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Dreamhost reviews by Customer

3 reviews
Brouno L

Happy with Hosting

From last few years i shifted from one Hosting Company to another company and always facing problems of unreliable servers, pricing problem and poor hosting plans. After using Dreamhost services, i totally trust on that company. Now I got a secure company that does its best to keep their clients happy. All should have try once.

Published on Oct. 17, 2018
Debbie James

Excellent Customer Service

DreamHost is constantly ready to answer any inquiries I have rapidly and successfully. Their client benefit is awesome to work with and they have different approaches to speak with them, I personally enjoy the visit. They had perfectly resolve my all Query. Thanku for all Services.

Published on Oct. 17, 2018
John Morgan

Good Web Hosting

I've used the DreamHost services from last years to host my website. The customer support always online. You dont need to wait, they respond you quickly. Tri it.

Published on Oct. 17, 2018

Dreamhost Expert Review 2022

Written by: Dheeraj

3 reviews

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About Dreamhost Hosting

Launched in the year 1997 by four friends Sage Weil, Michael Rodriguez, Josh Jones and Dallas Bethune who completed their graduation from Harvey Mudd College in California. Dreamhost is an independent company which has its offices in Portland, Oregon, Los Angeles and Brea in California. As a result of its exclusive business models and its founder's commitment, most peers of Dreamhost has been taken by the big hosting groups. Dream host is very famous for its 97 days money back guarantee. In order to increase its portfolio and to improve reliability, Dreamhost has also introduced computing services and cloud hosting. The packages of Dreamhost are specially marketed at startups and individuals. A lot of scopes is provided by the Dreamhost to its customers to grow in the field of VPS hosting and dedicated servers. Apart from this it also offers e-commerce and reselling.


Dreamhost provides an interesting approach towards hosting and its new cloud approach has definitely proved it right. Dreamhost still uses its own customized panel for everything it does, despite the advancement of the other control panels. As per your need, the control panel can be customized. But the lack of reseller option is a con for some cases. But its 97 days money back guarantee definitely increases its worth as users can now test the services of the Dreamhost before getting lock with them in any contract.

Dreamhost is definitely a top pick due to the list of extensive tools it provides which includes security options, useful website building software’s, unlimited storage, unlimited domains, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited emails and genuine money back guarantee. It is definitely a great choice for cloud-based hosting.

Pros of Dreamhost Hosting

Dreamhost offers a variety of advantages to its customers along with few freebies in order to provide a great experience. Here are some of the pros of using Dreamhost hosting. 

1. Good Uptime

Dreamhost offers a great uptime to their customers. They are very confident about their uptime that they offer an extra day of service in case your site experiences any downtime for an hour.

Dreamhost definitely stands by what they claim about their uptime. Due to their confidence about their consistent uptime, they are ready to provide an extra day of service for every hour of downtime your website goes through under their services. But this never happens. The average uptime provided by Dreamhost is 99.90 which is still not that great if compared to other hosts such as A2 hosting, SiteGround and Hostgator who offer a better uptime of 99.94% at a more cheaper price.

Dreamhost- Uptime

2. Faster Page Load Time

The page loading of Dreamhost also offers a big advantage to its clients. It gives the clocking of 849ms in the period of eight-month which is faster than the other web hosts in the market by the percentage of 4.61%.

3. Friendly and knowledgeable support

Customer support is a very important feature in the field of hosting. The fastest loading times and best uptime have no importance if the customer support is not good. Dreamhost very well understands the need for good customer care support. The Dreamhost provides a great customer support. They do not outsource their customer support that’s why it is available 24*7. There is only one flaw that it does not provide support on phone.

4. Additional days for Downtime and 97-Day Money Back Guarantee

The longest money back guarantee is offered by the DreamHost which is of 97 days. This money back guarantee is provided on all shared hosting plans. In addition to this, an extra day service is also provided for every hour of interrupted service your website faces. As per the terms of services of Dreamhost you will get the free days only under two conditions:

- If the service of DreamObjects is not responsive.

- If the server of DreamObjects gives an error message for more than one minute of the continue valid user report.

Downtime can also occur due to the maintenance which is already scheduled. So for this, no extra days will be provided.

Also in case of some payment options, Dreamhost does not provide an automatic refund to their customers. These payments options include:

- Written checks or electronic checks

- PayPal

- Gift Certificates

- Money Orders

So it is better for you to pay them via debit or credit card if you don’t want to stuck with them in any deal. Since you will receive a full refund automatically if you pay through debit or credit card.

Dreamhost Features

5. Unlimited Bandwidth

Although maximum companies claim that they provide unlimited hosting. But they really not able to provide what they claim for due to certain reasons. Dreamhost also offers unlimited data transfer and bandwidth as per their terms of Unlimited Policy.

6. They’re Carbon Neutral

It requires a number of resources to become a web host. In which the electricity which is required to operate the servers is needed in tremendous quantity. Dreamhost certainly believes in reducing the impact of producing electricity on the environment.  And for this, they purchase the carbon offsets. Since the year 2007, Dreamhost is a carbon neutral company and in such a short duration Dreamhost has neutralized the greenhouse gases by a whopping amount of 29,298.1 tons. But as per their websites, this is not only the way in which the company is fulfilling its commitment to energy efficiency.

For this, in their offices they use:

- Motion control lights in restrooms.

- To reduce solar load, Window film is used.

- Highly optimized and balanced HVAC plants.

- Low mercury and high-efficiency CFL lighting are used in the entire office.

- LED are used in the office.

- Facilities of LEED Platinum and Energy Star certificate.

- Advance lighting control system along with occupancy sensors.

In their data centers they use:

- A combination of reclaimed water and municipal water in their evaporative cooling plants.

- Power from grids which produce electricity with the help of many renewable sources like solar panels, wind farms and hydroelectric plants.

- The cooling infrastructure of high efficiency which has both waterside and airside economization.

- Processors which are power efficient.

Dreamhost is also partners in various state-level programs of clean wind. Apart from this the company provide recycle bins in their offices, practice in office compositing and also give real silverware and dishes to their employees in order to reduce the use of disposable silverware.

Also to reduce emissions, the company allows their employees to work from home. So if you are one of those who want to reduce the carbon footprint from this planet then definitely Dreamhost is the best hosting option available in the market for you to consider. 

Cons of Dreamhost

Dreamhost is a perfect deal to many but still, there are some points that may break the deal for others.

So here are some downfalls of using Dreamhost.

1. Ranks among the expensive options available in the market

For a web hosting spending five bucks a month is more than enough if you are locking up with the company minimum for one year period. But if we talk about Dreamhost this cost rises to $7.95 per month that too if you pay for a locking period of three years otherwise for one year this price rises to $10.95 a month.

2. One Plan for all

Many web hosting company provide a number of different plans for hosting which sometimes is difficult for a user to choose a perfect plan which suits there business perfectly. But, Dreamhost is different in this way. Dreamhost offers its customers only a single shared hosting plan to get started. Thus customers need not have to compare different plans to choose from but it is a disadvantage to newbies as they also have to pay the same amount for their small site as the pro customer is paying for its huge bulky site.

3. No cPanel

In order to give a streamlined version for users who are non-technical, Dreamhost has introduced its own unique control panel.  But, the professional users who are in habit of using the traditional cPanel probably won’t like it.

4. Possible Delayed Setup

Before activating the account of the new users, the account needs to be verified which means that the verification may take few hours to complete the account opening process. This may be unlikely to those users who want to start building the website ASAP after registration.

Types of Web hosting offered by Dreamhost

1. Shared Web Hosting

- The shared hosting plan of Dreamhost starts with a monthly price of $10.95. But, if you choose a yearlong package of shared hosting then it will cost you $9.95 per month.

- The shared hosting plans offers unlimited domains, disc storage, monthly data transfers and emails. Also the first .com, .info, .net or .org domain is offered free of cost to their customers. After which you will be charged a registration fee for more domains.

- Although the other competitors like Hostgator provide free domains only if you choose their higher rate plans. This in return makes Dreamhost stand in the crowd.

- Dreamhost offers only Linux based servers to their customers whereas its competitor HostGator offers Windows-based shared web hosting.

Dreamhost- shared

2. VPS Web Hosting

- Four VPS web hosting plans which are Linux based are offered by the Dreamhost with a starting monthly price of $15. This plan is perfect for those whose business require more power or have high traffic volumes.

- VPS web hosting plan of Dreamhost comes with unlimited domains and monthly data. But the base storage and memory that comes with its lowest plan is very less which is only 30 GB solid state drive and 1 GB of RAM. Whereas the highest plan which comes at a monthly fee of $120 provides 8GB of RAM and 240 GB of solid-state storage.

3. Dedicated Web Hosting

- Dedicated server Web hosting plan starts at a monthly price of $169. Dreamhost offers the same features with its dedicated server plan which the other hosting company provides. You will receive 1 TB of storage and also up to 16 GB of RAM can be configured along with it. Only one features that varies is that you receive the most important feature i.e. unlimited data transfers.

- Dreamhost although does not have Windows-based servers for its dedicated web hosting. But its Linux web servers are also great. If you want to develop a website on the base of Microsoft operating system then you should better consider some other options present in market such as Hostwinds.

4. Cloud Hosting

- Cloud hosting pulls the resources from multiple servers whereas the other conventional hosting pulls resources from a single server. With site hosting users can easily increase the servers whenever they need it.

- There are three types of cloud hosting packages provided by the Dreamhost. One which provide RAM server of 512 MB, other provide the RAM server of 2 GB and the last one provide the RAM server of 8 GB. It comes in both Windows and Linux system.

- The basic cloud package provided by the Dreamhost to its customers starts at a monthly price of $4.50 which offers 512 MB RAM, unlimited monthly data transfers and storage of 100 GB.

- The highest cloud package offered by the Dreamhost comes at a monthly price of $48 which includes four CPU cores, storage of 100GB, unlimited monthly data transfers and 8 GB of RAM.

5. Reseller Hosting

- Reseller hosting is the best option available for those who want to skip the infrastructure matters while entering into a web hosting business.

- But, Dreamhost does not provide a separate plan for reseller hosting. But if you can link others domains to your own then you can resell your own server space. The FAQ page of Dreamhost contains more information regarding the same.

6. WordPress Web Hosting

- Dreamhost offers WordPress hosting under the name DreamPress hosting with the monthly plan starting at $16.95.

- The WordPress hosting offered by the Dreamhost is managed which provide your website the white glove experience by automatically updating the software of popular content management system, providing the security which is specifically designed for WordPress and automatic daily backups.

- The basic plan of DreamPress includes unlimited emails, unlimited monthly data transfers and 30 GB of storage along with a wide variety of themes for WordPress for free.

- Unlike other hosts such as WP Engine and Pagely which does not gives you access to install even small number of plugins which are important for improving your site performance, DreamPress allows you to install any plugin that you desires.

Dreamhost Wordpess

E-Marketing and E-Commerce

- Dreamhost provides you ZenCart which is accessible through the One Click Install menu. This is an open source software of online shopping cart which allows users to quickly go through all the products which are available for sale. Woo Commerce is also supported by the software.

- Unlike other hosting companies which only focuses on Google Analytics, Dreamhost allows you to check the traffic of the site and helps you to analyze it through Chartbeat. In addition to this Google AdWords credit of $100 is also given by the company. 

Dreamhost Control Panel

- Dreamhost does not support the third party control panels of such as Plesk and cPanel. Instead, it uses its own panel. The panel used by the Dreamhost allows controlling most of the similar technical aspects of your account. This panel comes free of charge with every hosting package you choose.

- The thing in which the panel of Dreamhost lacks is that it does not support importing data from other panels i.e. you cannot transfer data from a cPanel host and have to migrate the databases and files manually.

- In addition to this, your email cannot be imported from a cPanel backup file. For this all you have to do is to recreate each and every email address, then with the help of IMAP, you need to download the mail from the old host and then finally drag it manually into the mailbox of your Dreamhost account with the help of a desktop mail application.

- The same process will be followed for transferring the file out from Dreamhost. The whole process will be carried out manually with some command line work involved in it. Although due to this reason one cannot reject Dreamhost as offers a lot more than this. But, all the users should be well aware of it before locking up with them in any contract. 

Dreamhost Datacenter

- The datacenters of the Dreamhost is situated on the east and west coast of the US. Thus customers are unaware of the location of their files stored in. Also, you cannot choose the location during checkout. For changing the location you need to raise a ticket for it.

- The advantage which Dreamhost provides to its users is that its staff is available 24*7 near the machines. So you don’t have to rely on other third parties for the crucial times when you need quick support.

Getting Started with Dreamhost

The user interface of Dreamhost is quite simple and easy to use which allows you to easily start your website. Unlike other web hosts, Dreamhost provides menu options on the left side on its website screen. You can easily find the options of billing, managing domains as well as easily see the settings of dedicated and VPS servers.

Currently, the Remixer website builder also comes with the Dreamhost package which helps you to start building your website in a quick way. As a result, you don’t have to wait for your account to be approved for starting your work which previously you have to do.  Also, a number of themes come along Remixer which can be easily altered by simply dragging and dropping.  Along with this installing the third party applications on your account is also allowed. Such as Joomla, Concrete 5, MediaWiki, WordPress and Piwigo can now be installed. 

Features of Dreamhost hosting

1. Commitment to Communities and Customers

- In order to serve the developers and customers in a better way, Dreamhost has been living up to the expectations of its customers for decades giving them all that they promised like a guarantee of 100% uptime, etc.

- Dreamhost also believes in using a strong anti-spam policy along with some free SSL/TLS certificates domain privacy for protecting the privacy of its customers.

- Dreamhost if possible provide open source tools in support to the community of developers. It also has platforms like NGINX, OpenStack, and WordPress for them.

2. Object storage and Cloud Computing

- Discounted rates are provided by the SSD cloud servers which create a scalable environment.

- DreamCompute offers virtual machines for launch and scale performance which is ready to access SSH in 30 seconds or less. This allows you to take control with OpenStack API and full root access.

- Dreamobjects provide a fully scalable solution for all the users with big data and application developers. It fulfills all the needs of cloud storage.

- To automate certain functions, Dreamobjects integrates with WordPress and is also compatible with OpenStack Swift APIs and Amazon S3.

3. Quick and safe Domain Management

- All the eligible domains that are registered via Dreamhost comes with a feature of Domain privacy. This helps you to secure your personal information and data from the outside world. ICANN-accreditation simply means more security and protection.

- In addition to the simple DNS management tools and custom nameservers, the flexibility of autorenewals, forwarding, and locking comes with every domain name.

Users have options to choose the domain extension from a long list of more than 350 domain extensions which are highlighted by the Dreamhost on the basis of sales, newness, and trends.

4. Customer Support and Managed Services

- Dreamhost provides in-house customer support to their clients via Twitter, email and live chat. The customer service is available 24*7 throughout the year. Also, training of Tier II is given to all the technical representatives before allowing them to confront the customers.

- The support team of Dreamhost specializes in all the aspects of Open stack products and WordPress hosting. So this allows you to become free from every worry and to focus only on your web content and business.

- The customer support also helps in optimizing the server operations in order to boost the performance of your website.

Do we recomend Dreamhost?

We strongly recommend Dreamhost to all the amateur and experienced websites owners who can use all the extra features provided by the company on their hosting plan efficiently. But for the people who do not have much knowledge in the hosting field can look for another host in the market which provides them hosting at $10 per month. But, if you have a large website or don’t require a site builder for building your website then you will definitely consider Dreamhost as your website host as you will like the quality they provide you with your managed hosting.

Cloud Hosting Plans - 2022

Plan Name 512MB RAM Server 2GB RAM Server 8GB RAM Server
Space 80 GB 80 GB 80 GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Price $4.50 $12.00 $48.00
CPU 1 core 1 core 4 cores
RAM 512 MB 2 GB 8 GB

Dedicated Server Hosting Plans - 2022

Plan Name Blue Moon 4 Blue Moon 12
Space 1000 GB 2 TB
Price $149.00 $279.00
CPU 4 cores 12 cores
RAM 4 GB 16 GB

VPS Hosting Plans - 2022

Space 30 GB 60 GB 120 GB 240 GB
Price $15.00 $30.00 $60.00 $120.00
RAM 1 GB 2 GB 4 GB 8 GB

Shared Hosting Plans - 2022

Plan Name Everything Unlimited
Space Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited
Number of Sites Unlimited
Price $7.95