASS 1000 Commercial CLASS 2000
Space 1000 GB 2 TB 4 TB 1000 GB 2 TB 3 TB
Price $99.99 $159.99 $229.99 $319.99 $389.99 $489.99
CPU 4 x 2.80GHz 4 x 2.50GHz 4 x 3.30GHz 6 x 3.20GHz 8 x 3.20GHz 16 x 3.20GHz
RAM 8 GB 16 GB 32 GB 16 GB 32 GB 64 GB

VPS Hosting Plans - 2022

Plan Name VPS-1000HA-S VPS-2000HA-S VPS-3000HA-S
Space 75 GB 150 GB 260 GB
Price $24.99 $39.99 $59.99
RAM 4 GB 6 GB 8 GB

Shared Hosting Plans - 2022

Plan Name Launch (Everything Unlimited) Power Pro
Space Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Panel cPanel cPanel cPanel
Number of Sites Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Price $2.95 $4.49 $7.49