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. Fast, easy-to-manage WordPress hosting.
. Get the domain that’s always in style.
. Protect your customers' private data.
. Start something worth joining.
. Award-winning, 24/7 support
. More names at better prices.
. The world's #1 registrar.

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luk write

Good Performance

Using Godaddy services for 6 years and i never faced any problem. They provide you great services in affordable price.

Published on Nov. 16, 2018

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Written by: Dheeraj

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Great Support team

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Great Support team

About GoDaddy Hosting     


GoDaddy is one of the most heard names in the web service industry. It ranks among the top companies of web services. At first, this company was started as a domain registrar but later on, they started providing a whole course of services including web hosting, website building, digital storage, accounting to email, online security and many more. GoDaddy makes it remarkably easy and pocket-friendly for the users to opt a name for the domain, sign up for hosting and then begin their web business. Apart from all these services, GoDaddy also offers dedicated and virtual servers options to their clients. The upgrade process is made simpler for the customers who want to upscale their website in order to further grow their business.  As per the reports of May 2017, there are 17 million customers and more than 6000 employees connected with the GoDaddy. The company has successfully gained its popularity from its advertising in the newspaper as well as on the television.

GoDaddy overview

1. Website -

2. Headquarters - Scottsdale, AZ (US)

3. Size of the company - 5001 to 10000 employees

4. Founded year – 1997

5. Company Type - Public (GDDY) 

6. Industry based on – Internet

7. Revenue coverage - $2 to $5 billion (USD) per annum

8. Competitors -  Weebly, Network Solutions, Endurance International Group

Features of GoDaddy

GoDaddy offers several features to its clients. These includes:

1. Domain Hosting and Leading page loads in Industry

-As GoDaddy is utilizing cPanel for Linux which provides its users with incredible loading times of their web pages.

-The pricing of GoDaddy is comparatively very low to other web hosting companies present in the market.  One can easily choose and book a personalized domain name from the GoDaddy website and then sign up to support hosing for your new website all at once. 

-In case if u opt for their yearly hosting plan then you need not have to pay anything for your domain name. The domain name will be included at no extra cost.

Godaddy reviews

2. Top notch security and customer support

- In order to protect your website from malicious bots and hackers, GoDaddy uses DDoS protection and 24*7 security monitoring system. 

GoDaddy believes in giving a complete security to its users and for this task, it has assigned a special team of dedicated experts who look after the security of your server and site. 

 For the performance of the user to remain unaltered, GoDaddy looks after the other client usage on your server.

ssl certificate

3. Easy Installation of famous Web applications

- As GoDaddy uses cPanel which offers it a variety of advantages like improvement in their administration panel speed with the help of which a large number of common applications are installed in just a couple of minutes. 

- GoDaddy also provides users with 1-click installation options of CMSs like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, etc. 

- Magento is also offered for the users who need an eCommerce shop on their website. These options of 1-click install help users to do their work in less effort and time. 

4. More enhanced options for seasoned users

- Apart from offering shared hosting to their clients, GoDaddy also offers to host packages specifically based on WordPress and a dedicated VPS

- GoDaddy’s WordPress oriented hosting comes among the affordable hosting solutions present in the industry mainly when we talk about the high-end performances. 

- GoDaddy does not need any new server for their upgrades and resource allocation. As the site grows, the VPS option provides flawless scaling. 

Starting with GoDaddy

There is no special technical or coding knowledge is needed in starting a website on GoDaddy. Website builder which comes along site building tools helps you to choose your favorite theme with demo images and content to get started with your website in few clicks. Here are few steps one need to follow to get started.

1. Firstly you need to Sign up for your GoDaddy account.

godaddy- account

2. In order to see the accounts of your website you need on click on “Instant Page/Website Builder”. 

3. After choosing the account you want to start with click on “Manage”.

4. Next step is choosing a domain name for your website. If you already have a domain name then enter that domain name directly else you can also create subdomain with the help of domain in your account. After completing this step click on “OK”. You can also jump over this step if you have an auto setup account.

5. Now you need to choose the theme you want to use for your website. There are thousands of theme available on GoDaddy to choose from. After choosing the theme you need to click on “Select theme”. In case the theme doesn’t match your requirements, it can be changed at any time.


6. You need to enter the name of your business along with email address on the “Get Established” page. Also in order for customers to easily find your website you can also provide other information regarding your business such as business category which defines your business, address to locate your location on map so that your website appear in searches related to location, your current contact number and lastly you can also add your social accounts like Twitter or Facebook with your website. 

7. After filling all the information you need to click on “Next”.

8. Lastly when you are satisfied with all your inputs then click on “Publish” to make your website visible on the net.

Awards and Achievements of GoDaddy

1. Achievements in 2018 

     •    Silver award from Second Harvest

     •    Fortune Best Companies to Work for in the Bay Area

     •     Stevie Awards for Exceptional Customer Service 

     •    Fortune Future 50 Award 

2. Achievements in 2017

     •    Stevie Awards for Exceptional Customer Service 

     •    CSO50 Award 

     •    Best Places to Work in the Bay Area 

     •     Seattle Best Company’s to Work 

     •    The Des Moines Register Top Workplaces 

     •    AZ Big Media-Most Admired Companies 

3. Inclusive Workplace Award

4. Fortune Best Workplaces for Millennials

5. Bay Area Top Workplaces Finalist

6. Washington’s 100 Best Companies to Work For

7. Boston Best Places to Work

8. Iowa Top Workplaces

9. Arizona's Most Admired Companies

10. Valley’s Healthiest

11. FORTUNE 100 Best Companies to Work 

12. Achievements in 2015

     •    Great Place to Work September 2015

     •    Anita Borg Institute Reveals Top Companies for Women Technologists

     •    Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service

     •    Gold Stevie - Online Sales Team of the Year

     •    Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service

     •    Bronze Stevie - Contact Center of the Year - Technology Industries

     •    Bay Area’s Top Work Places 

     •    Washington’s 100 Best Companies to Work For 

     •    Valley’s Healthiest Employers 

     •    Phoenix Business Journal's Largest Employers List

     •    Arizona's Most Admired Companies Award 

     •    Washington’s 100 Best Companies to Work 

13. Achievements in 2014

     •    Stevie Awards Sales & Customer Service

     •    Bay Area’s Top Work Places 

     •    Iowa’s Top Workplaces 

     •    Best Places to Work in the Valley 

     •    AZ Most Admired Companies 

     •    GoDaddy ranked on the list honoring the Valley's Healthiest Employers.

     •    Arizona Corporate Counsel Awards

Pros of GoDaddy WordPress Hosting

GoDaddy provides its clients with huge advantages. These includes:

1. Attractive Pricing

Starting with renewal price of $7.99/month which goes up to $14.99/month along with yearlong promotions and sales schemes one can even grab per year plan at the even low pricing of $1/month. 

GoDaddy is creatively using their market presence and capital to low down the prices. One need not have to worry about the budget if you are dealing with GoDaddy. This is certainly the best pocket-friendly platform to start your business with.


2. WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting plans are simply based on pricing per visits. GoDaddy believes in charging their clients for results rather than for features which are in case of regular web hosting. WordPress hosting simply looks after the approx. a number of visitors.  

3. Usability and Backend

Setting up a new website is a tedious task. It becomes a pain for users to deal with drop downs, settings, and jargons. The learning curve of a new website is a difficult task for newbies. GoDaddy very well understands these concern and has made noticeable improvements on these points over the decade. The onboarding, usability and backend design provide a great support to users. Although they have a variety of products to offer but starting up a project is quite an easy approach on GoDaddy. 

The user need not has to go through any headache of installing WordPress on web hosting. The WordPress Hosting product does all the work by itself by providing the complete setup to go along with the project. The simplicity and design of the web hosting offer a great advantage to the users in comparison to the other web hosting companies present in the market. 

4. Integration of Product

GoDaddy manages all the task related to the launching of the website such as domain name, hosting and email. This provides more convenience as users don’t have to go to different companies to manage all these things independently. GoDaddy offers domains at very reliable price with the straightforward service of email. Along with this GoDaddy also have a dedicated team to look after the security of their client’s website. Apart from all this GoDaddy is also providing accounting and bookkeeping services. GoDaddy very well knows the need of their clients, therefore, provides a full package of services to them. 

5. High-Level Security 

GoDaddy benefits its client by providing Sucuri at a monthly starting rate of $6.99. Sucuri gives users a certificate of site verification, monitoring of spam and malware and app scanning. The network vulnerabilities and malware is found by Sucuri by scanning the subpages of the website. This depends on the Sucuri package opted by the user. 

With a yearly starting price of $69.99, users can also buy Secure Sockets Layer certificates. This is a software which is noticed by the green padlock in the user’s web browser. The SSL certificate is generally recommended for the users who are planning to sell products through the website as it protects the exchanging of data between your servers and customers. 

In addition to this GoDaddy also provide security in Microsoft’s data centers for its services related to email hosting. This ensures that the users enjoy the similar security benefits as compared to the users of Microsoft Office 365. By using the technology of BitLocker and SSL the email data of the user is being encrypted during its transit. According to the public terms and conditions of Microsoft, its employees have restricted access to their client’s data which is limited to certain specific circumstances. 


6. Top-Notch Customer support

GoDaddy offers their customers online web chat and 24*7 telephone support. The representatives of GoDaddy answers the queries of the customers in the best way possible. Customers are able to talk to the representatives within minutes. They help the customers to solve their queries in the shortest time possible. The customer support of GoDaddy is friendly and knowledgeable. They are capable of handling the basic issues to the serious problems faced by their customers with ease.  

The live web support of GoDaddy is also very impressive. They answer the issues within a couple of minutes by providing the link that answers the customer’s issue or will provide stepwise guidance of solving the issue. GoDaddy is capable of serving their customers with their helpful and prompt support. 

In addition to this GoDaddy also provide their customers a money back guarantee of 45 days. This is generally more than many other web hosting companies in the market which offers money back guarantee of 30 days.

Customer support

7. Excellent Uptime

The uptime of any website is the most important feature of a hosting company. As customers and clients of any website will only be able to find and access their services and products if the site has an excellent uptime else they will never like to visit their website. GoDaddy very much understands this concern and guarantees an uptime of 99.9%. 

GoDaddy is very stable in terms of uptime. As the company is using Microsoft 365 for its email services which guarantee its client to enjoy the Microsoft’s uptime of 99.9%.

8. Stability and Brand recognition

The brand image plays an important role in delivering trustable services to their customers. GoDaddy is surely a successful and well-known brand which provide web hosting services and tools. GoDaddy is one of the most stable and successful web hosting companies present in the market. In today’s internet era where every day companies are starting and ending, it is certainly important to choose a company who is in the market since the starting time of consumer internet.

Cons of GoDaddy WordPress Hosting

1. GoDaddy is very reputed platform of web hosting which is popular for its online availability of discount coupons. But, according to some users these coupons are very limited in number and want that the company should give more discounted coupons online.

2. The small businesses who are just launching their first website may find the prices of GoDaddy to be a bit more as compared to other web host in market.

3. GoDaddy works on customize cPanel which is slightly different from the cPanel which are present in the market as used by many hosts in the market. The new users may prefer to use the usual cPane which is provided by the other hosts.

4. GoDaddy offers many pre-designed templates for its users. But once you pick a theme to use for your website then you will lose all the content and images which you have applied to the previous theme in case if you opt for another theme. So it is advised to carefully choose your theme before opting for anyone. Other web hosts like Weebly and Squarespace allows its users to switch as many themes they want to without any fear of losing their content and images.

5. The website builder of GoDaddy gives an ease to its users by automatically converting their websites into the mobile friendly for the customers who visit their website with phones. But, the appearance of the mobile website is very basic as compared to its appearance on the desktop. Although GoDaddy provides you one option which allows you to hide the not so important content or pieces in the mobile version layout. You can easily hide out the slideshows or any pictures which you don’t want to appear on the mobile version of your website.

Final Words

Anybody who is looking to launch a WordPress based website than the WordPress hosting plans of GoDaddy is certainly the best option to consider. At affordable pricing one can get all the core features along with the stability of brand name. GoDaddy offers many user-friendly and business-friendly options along with a reliable email service based on Microsoft Office 365 and a quality customer support of 24*7. GoDaddy also provides a huge amount of storage for an email with its lowest cost plan. You can easily create an impressive and professional website with the help of their stylish, easy to operate and friendly builder. Apart from this GoDaddy also offers more than 300 templates for different industries which provide ease to choose a stylish template for your website without having any designing knowledge.

So if you need a website for your business which is industry oriented and is one of the award-winning websites then you should not go for GoDaddy. But in case you are new in the business or need a website which is free from any hassle or has a user-friendly builder which offers tons of themes to choose from or have an excellent support so that you can easily relax then website builder of GoDaddy is a correct option for you to choose.