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Tolghan cehrel

One of a Greatest Ever

I started using hetzner services few days back, I can express that hetzner is far different from others. I changed my services to Dedicated from VPS Hosting, everything is Amaging, affordable cost and magnificent help administrations. Much obliged to you for giving all most greatest experience.

Published on Jul. 02, 2018

Hetzner Online Expert Review 2022

Written by: Dheeraj

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About Hetzner Online Hosting

Hetzner is a web hosting company based out of Gunzenhausen, Bavaria and started its operations in the year 1997. The company provides their client's solutions like shared web hosting, colocation, virtual private servers, managed servers and many more. At first, the company beginner as a family owned business which has now reached and grown up into a corporation which has around 200 full-time employees. But, the company is still headed by its founder whose name is Martin Hetzner. 

The company has its data centers available in Vogtland, Falkenstein, and Nuremberg although the head office of the company is still in Gunzenhausen, Bavaria. As per the reports of mid-2015, the global market share of Hetzner is 1.28 by which it was behind Amazon Web Services and ahead of SoftLayer. In this review, we will discuss all the important aspects of Hetzner that will help the customers to take a proper decision while choosing their web hosts. 

Summary of Hetzner Online review

Hetzner is a European web hosting company which is based out in Germany. Although a variety of services are offered by Hetzner to their clients, the main focus of the company is on dedicated servers. Hetzner is famous for providing a budget dedicated servers as well as many attractive plans. So there is something for everyone, especially when you want an affordable and small server. 

The hardware which is used in most of the plans by the company is relatively fresh which a great thing to offer. All the dedicated servers have SSD storage option which is the main selling marketing point of the company. Also, as the company provides the latest hardware in all of their plans which saves the customers from spending the bulk amount in order to get the latest technology. 

In addition to this, you will find value all over their website wherever you look. The prices are so eye-catching that you will automatically get attracted towards it. The Shared hosting package offered by the company starts with a monthly price of €1.60 i.e. (£1.41, $1.87), cloud hosting starts with a monthly price of €2.49 (£2.20, $2.90), managed servers starts with a monthly price of €29 (£26.60, $33.80) and dedicated servers from €34 (£30, $39.60) and so on. But, as always there is a catch in these prices as well. 

The catch here is this, apart from these prices most products have setup fees. Like the shared hosting plan as shown by the company might come at a monthly price of €1.60. But, in addition to this, what is not shown by the company is that the customer is also charged €8.32 (£7.35, $9.70) at the time of signing up. Also, there are some restrictions and limits that come with the cheapest plans as well. Such as the plan that comes at a monthly price of €1.60 only allows a monthly traffic of 5 GB. Also, the company does not provide any support on databases which makes it difficult for you to install WordPress or any other big applications.

Hetzner Hosting

Overview on Features of Hetzner Online

1. Web hosting

2. Dedicated Server

3. SSL Certificates

4. Domain Registration

5. Storage Box

6. Colocation

7. Managed Server

8. vServer

Reviews on Pros of Hetzner Online

Every web hosting company provide various advantages to its clients, Hetzner Online is no different. In this review, we will discuss some of the important advantages offered by the company. These are:

1. Wide selection of hosting plans and service

The company offers a wide variety of hosting plans andservices to its clients. Such as:

Shared hosting

Four kinds of Shared hosting plans are offered by the Hetzner to its clients. The first one is the single domain plan which comes with 2 GB of storage. The other three plans come with 5, 10 and 20 domains each of which has 10 GB, 25 GB and 50 GB of storage respectively. All the plans of Shared hosting come with unlimited bandwidth. Hetzner Online does not provide an unlimited plan. All the plans provided by the company comes with storage limitations.

- Dedicated hosting

Dedicated servers are one of the specialties that Hetzner Online has. The company provides more than a dozen plans of dedicated hosting to choose from. The basic plan of dedicated hosting has a single iPV4 address and single iPV6 subnet. This plan comes with a theoretical bandwidth of 960 Gbps. 

Also, the servers offered by the company is based properly on Intel processors. The basic package comes with Intel Core series desktop processors instead of Xeon chips. Whereas the other packages come with a Dell PowerEdge servers which is a six core and octa-core processor having DDR4 memory up to 128 GB. 

In addition to this, Hetzner online also provide three virtual private server plans. These plans start with a pocket-friendly single core plan which include 25 GB of HDD storage and 1 GB of memory. The company also provide six managed servers which are based on Intel Xeon and Intel Core processors. Managed servers also have Solid state storage which is absent in virtual servers.

Hetzner Dedicated hosting

- Colocation

Colocation services are also provided by the company apart from the traditional hosting services. The customers can opt from three different tiers. Along with this, the company also provide domain registration services as well as sells SSL certificates. 

2. Billing, Support and Customer Service

In spite of based out of Germany, the company provides customer support as well as their documentation in English and German languages. The company does not only rely on one kind of customer support instead it provides multiple forms of support. Apart from the traditional Email support, the company has an automated support robot and konsoleH for their Email support. 

When it comes to providing support over the phone, the company provide a list of more than ten phone numbers to its customers which are all in German. These numbers can be used for directly contacting the different departments like accounting, domain registration, dedicated servers in various data centers and managed server office. 

Although this is a great thing which is provided by the company that the customer can be in touch with any of the department directly. But, only one thing that has to keep in mind is that there is no toll-free number and most of the numbers are active only during the office hours of Germany. The only number that is active 24*7, seven days a week is the Datacenters number. 

3. Hetzner Infrastructure

Along with the datacenters which are located in Germany in Nuremberg and Falkenstein, the company also has data centers that operate in Cape Town and Midrand, South Africa. The South African subsidiary operates these facilities. Also, the maximum datacenters of the company are operated and designed in-house. Multiple redundant uplinks are used in their facilities which includes fiber optic links to Frankfurt and Nuremberg. Through 200 GBPS links the European datacenters of Hetzner are connected to Deutscher Commercial Internet Exchange i.e. DE-CIX. In addition to this, renewable energy sources and hydroelectric power are used by the company for supplying the datacenters.

Hetzner Infrastructure

Cons of Hetzner Online Hosting

In this review, we will discuss the main flaws of the company. These are:

1. Majority of their documents and wiki is in German

Being a German-based company, the company majority of their documents and wiki in the German language. Although for the local people it is not really a matter of concern. But, for the people who do not belong properly from Germany and does not know German it is definitely a con for them. As documents and wiki help the customers to solve the problems and also to know about the company. 

Review on Setting up Account of Hetzner Online

All the plans provided by Hetzner Online are clearly present on their website with all the tiny details present for those who want it. The company has provided details such as the Level 4 hosting plan supports PostgreSQL and MySQL databases, PHP7 and PHP5 but it did not support Perl or Python, Cron jobs or interactive login through SSH. Although many people do not even care about such minute details it is still an appreciable act that is provided but the company for its clients.

- This documentation helps the clients to choose the exact plan for what they are looking for. After choosing the desired plan comes the signup process which comes just after tapping the order button. 

- Then comes a form in which all the personal details like name, phone number, email, and physical address details, etc. has to be filled. Just by filling all the basic information you can log on to web console of Hetzner Online where a list of the products can be browsed and an order can be placed. 

- The company provides the payment methods like the debit card, credit card, and bank transfer. But, the credit card payments can only be done for annual contracts. 

- After the payment, an email comes with all the important details about the service, FTP credentials, email servers, name servers and many more. With this, the setup is completed which redirects you to your management console.

Review on creating a website

The shared hosting of Hetzner Online does not provide cPanel which helps in managing your website. Instead, the company offers you its own terrible basic level custom control panel.

- The functions are organized in a left-hand sidebar by the plain and text-heavy interface. The FTP accounts are settled up by FTP module which is used to organize and upload the files on your website. This can also be done through the WebFTP file manager which is present within your browser. Although this approach is not recommended by us as it is one of the most underpowered and feeble file managers presents. 

- To install WordPress, the one-click installer is present but apart from this, there is no support provided by the company for anything else. Although other applications can still be installed how, that you have to figure it out by yourself. This is certainly a con as many other web hosts provide a platform such as Softaculous which can install hundreds of applications. Although this is not a matter of much concern if you want to install only WordPress

- There are other tools that are present such as setting up email accounts, creating and manipulating databases, tweaking PHP settings, managing subdomains and many more. Apart from this, quality reports are provided by AWStats on your website visitors, detailed DNS editing are also provided by an excellent DNS administration tool. 

Hetzner website creation

Review on Performance of Hetzner Online

The web interface of the company is a little awkward which makes users confused. As a result of which sometimes even experienced users require some support.

- Although for quick reference an online help system is available which is quite limited. A popup window displays by clicking the help icon which contains all the details on the current page. Although some of the articles are short and some topics are not even covered by the articles. 

- The company also provide customer support through a German telephone number and email. But this support is available only on weekdays from 8 am to 6 pm CET. This can be a little problematic if you stuck into some major problem and you won’t get an instant support. 

- To complete the review on the performance of Hetzner Online we would like to say that the performance given by the shared server which was hosting in Germany seems to be quite good. The server is not overloaded with the website, but even when it gets overloaded by a bit the performance does not suffer much and came as expected. 

Do we recommend Hetzner Online Hosting?

After the whole review, we will like to recommend the Hetzner Online hosting to the one who is looking for budget hosting services. This web hosting is good for those who can work within the service specifications. Although the demanding users or beginners can consider some other service providers.

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