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Hostinger Reviews by Real Users & Reviews by Hosting Experts

Hostinger Reviews and Expert Opinion

From $2.15 / month
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3 reviews

. Unlimited web hosting space
. Free domain name & free SSL
. Priority 24/7/367 Live support
. Fastest website speed load
. SSD web hosting for ultimate speed
. Drag & Drop builder + free templates
. Unlimited number of email boxes
. Full MySQL and PHP support
. Fully Optimized WordPress hosting
. Full FTP & Cpanel file control
. One-Click script auto installer
. Platinum BitNinja DDOS protection

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Hostinger reviews by Customer

3 reviews
Kelli Wallace

Great hosting service

From last few years we have used Hostgator services and they have always been perfect and Great. Incredible reaction from the customer support and quick response.

Published on Jun. 25, 2018
Garry Nevile

Best service ever

Their customer support is totally awesome, they give out free services every now and then of course to their loyal customers. Plan is relatively cheap for starters. I recommend to anyone to go with hostinger !!!!

Published on Oct. 15, 2018
Erikaa Kivinen

Hostinger is a LIFE SAVER

Hostinger is a best Hosting service provider. Basically I suck at everything on the internet, massively! And when I decided to make my own website I was understandably worried. But the support and the tutorials are saving my life on a daily. I loved it !!!!!!!!!

Published on Jan. 08, 2019

Hostinger Expert Review 2022

Written by: Dheeraj

3 reviews

Best WordPress Hosting

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Best WordPress Hosting

About Hostinger Hosting

Established in November 2004, Hostinger has managed to become a powerhouse of web hosting. The company has successfully made 29 million happy customers from around 178 countries. Apart from this, around 20,000 new customers reach their website and sign up every day in order to use their services. The main reason behind this is that the company provides you full freedom to create your own website in the way you like. So here we provide you the full review on Hostinger and consider all its points. 

Summary of Hostinger review 

Hostinger was founded in the year 2004 with a name known as “Hosting media”. Hostinger is based out of Lithuania and has successfully achieved a milestone of 29 million customers from all over the globe. The company has its offices all around the world. 

One more thing to notice about the company is that it does not try to attract customers by hyping on their website about the “value” products or “cheap” range services. Instead, it straight away states that Hostinger is all about budget web hosting. 

The plans of Hstinger starts with a monthly charge of $5.99. This charge is applicable for two years. The Single Web Hosting plan of Hostinger is basically for the domestic users.  Time to time the company also runs scheme on various plans. You can only have a single website and subdomain, monthly100 GB bandwidth, drive space of 10 GB and only a single email address if you opt for a Single web hosting plan. 

With the help of an easy website builder, starting up any website becomes so easy. Also, the company provides you with one-click installers which you can use for WordPress or for any other popular apps. The basic package is generally more than enough to operate any single or family website. Lastly, Time to time Hostinger also takes out some coupons on its plans for its customers.

hostinger reviews

Overview of Hostinger 

1. Main features

- Unlimited sites

- Unlimited disk space

- Unlimited bandwidth

- Free domain

- WordPress hosting

2. Platform - Linux

3. Scripting & Languages – PHP and JAVA

4. Control Panel – cPanel

5. Easy Installs – Drupal, WordPress, Magento, Joomla and SSL

6. Server Location – UK, USA, and Singapore

7. Databases – MySQL and PHPMyAdmin

8. Customer support - Live chat, Knowledgebase, and Tickets

Review on Pros of Hostinger

Being a great web host Hostinger offers many advantages to its customers. Here, I this review we would like to discuss some main pros about the company. 

1. Speed and Load times

- For any website whether big or small, it is very important that it has fast loading times. If the website takes time to open then it frustrated its visitors. As a result of which you may lose your valuable customer. We all have been in such a situation and never want this to happen with our website. In fact, as per reports suggests, if any website takes more than 3 seconds to open 40% users tends to move out of that website without willing to wait for one more second. 

- Certainly, this problem has not been faced by the customers of Hostinger as the company has its servers available in USA, Asia, and Europe i.e. UK. Each of these servers is connected with a 1000 Mbps connection. This connection ensures that the loading time of your website remains stable. If we see the average load time of Hostinger, then it will come out to be 385ms which is certainly 79.43% faster than the industry average which is 890ms. This is certainly great. 

2. Ease of using

- Hostinger very well undrstands the need of its clients that is why it uses an interface which is not only modern but is also very easy to use so that you can find everything you need at one location. This also helps you in monitoring emails from your dashboard, managing your domains, updating your billing information and tracking all the logins on your website. 

- In addition to all this, the control panel of the Hostinger is not a traditional one instead it has large icons which help you in finding exactly what you are looking for. Although some users who are expert in coding and are familiar with traditional cPanel might miss it. Else, for non-coders or newbies, this version of cPanel is perfect as they don’t have to rely on anyone else to make their simple website run. 

- The cPanel uses the concept of Microsoft tiles which helps the users to easily find the option or category you are looking for. The tiles also have a picture on it which helps you to identify what that particular tile is about.

3. Privacy and Security

- In order to protect your sites from any danger, SSL certificates are not enough. It takes a lot more to fully secure your website. But, sadly many web host does not understand this fact and provide only SSL certificate to their clients in the name of security. 

- Hostinger on the other hand very well understand this fact and offers Bitninja along with their each and every plan. 

- Bitninja is basically an overall protection suite which protects your website from brute force, script injection, malware, DDoS, XSS and other kinds of attacks which occurs automatically. 

- In addition to this, SpamAssassin also comes with each plan. SpanAssassin is basically a filter which scans all the email and removes the email spam. 

- In spite of offering the cheap plans for web hosting, it is quite appreciable to Hostinger for considering the matter of security of their client’s website so seriously and providing their clients with industry-leading security measures. 

- In short, Hostinger provides their clients with some security tools that come along with their each and every plan. These are:

     . SSL Certificate

     . SpamAssassin Protection

     . Cloudflare Protection

     . BitNinja Smart Security Protection

     . Daily to Weekly Data Backups


4. Free Website Builders

Hostinger ranks among the market’s top web hosting companies. The main reason for this is that it allows its clients to build their website from scratch. 

- The Hostinger does not use cookie cutter themes which are used by other web hosts present in the market and which makes every single website that is made from them looks alike. Instead, Hostinger offers their clients an opportunity to build a unique website. 

- As a result of which no matter which plans you opt, you will be able to find your best suitable template for your website which you can customize as per your wish. 

- The templates are unique, beautiful and fully customizable i.e. every single part of every page can be customized as per the owner’s wish. As a result, you can change any part of your website according to your wish. 

5. Free Domain Name

Picking up your favorite domain name is not as easy as it seems to be. When you buy a domain name they all seem to be bought at less price. But, eventually, they become quite expensive which ultimately raises up your website budget. 

- Although if you are using any Premium or Business hosting package then you can pick up a free domain name else you have to buy it from the market. 

- This problem is solved by Hostinger which provide its clients with free domain names and helps them save money. 

6. Excellent Knowledge Base

Hostinger provides their clients with a complete knowledge base which includes video walkthroughs, general information, tutorials, and guides. They want their client to have full knowledge of web hosting. 

- These knowledge base will help all the newbies who have just started with their website. This also helps you to solve maximum issues which you will face while building u your website. You won’t need to stand in the queue of customer support for solving small issues. 

- This feature also saves your time which you will spend while toggling between your website and Youtube video answering the problem that you are facing. 

- The main aim of educating the customers is to help them find out the mistakes on their website without the help of an expert. Customer will gain enough knowledge with the help of these knowledge base which further also helps them in communicating with the customer care representative of the Hostinger with ease. 

7. Cheap Prices

Hostinger provides great prices to their customers. They are surely one of the cheapest option available in the market which also provides registration of one domain name for free. For the second domain, you need to pay money. But again if we compare it will still be at very cheap prices as compared to other companies. 

- In addition to this, Hostinger provides their clients with a handful of features at such a nominal price. 

- For payment purpose, Hostinger offers a number of options such as JCB, American Express, Maestro, Bitcoin, Discover, MasterCard, PayPal, and Visa. So you can opt any as per your convenience. 

- A money back guarantee of 30 days is also provided by Hostinger which provide ease to its customers to try out their services and plans and if they are not satisfied with them, they can claim back their money. 

- One thing that has to keep in mind is that not all products are eligible for this refund policy. As per Hostinger’s refund policy, some of its products and services come with special terms of refund. 

8. Superb Email Tools

Email tools play an important role in any web hosting. If you opt for any top 2 tier plans of Hostinger then you will receive access to unlimited emails accounts that too without paying any extra penny. 

- The email tools that come along any 2-tier plans include SpamAssassin Protection, Autoresponders, and Email forwarding. 

- The Email tools that comes with the top 2 tier packages are one of the top features of Hostinger.   

- With the help of Email forwarding, your customers can easily send documents, eBooks, and video. This means that you don’t have to leave your web hosting website as well as don’t have to share your personal address to anyone. 

- In order to communicate with your team, staff and customers Hostinger provides its users with top-notch email tools. All the needs and wants of customers are very well understood as well as delivered by Hostinger that too with perfection. 

9. Outstanding customer support

The customer support of Hostinger is not the finest one available as one have to wait for hours to talk to their representatives. But, what makes it still count among its pros is its outstanding service you will get after a long wait. 

- So we can say that if we keep the long waiting hours aside, then the company really has a great customer service. They have an excellent team of customer representatives who are not only very knowledgeable but will also explain you in a very good way to solve the issues you are facing. 

- In addition to this, they also share every tiny detail of the process that they are doing to fix a particular problem. The motive behind this is that they want their customer to gain knowledge so that if they are stuck by the same problem in the future, then they can fix it out by themselves.

Hostinger customer support

10. Strong Uptime Record

Hostinger very well understands the importance of keeping up your site online. They know the consequences very well that what happens if your sites go down and what impact it does on your business. 

- Although it is very normal for any site to face downtime occasionally for the scheduled updates or maintenance. But, certainly, nobody wants their site to get down for more than a couple of hours. 

- So a good average of uptime is provided by Hostinger to its clients which are about 99.40%. 


Review on Cons of Hostinger 

 Every web host that are present in the market is not perfect. All have some downsides. Hostinger is no different from this league. This is a choice of an individual that what is exactly a pro and con for them. Hostinger also has some cons. But, the cons are definitely not overtaking the pros that they are offering to their customers. 

1. Very slow customer support response

- The main thing which can be a matter of great concern to some of their users is that in order to get access to their live chat option they need to log in i.e. they have to create an account. Although from some users this is not a matter of much concern, but for some, it may be. 

- Customer support of Hostinger is a pro and con both. There is no doubt that the company has a great team of outstanding and knowledgeable customer support but also there is no denying that reaching them can be a headache for their customers. 

- The live chat option of Hostinger seems to be very useful for customers in which the company provide you with support tickets through which you can easily track your status. But maximum times you will end up sitting more than 10 minutes along with your open live chat window. So it is quite frustrating to wait for your turn to come. 

- In addition to this, the compulsion of login to your account in order to contact any customer representative is also very irritating. This simply means that if you want to ask any question to their representatives then firstly it is required for you to go through the entire login process. 

- Although the company gave an option to the users who want to escape this process and ask some questions. The company allows you to submit a general inquiry which in turn will create a kind of ticket. But again, you have to wait for a while in order to get any response from their side. 

2. cPanel is missing

- For all the people who have experienced cPanel at any point in time, very well understand the need and importance of cPanel which Hostinger has simply taken away. Although for the newbies who do not experienced cPanel before does not actually care.  

- But, definitely, it is a big letdown for those who are in this field for quite a time such as developers or experienced website owners. As these people spend hours a day while working on web hosting. 

- Although, Hostinger have their customized control panel which is simple and nice especially for newbies. But for experienced users and developers, it is a big letdown as they prefer familiarity over simplicity. 

- The users who have worked before in this industry will definitely prefer traditional cPanel over this new simplified one.

3. Pricing is not what it looks like

- The pricing of the plans offered by Hostinger cost a few dollars a month. The main problem that comes in the way of users that they have to pay annually afterward. 

- Although if we see in the market, we will come to know that there are quite a few numbers of web hosting companies which allows their customers to pay on monthly basis. Similarly, Hostinger like it to advertise that service at a monthly price of $3.99. 

- This, at first sight, seems to be a stealing deal but once you add all the taxes and security which you need for your website this amount rises up to $6.99/month. Also, if you choose to pay for 12 months then you will end up paying $200. 

- Although these tactics are not only limited to Hostinger, many other popular web hosts also use this kind of tactics. But for a reputed web hosting company like Hostinger, it is quite disappointing to see then lowering down to such tactics. 

- For the first year, Hostinger provides their clients a continuous “On Sale” option. But, if you can save on overall cost if you sign up for more than a year. 

- So, in order to gain the advantage regarding pricing one must at least commit 48 months of service. In addition to this, a 30 days money back guarantee is also given by Hostinger to their clients, but in order to take back your money, one has to climb the mountain. 

- The company will also upgrade the package of their clients with ease. But the problem occurs once you want to degrade your plan and want to come to a lower plan from a higher one. 

Review on Features of Hostinger

- Hostinger has Access Manager for their clients.

- Hostinger uses OpenResty nginx+lua.

- Hostinger allows their clients to do Daily Backups for their website.

- Hostinger has Customized hPanel.

- Hostinger uses Cloud Linux.

- Each server has Intelligent Web application firewall i.e. WAF. 

- Memcached (Twitter fork - Fatcache).

- It has Nginx micro cache.

- Hostinger offers Pro-active and predictive server monitoring.

- Hostinger offers Cloudflare integration and LetsEncrypt integration. 

- It also offers Real-time reactive server monitoring.

- Hostinger provides their customers with intercom and HTTP/2 services. 

- Hostinger also provides their clients with Wanguard realtime anti-DDoS proection on Switches.

- Hostinger uses SSD drives in place of traditional drives for fast speed. 

- Hostinger uses LVE containers for account isolation. 

- Hostinger also provides Streamlined and automated server deployments to their clients. 

- Hostinger provides their clients with Wanguard.

Review on Hosting Plan Types

Hostinger offers their clients a number of plans to select from. These plans seem to be very attractive to all the newcomers by providing them money saving perks. Following are the kind of hosting plan which the company provides to their clients. 

- Website Building Hosting.

- Business Hosting. 

Hostinger plan type

- Shared Hosting

- Virtual Private Server hosting i.e. VPS

Vps hosting

- Optimized WordPress Hosting.

Do we recommend Hostinger?

After covering the whole review on Hostinger, Yes we do recommend Hostinger. The reason for this is their solid speed. Only we would like if the company slightly work more on their uptime and make it more than 99.95%. The Business and Premium web hosting plans of Hostinger have lots of features to offer to their clients. But, the Single-Web hosting plan which is the entry-level plan does not offer any free features or unlimited perks to their clients. Hostinger also provides a money back guarantee of 30 days. So, if you are unhappy with their services you can easily claim your money back. Also, the page loading speeds and Uptime of Hostinger is faster if we compare it with the industry average. The customer support of Hostinger is very friendly and knowledgeable. So, what one can ask more for.

VPS Hosting Plans - 2022

Plan Name Plan1 Plan2 Plan3 Plan4 Plan5 Plan6
Space 20GB 40GB 60GB 80GB 120GB 160GB
Price $4.95 $15.95 $25.95 $35.95 $55.95 $75.95
CPU 1 x 2.40GHz 2 x 2.40GHz 3 x 2.40GHz 4 x 2.40GHz 6 x 2.40GHz 8 x 2.40GHz

Shared Hosting Plans - 2022

Plan Name Single Premium Business
Space 10GB Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth 102.4GB Unlimited Unlimited
Panel cPanel cPanel cPanel
Number of Sites Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Price $2.15 $3.49 $7.95