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3 reviews
John Williams

Professional Staff

After using different hosts and migrate my site to Hostnet I am very happy. My website is always up. Those who need perfect hosting, try atleast once.

Published on Jul. 13, 2018
Harry Sternly

Great for Sites

This organization has a variety of choices to look over. Their site building instruments are easy to utilize and make beginning another site extremely simple. I am very happy with this host.

Published on Jul. 18, 2018
Mahmud T.

Quick and Simple

From the minute I chose to join with this organization it was just a couple of minutes until the point that I really had my site running. They make everything simple. I have been with the organization now for about a week and have had no issues. The website is dependably up and I am extremely glad. Support team also very helpful and friendly behaviour with their customer.

Published on Jul. 19, 2018