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Hostpapa reviews by Customer

2 reviews
Katherinee McCaron

So happy with hostpapa

I have utilized HostPapa in the past to have a site for the organization i worked for.They are super useful and learned. I am impressed with their service and happy to be a part of that. I have recommended this company to others who are looking for a hosting.

Published on Jun. 21, 2018

The best hosting provider

HostPapa is the best hosting provider. Their support is quick and useful as well. And the services is Best as compared to others. Fully recommended !!

Published on Oct. 16, 2018

Hostpapa Expert Review 2022

Written by: Dheeraj

2 reviews

Best of Best

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Best of Best

About HostPapa Hosting


Before starting with our review, let us know something about the company first. Officially started in the year 2006, HostPapa has successfully grown up and hosted 500,000 websites till date. Although some sites claim this number to be somewhere around 200,000. HostPapa is a web hosting company which offers full-time services like site building, domain purchasing as well as web hosting. But, it is interesting to note that it does not offer dedicated server hosting which allows customers to take control over their own hardware. So, instead, HostPapa offers virtual private server, more common shared hosting as well as a reseller service to its clients. In this review, we will discuss all this main aspects of HostPapa. 

Summary of HostPapa review

HostPapa was established in the year 2006 by Jamie Opalchuk and have its headquarters based out in Ontario, Canada, and U.S. HostPapa provides a number of web-based solutions to resellers, web designers and small businesses. For small businesses, the company provides services like Shared hosting, the virtual private server (VPS) hosting and for IT firms and designers it offers services like reseller hosting and WordPress hosting.  

The main aim of the company is to provide their customers hosting packages that are fully featured which they are looking for. Along with this, the company also aims in providing an excellent customer service along with it. In addition to all this, Last year HostPapa was also ranked among 27th Annual PROFIT 500 Ranking of Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies. 

HostPapa overview

a) HostPapa has a very easy signup process.

b) HostPapa has Credit Card and PayPal among their payment policies.

c) HostPapa has only advertised their first payment term. They have expensive renewals and you will have to pay $29.99 as a setup fee if you opt their refund policy. 

d) HostPapa also has few upsells.

e) It takes a while to activate your account. 

f) The company also provide cPanel as their Control Panel and Dashboard experience. 

g) HostPapa has One Click installer which helps the clients to install popular apps and CMSs.

Hostpapa reviews

Review on Pros of Using HostPapa Hosting

The HostPapa provide certain pros to its customers. The best web hosting should offer the best budget, experience, and expertise to you. Also, it should perfectly match up to your expectations in order to fulfill your goals. Here are some of the pros offered by HostPapa to its clients. 

1. Transparency and Value pricing

The straightforward plan structure and pricing of HostPapa is the primary advantage for its clients. The same thing which is sold by all the web hosting companies is the home for your website. The difference occurs in the kinds of plans that are offered by the company which has different renewal prices, different bonuses, and different caps. For most web hosts, it is required to break down in order to figure out their true value.

- In terms of pricing, HostPapa has three pricing tiers. These are Starter renews which comes at a monthly price of $7.99, business renews which comes at a monthly price of $12.99 and Business pro which comes at a monthly price of $19.99. 

- The Starter limits you up to 2 websites or Domains as well as with 100 GB of space which is quite enough for the small business owners who have few images on their website. 

- When it comes to business level then it offers unlimited allowance in both the sectors. Only the thing which has to keep in mind is that unlimited never really means unlimited in all cases. For all the web hosts it actually means “no specific limit” which is still limited by the abuse policy and actual server space.

- The Business Pro plan comes above the Business plan because of its extra bonus feature.

- For the long term as well for the short term pricing, all the plans of HostPapa are quite competitive for the shared hosting. The Business plan and Starter plan are not only very good in terms of features but are also very cheap as compared to the market. 

- Every hosting company that is present in the market works on a similar working model i.e. all have the same cost and infrastructure. The difference mainly occurs in other processes like process maintenance, hiring people and developing the system. 

- The pricing of HostPapa is quite a good advantage for their clients, especially when we consider the overall value of the plan.  But, certainly, everyone has a different vision. Some don’t want extra value features at the extra price.

Hostpapa plans

2. Transparency & Ownership

- HostPapa is an independent company which is privately owned. This is quite unusual as the maximum corporations running in the market owns nearly all the hosting brands. Although, it is not necessary that if you are a private and independent firm, then you are good and if you are owned by a large corporation than you are bad. 

- For the companies who are independent, it is not necessary that they have the capital for making the long-term improvements as well as for providing the world-class service they might lack in expertise. But, rather they do in what they are really good at i.e. they remain close to their customers and do the required changes as per the requirements of them.

- The big shot companies have all the expertise and capital to provide world-class service to their clients. But, these companies treat the departments such as customer service as a cost as well as customers as an entry to be done on a spreadsheet. 

- So the indepenent company like HostPapa is definitely a great choice to make in this diversified and competitive market. 

- But, to choose a company solely on the basis of their independent behavior is also not a good sign. It can be a great con for some. This we will discuss over the con section. 

- The small transparency touches that the company added for their clients are really impressive. Like for their customers to get 24*7 updates regarding their service, the company has a Network Status page.

3. Customer Support of HostPapa

- Customer support is a very crucial aspect of any web hosting company. When it comes on providing service to their customers it becomes very hard to judge any company. The reason behind this is it becomes really hard to know what exactly is going on behind the bars and whether the company will help you when you contact them. 

- It is very important for anyone to see if the company treats customer service as an investment instead of treating it as an additional expenditure which is increasing its cost. Because it is very important to know the intention of the company that whether it is trying to cut down costs and maximize their profit on the short-term basis or whether they are keeping their vision longer by making their customers happy which is their actual long-term investment. 

- There are basically two indicators on the basis of which the customer support of any company can be judged. One is the investment in the DIY customer support and second be the availability of the support channels. 

- HostPapa is solid on both the grounds. To talk about availability, the company have social support, email, chat and phone support for their customers. HostPapa also provides multilingual support which is quite a rare thing to see. 

- Also for the DIY customer support, the company has a great set of the knowledge base for their clients which also has a feature of auto-translation for serving different languages. Although this can also be done with the help of Google translate but if the company is providing such a feature then it shows the level of thought and investment it is making for their customers. 

- In addition to this, the company also provide a good section of video tutorials which is again quite appreciable. As it also shows the level of investment that the company is doing in their customer support. So, definitely, the customer support of HostPapa seems pretty amazing especially if we compare it with the other entry-level companies. 

4. Comprehensive Services & Extras

- In addition to the web hosting solutions, HostPapa also provides top-notch complementary services to their customers. Although many web hosts provide services like email, domains, design services etc. but HostPapa, on the other hand, offers these services to their clients at a pinch on the higher level.

- To take an example, when it comes to selling domains HostPapa does not only sell them. Instead, they are themselves a domain registrar. So, they provide better pricing as well as have a larger selection of domain TLDs for their clients as compared to other web hosts. 

- This case is the same in specialized hosting services, design services, and email services. Also, in addition to the WordPress hosting, HostPapa offers VPS hosting to their clients. 

5. Improved Onboarding

- For making the process of setup and signup easier, HostPapa offers lots of small touches to their clients. The company is definitely growing in the right direction. In addition to this, the company also have several resources which are focused on the project. This is a great step as with the help of this, the company is able to implement the latest practices to their client’s project. 

- In addition to this, the company also focusses on their target market. So, features like transfers and email hosting are very well integrated into the setup and checkout process.

Reviews on Cons of Using HostPapa Hosting

Every web host has some disadvantages and HostPapa is no different. One can easily find a number of complaints all over the internet showcasing their flaws. Obviously, some are valid and some are not. So here we will discuss some genuine flaws of the company. 

1. Feature Pricing 

- The value pricing offered by HostPapa has already been discussed in the pros section. But as we said already that not everyone wants good features at the price of paying some extra bucks. Sometimes people just want a website that comes under your budget. It completely depends on individual needs. Some people do not mind in paying extra bucks to get some extra set of features for their website.

- HostPapa although provides heavy discounts over their mid and low tier plans. But, this discount also comes along with 3-year commitment. Apart from this, at the time of renewal, the company charges pretty high prices even for the plain shared hosting plans.

- In addition to this, some of the essential features like SiteLock and Automated Backups does not come along with the package price. As a result, the customer needs to pay extra in order to add that particular feature to your website. This is quite not expected from a good web host.

- But, HostPapa is not that expensive if compared to other web hosts present out there. In terms of extra charge to avail extra features, HostPapa is still not that expensive. But, this is definitely not the best deal for the customers. The customers can easily find many good deals in the market. But, certainly for the people who have a limited budget or don’t know the length of the website can end up paying more than their budget.

2. Branding and User-Friendliness 

- The setup process and onboarding process has been improved dramatically by HostPapa since 2016. But, what they still lack is the branding, design, and user-friendliness if we compare it with other cutting-edge competitors. 

- In addition to this, the branding of the HostPapa is not that impressive. It quickly does not inspire or attract people. One reason for this can be because HostPapa is quite a small scale hosting company.

- So this is the reason that HostPapa failed to impress the clients that have the big budget and want a big and lengthy website for their businesses. For the obvious reasons, HostPapa is still struggling to make its space among the top web hosts that are present in the market. 

- Although, in recent years HostPapa has seemed to be improved a lot in terms of their designs, branding and look. But still, it is far behind in impressing the big clients. Also, this downside may be a small one to discuss but definitely one cannot ignore it while looking for any web hosts. 

Hostpapa user friendly

3. Overstated Marketing

- The main tips for any company to do the marketing is to find out the things in which the company is perfect in, then decide that those things will be best suited for which audience and then finally find a way to reach the audience in the best possible way. 

- These things are most important for any web hosts to make their clients happy. Especially, the part where the company has to find “the thing in which they are good at”.

- HostPapa is undoubtingly a great company for the people of North America who are involved in small businesses. But, HostPapa does a lot of marketing outside North America. In addition to this, the company also make a lot of claims which they actually do not fulfill in reality. 

- It is good if HostPapa is making the clients happy in those countries. Maybe they are. 

- Apart from this, HostPapa also supports multilingual customer support as well as they also accept payments in so many different currencies. 

- We genuinely think it is a great disadvantage because in today’s competitive time it is better to promise less and deliver more rather than promising a thousand words and delivering only a few from them. The customer should know each and everything before investing that what actually they will get and how things will actually turn out. It is their sole right to know for what they are paying for. 

4. Poor Customer Experience with Support

- HostPapa has many reviews listed about their customer care support which is definitely not a good one. The customer service for some may be good and for the same, it may be really awful. 

- Although HostPapa has lots of options through which the customer can reach them. But still, their customer service quality is not up to the mark. In spite of having so many options, they lack in their customer support which is quite a big letdown for its customers. 

5. Additional Fees

- Setting up your website can be very tricky. Many web host allows you to set up your website free of cost, others will offer free some day’s money back guarantee. 

- But this is not with the case with HostPapa, the company charges a setup fee for cancellation if you request them a refund during their 30 days money back guarantee window. They will certainly charge $29.95 from their customers in the name of their setup fee for cancellation. 

- So technically, HostPapa does not provide a “free” website setup or a “free” money back guarantee to its clients.

6. Missing Bonuses

Although for every plan HostPapa has a complete feature set.  But still, there are some bonus features that are missing from HostPapa. These are:

1) The money back guarantee provided by the company is very short i.e. of 30 days only. Whereas its big competitors like Hostgator offers the money back guarantee of 45 days and others independent competitors like Web Hosting Hub, InMotion and Dreamhost provide their clients a money back guarantee of at least 90 days.

2) HostPapa also does not feature any automatic backups along with their Business or Starter plans. One can get it by paying $19/year. On the other side, this feature comes with most of the hosting companies. They provide automatic weekly backup along with their plans. This feature is very important because it is essential to take backup of your website at regular intervals. The backup of the website is important so that you have all the data saved if in case your website goes down and loses its data. 

Reviews on Features of HostPapa

- The starter is the basic web hosting plan offered by HostPapa to its clients which uses few surprises along with a mix of some standard features. You can also host up to two websites on your account with their lowest plan. This is quite new because maximum web host only allows their customers to host a single website along with their most basic plan. 

- In addition to this, the lowest package which is known with the name Starter package comes with the features like free SSL via Let’s Encrypt, cPanel Control Panel, free website transfer, one on one training, Cloud flare CDN, Starter Website Builder, 30 days money back guarantee and 24*7 support. The company calls all these features as “Essential Features”.

- When you pay the amount for an entire year then HostPapa gives you a free domain along with it. This feature is hit for some clients as well as some clients do not care much about it. This is the reason why some web hosting company offers this to their clients and some simply not. But, the main thing that has to be noticed is that HostPapa does not charge any hidden fees for this free domain which other web hosts charge. 

- 100 GB of disk space comes along the Starter package of HostPapa for your website which is certainly quite appreciable. Although this space is certainly less as compared to what InMotion offers to their clients which is unlimited.  But, it is undoubtedly better than what many bigger hosting companies are offering.

- Apart from all this, HostPapa also offers their clients unlimited bandwidth. Although the company even penalize you, if you use it excessively. 

- Also, if any site grows larger than the company also restricts the site performance by putting some constraints. This is done by the company in order to make the performance of other sites un-impacted.

Hostpapa features

Do we recommend HostPapa?

After reviewing the whole article, we recommend HostPapa to those who want to lay there hands in support of only independent hosting companies.  The lower ends packages provided by HostPapa are all pretty good and worth every penny. But, the only downside is that in order to get the best price, one has to opt the packages for at least three years. Although this tactic is quite common and is practiced by many web hosts in the market.  

SSL Plans - 2022

Plan Name Let\'s Encrypt SSL
Price $0.00
  • FREE SSL with hosting
Warranty $0.00

VPS Hosting Plans - 2022

Space 50 GB 100 GB 200 GB
Price $19.99 $39.99 $109.99
CPU 4 cores 8 cores 8 cores
RAM 1.5 GB 3 GB 6 GB

Shared Hosting Plans - 2022

Space 50 GB Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Panel cPanel cPanel cPanel
Number of Sites 2 Unlimited Unlimited
Price $3.95 $3.95 $12.95