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From $4.08 / month

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  • FREE domain name
  • storage & bandwidth
  • A hoof-click away from a blog
  • Point & Click Site Building Tools
  • site templates
  • Application Installation Wizards
  • Unlimited mailboxes
  • Online Store and Selling Tools
  • Friendly Moo Crew Support
  • Email

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Fatcow reviews by Customer

2 reviews
Garry S

Easy and Reliable

I started using the service from Fatcow , its easy to use and if u want modification its quick. If u have any issue, Support team always available for Help.

Published on Oct. 17, 2018

Great Service

I began utilizing the administration with one site and wound up utilizing the same account for different domains and various contents. Support staff is very helpful and friendly.

Published on Oct. 17, 2018

Fatcow Expert Review 2022

Written by: Dheeraj

2 reviews

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  • Reliability
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Best from Others

About Fatcow Hosting    


If you are in search for a host who is reliable for getting your website up and running as fast and as cheap as possible, go with FatCow hosting service provider. We are here to help you for providing you with the best class host.Well, that is why this review is all about finding out whether you can count on FatCow hosting service provider in order to keep your site accessible to all your visitors or not! This host gives a list of support and services as well to complement its main business, although its flagship offering is shared hosting.

The message of their hosting is quite simple as well as straightforward which is to Provide simple hosting service to people along with easy user navigation but they also make sure that it is done without any technical hassle. The review is done with the purpose of listing out various features, plans, services that are offered by the company. The company offers low-cost shared webhosting and also provides great support. Being an international brand, it provides inexpensive web hosting services. Their services are focused on personal and business websites. The hosting service is a budget-friendly with decent server performance that is all you need to get started with your online presence.

What is Fatcow?

Fatcow is a US-based company that offers a more customer friendly approach. The shared hosting plan of the company is designed to be perfect for those who simply want to have their own website or else who want to start their own business. They started their hosting operations in 1998 and now they come in the list of top 10 web hosting providers in the competitive market. Their hosting services and their use of fun and playful language bound their users to consider it a choice among a wide range.

There are two spacious data centers of the company which boasts of over 800 servers and a huge storage capacity. These data centers help the customers and their sites which upgrade the loading time and also provide good uptime as compared with other hosting networks.  The company supports some popular CMS such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc. With just one click, it allows you to setup blogs, forums, picture gallery and what not!. You will also get 60% faster WordPress website, integrated plugins, and virus detection and removal with a premium purchase WordPress essential.The company also offers a free online store and a choice of shopping cart too.


Fatcow offers various powerful features which will help you to build and manage your website perfectly. Here are some of the features offered by it-

- The vDeck Control Panel- If you want to manage your website easily and effectively, then this control panel allows you to do so. You can manage your website without the need for HTML or any programming experience.

- SEO support- Search Engine Optimization support is provided by this host and it also provides the tips and tricks of the trade that will ultimately help you to develop quality links, online tracking, keywords,and reporting.

- Increases traffic- With some of the major search engines such as Bing, Google,and Yahoo, it provides free marketing and advertising credits and ensures that your sites will get more hits along with increased traffic.

- Website Security- Without any cost, the company offers full security features to your website. With the multi-gigabit connection of a load-balanced platform, the company covers data loss protection. Alongside, it also providesa guarantee of an uninterrupted power supply.

- Programming support- Various programs are supported by the company such as PHP 4 and PHP 5, MySQL, CGI directory, Python and Script Library. With the programs, it also supports various applications such as Gallary2, phpBB, GBook which includes Survey, Poll and Counter Tools and many more.

Fatcow hosting plans

You always look for that company that will provide with a plan that suits your particular needs, when you are choosing your web host provider. The things which you don’t want then there is no point to pay for it. Thus, the company provides a huge no. of options and plans to their potential customers. The company offers four Web hosting plans that are Original Fatcow, WordPress Blog, VPS Service and Dedicated servers.

- Original Fatcow- This hosting plan is also known as shared hosting plan. For this plan, the introductory price is currently $4.08 a month, but at the monthly rate of $14.95, it renews. If you sign up for 24 or 36 months, the per rate of the month goes down but not necessarily. Over the introductory price, $14.95 is a sizeable increase. Also, the plan involves unlimited bandwidth, email address,and disk space.

By using a free website builder, you can create your website and also have the ability to add a domain name. Other bonuses include 1 GB of cloud storage and $ 50 worth of social networking credits. The website builder is less feature-rich and powerful than you might find with a competing host provider. Since the last thing anyone builds a website wants is to create something that looks clunky, this is distributing.

Features of the Original plan

- Free domain

- Unlimited subdomains

- Unlimited drive space

- Unlimited MySQL databases

- Daily server backups

- Free shared SSL certificate

- Web hosting control panel

- A free template-based website builder

- Free toll-free number

- WordPress Blog- You can consider Fatcow’s WordPress blog posting if you prefer to simply setup your own WordPress blog. For FatCowWordPress blogging,the beginning plan is $3.75 per month, where as the essential plan is $6.95. You can use a number of preinstalled themes, core hosting, a control panel, and plugins because both the plans come with these options. Along with these, the essential plan offers faster speed, security,and support as well. If you are creating a business blog then this makes it ideal. But the starter plan will offer everything to most of the people which they need in a WordPress blog. This is I guess enough well for any blogger and will be benefited from this facility greatly.

- VPS hosting- This is another option which FatCow offers you. The company offers you three VPS hosting plans. The basic plan includes one core with 1GB of RAM and will costs you $19.99 a month. This plan also includes 1 TB of bandwidth and 40 GB of storage as well. The business plan of VPS hosting includes two cores with 4 GB of RAM, 3 TB of bandwidth and 90 GB of storage. This will cost $47.99 a month. And finally the last their optimum plan is $79.99 a month which includes four cores with 8 GB of RAM, 4 TB of bandwidth and 120 GB of storage. This is the best solution for you if you want to increase control, manage your resources and want cloud-based flexibility. This plan can fit into a low budget requirement. Most people are comfortable with the interface which I guess is the cPanel the packages come with.

Features of VPS hosting plan-

- Full root access to your operating system and server as well

- Two dedicated IP addresses

- Mirrored SAN storage

- Enhanced cPanel VPS management control panel

- Provide support to Curl, Ruby, SSH, Python, Perl, Cron, Frontpage extensions and Additional multimedia streaming.

- Completely scalable

- Dedicated Servers- On the list of its products, what comes on the top is Dedicated Server plan offered by FatCow. You are given three options in this plan from which you can choose from. With the startup plan, you will get 4 GB of RAM, 5 TB of bandwidth, 2 cores and 500 GB of storage. The professional plan offers 8 GB of RAM, 10 TB of bandwidth, 4 cores and 1000 GB of storage. The last plan is enterprise plan which does offer you 4 cores, 16 GB of RAM, 15 TB of bandwidth and 1 TB of storage.  For a single month,all these plans are ranges from $119.99 to $ 191.99. These plans also have the advantage of offering independent control and dedicated resources. This plan is quite good for both small and large scale firms who need high volume and increased traffic as well.  This is a good option for you if you are well-established firms but have a tight budget about dedicated hosting. This option is a worthwhile choice.

Features of Dedicated hosting plan-

- Total root access for your server

- Customized managed hosting services

- Five free dedicated IP addresses

- Free enhanced cPanel or WHM license.

- 30-day money back guarantee.

Now as we have a hang of FatCow’s plans, let’s see how they function

- The excellent Time

While talking about uptime of this host provider, then let me tell you my experience. As no hosting provider publishes their statistics of uptime but experience which they offered to me was excellent. For 30 days, the uptime is on average 99.99%. As per my experience, the responsiveness of my website was always maintained with this host. When you will host your website with this company, then you will have the advantage of quick loading of your website and also be able to serve all your visitors with the consistent speed. Apart from this, you will be able to establish a good reputation in the market. He optimization Tech employees are excellent here.

The other features are-

- You will get a free listing on yellow pages

- You will earn a bonus Adwords vouchers worth 100 dollars

- You will also get Facebook advertising credit worth $50.

- Now let’s check it out how the interface comes off!

The control panel is categorized into various fields such as Website, Email, Domain, Marketing and Additional tools. The control panel seems is not to worry about. The layout is not tough, but it is simple enough to understand and very easy to operate as well. This will enable you to be more efficient and it also saves you from doing classification yourself and will ultimately save you time as well.FatCow provides vDeck control panel apart from its competitors which use commonly used cPanel. Various features in the vDeck are quite different from other control panel. A lot of detailed information is provided by it and is truly a professional tool for those users who can easily handle the learning curve. The involvement of vDeck seems either a positive or negative is just a matter of personal taste. Generally, it comes down to the individual needs and requirement of you and your business.

- Customer support and help- Providing 24/7/365 support is now becomes a necessity in today’s hosting market. They have a comprehensive database of information as well as live chat, phone,and email. They also consist of various user guides.

- Two- minute phone response- The Company has the aim to provide a response to phone calls of various clients within a maximum of two minutes and they also try to solve problems during that specific ongoing call. This feature of the company attracts a lot of people and provides greater satisfaction to their profound customers as well.

- Help: 24 hours- FatCow provides help to their customers by using a variety of methods such as U.S. telephone support and a live chat support. The help which is provided by the company is available round the clock and the live chat service is accessible worldwide.

- Free Site Builder- This is one of the attractive features which is provided by the company. When you need your website fast, you can try its site builder. For quickly designing of the website, the drag and drop website builder of the company makes it easy for you. In fact, you can build it without HTML, CSS or even without programming skills. With over 100 website design templates, the free version of the site builder is mobile friendly. This means now you can see your site correctly on the mobile devices.  PayPal integration and a ready-made image library are what the site builder comes complete with it and interestingly, each site design can hold up to six pages.

Search Engine Optimization tools are also included in site builderin order to provide your website on the top of the search engine results page. There are three plans namely, Free, Professional and Business with which site builder comes with. The last two plans include the advantage of HD video, revision history, custom favicons and Google analytics integration as well. Apart from that, a range of e-commerce featuresis also included in the website builder business plan for selling your product online.

Why Fatcow?

FatCow offers you the most affordable hosting plans plus some extras, which you always wanted to have by your side. Their performance, reliability,and focus on environmental responsibility provide great feeling about your website to you. This is what you want to experience with a good service provider.  The feature-rich offerings are valuable enough and adequate as well for the first time users.  Their no cost website builder helps you to get started with your website. Here are some reasons to choose Fatcow-

- World-Class Technology

- Unlimited transfer

- Visitor statistics

- Free cloud storage account

- Network monitoring

- Unlimited email addresse at your domain

- Advanced Tools

- IMAP email accounts

- NetApp Snapshot data backups

- Dual OC- 48 connections on diverse backbones

- FTP manager

- High-performanceload balanced servers

- POP3

- Marketing your site

- Free toll-free number but only for the U.S.

- Access to online Marketing Guides

- Selling online

- Shared SSL

- Choice of the shopping cart

- ShopSite shopping cart

- AgoraCart shopping cart

- Free online store

- Starter osCommerce shopping cart

Pros of FatCow hosting

- Upfront and hosting pricing- Unlike some other hosting companies, the pricing structure of FatCow was like what the userwants to be. Other web hosts use misleading prices to draw you in and they also increase the prices drastically at the time of renewal as the chances for leaving are very less. But thanks to this web host provider which provides low advertised website pricing as it is a real deal.

- 30- Day money back guarantee- Fatcow offers a standard 30-day money back guarantee on various hosting plans such as dedicated, VPS, WordPress and Shared hosting plans. The hosting provider refund you order only through credit card.

- Free Web Icons- Dou you need some web icons in order to boost the overall design of your site? Then FatCow is the perfect solution for you. You know what all the web icons provided by them are completely free as they do offer 3,926 professionally-designed as well as farm free web icons.  But if you include these web icons on your site, then you have to link to the following URL in your credits because they require you to credit them for creating the icons.

- Eco-friendly web host- The data centers and their officers are completely powered by wind energy. Renewable Energy Certificates are purchased by the host provider. These certificates which they are purchasing are used to generate wind energy in order to negate their regular energy that is used in the office. The company usesfewer amounts than their purchase.


- Cancellation can cost you- No doubt, FatCow offers a free and 30 days money back guarantee and that is great but if you want to cancel it after that period closes, this will cost you minimum $35 as an early cancellation policy. Along with it, they also require a 30-day notice to cancel too.

- Backups are not free- Minor problems are common to raise from time to time as your website updates. That is why backups are offered to help your website. But FatCow offers backups and they will sell you back $16.95 per year and this is the best news for many customers.

- Extra security costs more- SitLock is one of the features provided by this host which helps your website to protect from various cyber attacks, malware and many more. You always wanted to have extra security for your website so that it does not get blacklisted. But here is the big catch that you have to be paying extra for extra security.That means you have to pay $38.75 per month for full protection.

- Internet upselling- When you sign up for a hosting plan, this host will try to get you to sign up for various applications as well as free software trails but as these trials end, you will have to pay and if you forget to cancel your trail then also you have to pay through credit card. This means your carelessness will end you up spending a ton of money on that services that you don’t want to have for your websites.


FatCow is well known to the fact that how an idea small business hosting looks like. The features which they do offer fit perfectly for the small businesses. The primary aim of their all plans and services is to offer high performance hosting accessible to beginners.

FatCow being an excellent company offers outstanding customer services to their users. This is the best choice for those who are in search of a new domain for their website. You will love FatCowfor this reason. Also, the prices for various offered products and services are quite affordable. As it does not have a modern site and great hosting technology, but their plans, products, services are well suited for simple sites.

Also, their data centers give place to various servers around 800. These are under continuous security and surveillance which provides physical security but along with it, firewalls are also used to keep your servers safe from anti-virus and malware. FatCows also uses a simple file manager with which you can easily rename, delete, and upload files and folder especially when it is not possible to connect to your website via FTP.  On a closing note, let me tell you the thing which helps you to consider FatCow is that The Company also offers special discounts and web promotions on a regular basis. 

Dedicated Server Hosting Plans - 2022

Plan Name Startup Professional Enterprise
Space 500 GB 1000 GB 1000 GB
Price $149.99 $189.99 $239.99
CPU 2 x 4.00GHz 4 x 3.00GHz 4 x 4.00GHz
RAM 4 GB 8 GB 16 GB

VPS Hosting Plans - 2022

Plan Name Basic Business Optimum
Space 40 GB 90 GB 120 GB
Price $24.99 $59.99 $99.99
CPU 1 core 2 cores 4 cores
RAM 1 GB 4 GB 8 GB

Shared Hosting Plans - 2022

Plan Name Original Plan (everything unlimited)
Space Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited
Panel cPanel
Number of Sites Unlimited
Price $4.08