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Host1plus reviews by Customer

2 reviews
Vinet Kumar

Very Good Support and Quick Response

I found that they provide best price in hosting but I have doubt in support but I got very fast response and they will help you if you stuck in anywhere in server. Recommend to all !!!!

Published on Aug. 08, 2018
Teago Fernandis

Excellent service, Price and Support

I relocated my services from Azure to Host1Plus. Because of Host1plus for their great administration. The help was unbelievable, the cost is great and the administration is exceptionally solid. I have been recommending it to my customers !!

Published on Oct. 11, 2018

Host1plus Expert Review 2022

Written by: Dheeraj

2 reviews

Amazing Services

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Amazing Services

About Host1plus Hosting                 


Launched in the year 2008, Host1plus is a well-known and reliable name in the field of web hosting. The company has successfully managed to make more than 34,000 satisfied customers. The company has a number of hosting as well as other services to offer to their clients. These include Dedicated Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting as well as Reseller Hosting. Host1plus also provide services like SSL Certificates, Domain registration etc. In addition to this, the company also have premium level data centers which are available all over the world in the countries like Netherlands, Singapore, South Africa, Brazil, Germany, Lithuania, United Kingdom, and United States. In this review we will discuss all about Host1plus. 

Summary of Host1plus hosting  

Host1Plus is a web hosting company which was established in the year 2008. The company is based out of Lithuania and UK while it has its datacenters available at places like Africa, South America, Europe, and North America. Host1plus serves more than 74,000 customers from all over the globe. The company provides them business class Cloud and VPS hosting servers

At places like Johannesburg, Frankfurt, Sao Paulo, Chicago, and Los Angeles the company provide OpenVZ VPS servers. Along with all the VPS packages, the clients get SSD caching, RAID storage, 500 Mbps uplinks, and Intel Xeon, processors. Full root access, DNS management, live stats, and free backups are some other services which come along the hosting packages. In addition to this, the company also provide various versions of operating systems to choose from. These include Fedora, Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu, Suse. In addition to this, by spending some extra amount the client also opt for WHMCS billing system, premium support, and cPanel. 

Host1plus is also well known for its scalable environment which provides its clients full control so that they can easily upgrade their current plan as well as can get all the resources which are needed to mold their current package as per growing demands. In addition to this, the company also has a team of experienced people who are available 24*7 for the users to solve their queries. The customers can reach them over a phone call or through a message.  The packages offered by the company are super affordable which allows any individual or business to approach them. A 14 days money back guarantee has also been offered by the company to its clients. The users can easily claim their money in case if they are not satisfied with the hosting and services offered by Host1plus. The company also brings out coupons for their customers time to time. 

The company provides network solutions, dedicated servers, and cloud services to their clients for flawless customer service and experience. The customer is entitled to receive an outstanding experience in the field of cybersecurity industries, business intelligence, and web hosting. 

Host1Plus is undoubtedly the value for money hosting provider which deals in VPS hosting and cloud hosting by providing reliable, affordable, flexible and up to date tools along with 24*7 customer support.

Overview of Host1Plus Hosting

A. Highlights of Host1Plus

- Free domain 

- WordPress hosting

- Custom ISO

- Powerful API

- Windows and Linux Operating system

- RAID data storage

- Up to 32 IPv4 addresses

- OpenVZ and Virtuozzo 

- Backup options

- IPv4 and IPv6 support 

- 500 Mbps uplink 

- SSD caching 

- TUN/PPP/TAP enabled

B. Technical features 

1. Platform – Linux and Windows

2. Scripting and Languages – Ruby on rails, PHP and ASP

3. Easy Installs – SSL, WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal

4. Control Panel – WHM, cPanel

5. Location of the server – USA

6. Databases – MySQL

7. Customer support – Tickets, Knowledgebase, live chat and phone

Host1plus reviews

Review on Host1plus hosting Pros

Established in the year 2008, Host1Plus is a UK based company which has shown its growth in full swing which has certainly given a tough competition to other hosting providers that are present in the market. Host1Plus has a lot to offer to its clients. It is quite tough to choose and rely on a company which does not provide any money back guarantee. So it becomes quite important to check out certain factors before opting any web hosting service. Host1plus also provide certain pros to its customers which are important to consider and which makes this web host an ideal choice for the customers. So in this review we would like to discuss some. 

1. Speed and Reliability

The company claims its customers to provide an uptime of 99.5%, but they provide their clients more uptime then they promise.  KVM which is the Kernel-based virtual machine is responsible for the stability and faster speed of Host1plus. It helps in keeping the VPS of the clients well secured and secluded. In addition to this, the software is also connected with 1 GB of space which makes them one of the reliable servers present in the market. 

The servers of Host1plus are distributed all over the globe which provides an advantage to its clients who want to host their website targeting the audience which is present at any corner of the globe. This makes Host1plus counted among the fast web servers. The data centers are present in countries like Netherland, Brazil, Germany, Lithuania, UK, USA, etc. This is also a reason behind their 100% uptime. 

2. Strong and Powerful API

API is an Application Programming Interface which is an important part of any web hosting server. Host1plus also has its in-house API which helps it in monitoring the CPU as well as in managing the backups and analyzing the bandwidth. So for getting more smoothness in the functionality of any website as well as to control any web panel API plays an important role. 

3. One Click Installer

The main problem while using a VPN is faced by a newbie or a non-coder blogger as they don’t know how to code or to install a blog. Since the old and traditional method of the installation consists of creating the database while using the FTP method manually. In this method, the zipped files have to extracted and then uploaded. This whole method also increases the risk of crooked installation. But, Host1plus provides its customers with One-Click Installer. Softaculous and Installation are two different installers with the help of which you can install your website \ on any major platforms like Joomla, Drupal or WordPress with just one click. The user can install and use more than 100 CMS script on their website with the help of a free tool provided by the platform.

4. Instant Customer Support

The customer support provided by Host1plus is quite amazing. The company has a team of talented people who are working 24*7 for their clients. The customer support is provided in English, Lithuanian, Spanish, and Portuguese. The company provides support through live chat, ticketing and through phone calls. The team is constantly available for you to solve your queries.

Along with this, a support system of developers, programmers as well as other experts are also present if needed.

5. Widely spread Datacenters

Speed and Uptime are the two factors which we consider while choosing any web hosting provider. Host1Plus offers its customers with an uptime of 100% which makes it a perfect choice for web hosting. But, the main reason behind the fast speed and great uptime are its data centers which are distributed all over the globe. The company has its data centers present in 8 countries and 5 continents which helps this company to provide faster loading time for its customer’s website. The only thing which client has to do is to choose its server locations correctly. For example, if the client is from the UK then he has to choose the UK servers or if he belongs to India then he has to opt Asian continent server for the required result. 

host1plus datacentres

6. Easy accessibility of cPanel i.e. Control Panel

It is very important to have a user-friendly cPanel which helps in right from accessing WordPress installations to the backups. The control panel of Host1plus comes with a simple layout and multiple management options to its clients. This helps them in easy web administration. Along with this, the control panel also comes with a number of features such as auto-responding, creating email accounts, managing emails and storing a large amount of data. In addition to this, the clients also receive an SSL certificate along with a dedicated and restricted IP server which help in maintaining the security level.  In addition to this, the client can also limit the access using PostgreSQL and MYSQL after they buy the licenses of cPanel. The clients can easily manage their website space. You can simply track your website or set up domains or subdomains or add-on domains.  

Review on Cons of Host1plus hosting

Apart from all the pros, Host1plus offers some disadvantages to its clients. These are discussed below:

1. Too many Upsells

In the US if you are paying $15 per month in return for a 2 core VPS which comes with 2048 MB of RAM it definitely sounds a great steal.  But, then for the very basic and important stuff such as reliability or customer support or for space to store the backups of your website you need to pay extra. Then it sounds too shabby. It will certainly increase your monthly expenses of hosting. 

2. Expensive Support

The response time given by the company to response over ticket generated query is 12 hour which is certainly not a good sign of a business-friendly and modern company. Although with the basic plan, the cost of support is not more. It is only 10% - 20%. But, once you opt any high tier plan, this cost will increase quickly. 

3. Price variations

In order to attract more and more customers, Host1plus is advertising VPS hosting in main economies and in three different continents. But, once the customer will come they will certainly take their step back when they come to know that the price of one service is twice of the price which is advertised. 

4. Average performance

The performance of the website is quite normal. But the quality of infrastructure and network on their own website is quite not appreciable. For a web hosting company who claim so much, we certainly expect much more than this. This certainly gives an advantage to its competitors who are working in the market. 

Review on Features of Host1plus hosting

Host1Plus is a supportive, reliable as well as give the best of features to their clients. These features are provided by the company at a very pocket-friendly price. The features provided by the company makes them come on top priority for choosing them as a web host for your website. In this review we will discuss some  of its important features provided by the company. 

1. One-click Auto-Installation

Host1Plus provides an integrated one-click auto installation for Drupal, WordPress, etc. This solves the problem when you go with any VPS plan and you are a newbie or non-coder who does not know how to code or install their blog or any other CMS. This new integrated one-click auto installation helps you to start your website in just one click. 

2. Operating System support

All the leading Linux operating system such as Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, centOS, etc. are supported by Host1Plus.

3. 99.9% Uptime

Hostgator offers their clients an uptime of 99.9% which comes along with their all VPS plans. So once you opt for Host1Plus you don’t have to worry about your website going down.

4. SSD Hard Disk

Host1Plus increases the speed of your website by using SSD hard disk. SSD drives are well known for their speeds. So over the conventional hard disk, this gives an advantage to the clients.

5. Full Root Access

Host1plus provides full root access to their clients. For your VPS server, you will now receive full control and flexibility. This will work over different Linux OS such as Suse, CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu, etc. So now you can use your website as the way you want. 

6. DNS Management

DNS zones can be directly created for your domains as well as they can be managed from your client area. 

7. Live Stats of Resources

Host1Plus provides its users the easiness to keep the track of the live state of the usage of resources. This helps in keeping an eye over resources that which resources are being overused. They will also provide you alerts regarding the same. This is a general problem faced when you use any other VPS. Also, one has not to be worried about using the resources such as memory, network or CPU above their capacity which further leads to putting your website down. 

8. Instant Deployment

Host1Plus has made the process of setting up your first VPS server as easy as counting 1-2-3. You just have to configure your server, enter the details of billing and you are good to go.

9. Ultimate Pricing plans

The VPS hosting of Host1plus starts with a monthly pricing of $5 to $66. This makes it so easy for customers to grab a plan as per their need and budget. There is a plan for every category. Whether it is for an individual or it is for a business they have got you covered. 

Reviews on Services offered by Host1plus

VPS hosting and cloud servers are the future focus of the Host1Plus. In fact for the clients that are based out of United States, Chicago, United Kingdom, Africa, Netherland, Lithuania reseller and web hosting plans are no longer available for them. The reason behind this is the increase in the competition over those areas. Thus, Cloud hosting and VPS hosting packages are being offered in those areas. 

- A number of VPS packages are offered by the company which provides a number of CPU cores, bandwidth, disk space and amount of RAM. Each and every plan comes with full root access, rDNS configuration, DNS management, geolocated IPs and a Linux OS.

Host1plus services

1) Reviews on VPS hosting

- The starting unmanaged plan of VPS comes with a monthly price of $15 as well as their top-notch Gold plan comes at a monthly price of $66. If you are interested in experimenting with your own VPS it is a steal as you will get 2 cores and 2048 MB RAM along with their first tier plan. 

- VPS plans provide you options to choose among their five data centers which are Johannesburg, Sao Paulo, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Frankfurt. But here the twist is that the pricing of the VPS plan varies significantly as per the locations. The price of the basic plan can increase up to 100%. This is the matter of concern to some clients as they will come by seeing the advertised price and when they hit the reality they will back off with Host1Plus.

Host1plus vps plan

2) Reviews on Cloud Hosting

Host1Plus provides you a wide range of services to choose from. Although VPS hosting is more efficient as compared to cloud hosting but if we see from the price point of view then cloud hosting provides you right solutions and hosting servers at good prices. 

- More dedicated IP server management, advanced DNS, remote console or reboot are some of the features which you will get through cloud hosting at very less price. In addition to this, live stats and auto backups are some extra features which come along with it. 

- Cloud hosting has its three kinds. One is Managed Enterprise Cloud, the second one is Linux Enterprise cloud (Linux servers) and Windows Enterprise cloud (Window servers).

- Cloud hosting has a wide range of hosting plans, each comes with its own benefits. These are:

    . LIN 1 which comes with 20 GB of the storage system and 512 MB RAM.

    . LIN 2 which comes with 40 GB of storage and 2048 MB RAM.

    . LIN 4 which comes with 100 GB of storage and 4096 MB RAM.

    . LIN 8 which comes with 200 GB storage and 8192 MB RAM.

    . LIN 16 which comes with 500 GB of storage and 16384 MB RAM.

    . LIN 32 which comes with 1000 GB of storage and 32768 MB RAM.

3) Reviews on Dedicated Servers

- If you opt for the dedicated server this means that you are opting a hosting server for your personal use. No one has the right to access the dedicated servers other than you.  You are the whole and sole owner of your website. A dedicated server is a benefit to you only if your website is hitting with an unstoppable traffic. This is one of the most expensive plans offered by Host1plus. 

- Dedicated hosting has one of the most secure servers which runs on any operating system. Along with this, you can always choose the plans which suit you better in terms of different CPU cores. 

- Dedicated hosting plans of Host1plus comes with the biometric access control system, video surveillance, layered physical security and control, and natural cooling system. All this has increased the performance of Host1plus in terms of security. 

- Dedicated hosting has two Preium dedicated servers and managed dedicated servers. Each server comes with different features and pricing plans.

dedicated plan

Important facts about Host1plus

1) Host1Plus discount for Longer Billing Cycle 

When you are opting for any Host1plus package, you can get a discount if you choose longer billing cycles. For example, you can get a discount of 20% on VPS hosting and cloud servers of you opt for a billing cycle that ranges from 3 to 24 months. This means the longer billing cycle you opt, the more discount you will get. Also, you can get a discount up to 15% if you choose the billing cycle of 6 to 24 months.  So this means that choosing shorter billing cycles will certainly cost you more. 

2) Unlimited Resources Policy

As in case of any unlimited hosting services, Host1plus’s unlimited hosting is also “limited” by the company’s terms and condition which is written in tiny prints. 

Do we recommend Host1plus hosting?

After considering the detailed review on Host1plus it is clear that for the mid-sized businesses, bloggers, affiliate, web developers and e-commerce companies we do recommend Host1plus when they are searching for a new web host. Reliability, support, scalability, server speed, and price are some of the key factors which make Host1plus a good choice to opt as your web hosts. In addition to this, their diversified global servers also make them a great choice for the business who want to target customers from different parts of the world. 

Host1Plus is definitely one of best VPS service provider that definitely have value for money. Their service is reliable, flexible, affordable, up-to-date tools, and also provides 24/7 live help.

Cloud Hosting Plans - 2022

Plan Name LIN1 LIN2 LIN4 LIN8 LIN16 LIN32 WIN4 WIN8 WIN16 WIN32 WIN64 virtuozzo Amber virtuozzo Bronze virtuozzo silver virtuozzo Gold
Space 40GB 60GB 130GB 250GB 500GB 1000GB 50GB 100GB 250GB 500GB 1000GB 40GB 60GB 120GB 250GB
Bandwidth 1TB 1TB 1TB 1TB 1TB 1TB 1TB 1TB 1TB 1TB 1TB 1TB 1TB 1TB 1TB
Price $40.00 $66.00 $24.00 $66.00 $403.00 $784.00 $65.00 $111.00 $212.00 $403.00 $779.00 $15.00 $21.00 $36.00 $66.00
CPU 2cores 2cores 4 cores 4cores 6cores 8cores 2cores 2cores 4cores 6cores 8cores 2cores 2cores 3cores 4cores
RAM 2GB 4GB 8GB 16GB 32GB 64GB 4GB 8GB 16GB 32GB 64GB 2GB 4GB 8GB 16GB