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Cloudways Reviews by Real Users & Reviews by Hosting Experts

Cloudways Reviews and Expert Opinion

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Cloudways reviews by Customer

3 reviews
Letty Flatter

Very Helpful

The help is incredible. I have required their assistance and they generally come through. I have no technical knowledge and the back end of my site is all befuddling so I required help when something breaks. Support team helps me extermely well. They are always online and help me instantly.

Published on Oct. 17, 2018
Kevin Richard

Great Support, Good Pricing.

From last 3 years i have been Hosting website with a variety of hosts. I've been moving all my sites over to Cloudways one-by-one. Support team always help me figure out any problems. Recommend it.

Published on Oct. 17, 2018
Archana S

Great Migration

As of late, I moved my Wordpress blog to Cloudways. Not exclusively was the self administration provisioning perspective simple yet in addition I found the Cloudways Engineers professionally knowledgeable. I had a Great Migration and Go Live Support expe rience and will cheerfully prescribe them to different bloggers that are hoping to move their sites to better Managed Cloud administrations like the one offered by Cloudways.

Published on Oct. 17, 2018

Cloudways Expert Review 2022

Written by: Dheeraj

3 reviews

Great Web Hosting Service

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Great Web Hosting Service

About Cloudways Hosting


In this review, we are introducing you to cloudways hosting provider that offers managed cloud hosting. Today, there are many options in the competitive market to choose a provider which manages your website. One can easily get lost in the technical aspects, with increasing high-performance aspect of hosting business. Therefore, it is essential to have honest reviews about it. In this review, we are going to show you what it is, how it works, its benefits, drawbacks, and performance as well.

Nowadays, it is trending. In so many ways, it seems to be beneficial to have a hosting provider to host a website. But, you need a technical expert to manage cloud server. Without technical expertise, it might cost you thousands when the website is the only source of your income. What if you hire a person who would manage this tough task for you? Sounds necessary, right? A middleman can make the task easier in short period of time and also let you to not worry about your website.

For developers, agencies, and designers, it easily monitors and manages high-performance applications on main cloud infrastructure providers. The interface is user-friendly and it has quick response time too.  This manages to offer the hosting management for a reasonable price. 

What is cloudways?

Cloudways is a hosting company which provides you with a platform to manage external services like DigitalOcean, VULTR, Amazon and many more among others. Rather than an actual hosting company, it is more like the hub of services. According to their wordings, you can choose your provider, pick your app and with full confidence you can also build your web app too. With affordable and powerful architecture, it does very interesting things that make it stand out in a crowded field.  This is now becoming very common these days. This seems to be one of the emerging hosting providers.

If you plan to host your web application, cloudways is the best solution. This is the process in which organizations share and access their services like resources such as software and hardware tools. As a revolutionary field, it has come up wherein business enterprises can focus upon their daily operations as smooth as possible. With it, you can choose different configuration and services provided as well. With cloud hosting, users are given freedom to scale and also let them add team members with ease. Technically speaking, the infrastructure providers have more than 50 data-centers on various global locations where you can easily deploy your website.  Trust me; this platform has the most updated global data centers.

Features of Cloudways

How is cloudways a better option for you? So, here are some features that make it a cool option for the users -

- Security Management- Today, most of the users are afraid of hacking attacks because thousands of attacks are taking place on websites daily. Therefore, to keep your data secure and safe, it enables platform level firewalls. Their strong security team patches OS regularly to keep your website safe and reliable.

- Customer support- The excellent customer support is provided 24/7/365 which gives you the ease of using it easily. You can start a live chat and have a talk with their team about any query or an issue you are confronting with. A unique way to connect with their support team is to create a ticket that would connect you to their experts who will look into your problem.

- Work as a team- They believe in the teamwork which is the key to the success. That is why; they are introducing a team feature. If you want your team joins on your project, so can you. You can invite them and designate their roles also. While designating the roles to your team members, you can keep the control to yourself.

- Scalability- This is another best feature provided to users. They offer vertical scaling which allows you to adjust allocated server resources anytime. In other words, if there is an increase in traffic or it is of shorter duration, you can have the offer-“Pay as you go”. This is most cost effective and you don’t need to pay for additional server resources you would not use later on.

- Monitoring- With other hosting solutions, you have this salient feature of server monitoring with you. It provides various screens and graphs to monitor the load on your server. There are various say 20, metrics for monitoring your server. Some of them are- Incoming traffic, Idle CPU, Reads per second and many more.

- Performance- To satisfy their customers, it ensures the best performance to be delivered. Some built-in advance caches are provided such as Varnish, Memcached, Apache, and many more to increase the speed of your site. They provide 99% uptime when you host your website on their WordPress servers which is quite good.

How to get started with Cloudways?

Getting started with it is so simple and easy too. You can start it with few clicks. But firstly, sign up with your email address and wait for the verification. You can then sign in to your account, once your verification is done. 

Therefore, here are some steps which you have to follow to get started.

Step- 1: Launch Server

cloudways reviews

When you signed up your account, a page will appear on your screen. At this initial stage, what you need to do is click on “Launch”.

Step-2: Select Application and Infrastructure

After clicking on Launch, next step is to select your Application ( WordPress), you need to give it a name, give a name to your server as well and then your project.


Step-3: Select Server Size:

cloudways- size

You can have the option to choose the desired size of your server. You should select a size which better recommended for your server. There are many options to choose from such as 1GB, 4GB, 8GB and many more. For a live site, 1GB is the minimum recommendation.

Step-4: Select Data Centre Location:

centre location

Choose the location of your server, where your target audience is located. For example: From the given options, you can choose London for your server location.  Currently, eight locations are supported for DigitalOcean.

And here you are all set to launch your server. Once satisfied or convinced, you can upgrade your account to experience the full potential of cloud hosting.

Why Cloudways?

Cloudways is based on various metrics and mechanisms which are performance-oriented. This hosting provider is designed to suit the needs of modern businesses.  The reason behind choosing cloudways among others is the experience it provides to its users. This is one of the best-managed hosting platforms in the industry.  In today’s business, it has now become a known name for the users. Apart from various features mentioned above, an attractive feature is also provided to the users and that is- “1-Click”, this means you are the virtual lord of your server. That means you can take control of your business and perform tasks within few minutes.

Cloudways is the all in one hosting solution. When I say it, I really mean it! Various ranges of PHP- based frameworks, content management systems, e-commerce platforms are offered to users. You just need to select the right app for your needs. Believe me! Deployment is just a matter of few minutes. You can also choose the size of your CPU, RAM to go with, Bandwidth and Storage as well. This is the era of freedom and efficiency through which you can be benefited. At the same time, it provides you with the guarantee for fast loading of web pages. This is one of the powerful combinations of technologies and web servers.

Cloud hosting services to provide the user-

- Pay as you use.

- Improved Reliability

- Flexibility for Load spikes

- Instant Response to file transfer needs

- Security

Cloud Hosting Plans

Cloudways provides you with the benefits of resources of several servers that will balance your website load. Instead of traditional shared, VPS, and dedicated plans, the company offers various pay-as-you-go, hourly hosting packages that will only charge you for the amount of time you have used. For example, you have used a plan only for 10 days in a month and then cancel it, then you will be charged for only 10 days and this is quite worthily planned for your money. Against it, others host such as DreamHost and HostGator will charge you for an entire month even if you cancel just in a week.

Some of the monthly web hosting plans-

$10 – (For 25GB of storage, 1 TB of monthly data transfers, 1GB of RAM, and a single core processor) 

- $22- ( For 50GB of storage, 2 TB of monthly data transfers, 2 GB of RAM, and a single core processor)

- $ 80- (For 160GB of storage, 5TB of monthly bandwidth, 8 GB of RAM and 4 core processor)

- $395- (For 128 GB of storage, 9TB of monthly bandwidth, 64 GB of RAM and 16 core processor)

-  $1,035- (For 3840GB of storage, 12TB of monthly data transfers, 192 GB of RAM and a 32 core processor)

The company offers various high-end and powerful dedicated server plans.  In fact, their top-level specs have more in common with friendly Liquid-Web, which offers you a server with 512 GB of RAM. The company also offers various plans start at just over $0.01 and scale up to more than $1.43 if you are comfortable to pay the hourly bill.

External cloud services

Which infrastructure provider do you need to choose? You might be influenced by various things for choosing infrastructure provider. For choosing a suitable provider, you should conduct a cost-benefit analysis. Also, you should carefully examine the pricing policy of these providers. The best way to access the performance would be to check your applications on several providers and then do compare their speeds. 

For your convenience, we have listed down some essential features of them-

- DigitalOcean

. Most affordable infrastructure provider.

. Fast growing but relatively new.

. Versatile and reliable as well.

. Cheap bandwidth

. If your applications use lots of it, then it is the good solution.

.  Both Scaling up process and Back-up process are slower than other providers.

. No. of locations- New York, San Francisco, Toronto, London, Amsterdam, Singapore, Bangalore, and Frankfurt.

- Google

. One of the most expensive bandwidth

. Quite cheaper than Amazon and Kyup

. Very reliable infrastructure

. When a server is stopped, they charge for the disk usage

. Single aim to be 100% powered by renewable energy

. No of locations- USA- South Carolina, Europe-Belgium, Asia Pacific-Tokyo, Europe-London, Asia Pacific- Singapore, Asia Pacific- Taiwan, USA- Oregon.

. Fast scaling up and scaling down processes.

- Amazon

. Most recognizable brand 

. biggest customer base

. Absolutely reliable infrastructure.

. Scaling up and scaling down processes are quite fast

. You will only be charged for usage of the disk.

. Quite expensive bandwidth

. Expensive for small servers as well.

. The highest no. of locations as compared to others such as - USA- Northern Virginia, USA- Oregon, Asia Pacific- Singapore, USA-Ohio, UK- London, Europe-Ireland, Europe- Frankfurt.

. Aim to be powered by 50% renewable energy.

- Kyup

Unique virtualization technology as compared to other providers.

. Most expensive infrastructure

. Extremely reliable one.

. Offers new and interesting capabilities

. Perfect provider and cheaper as well to complex load balanced setups

. No downtime involved

. Restore process is a bit slower than Amazon.

. Snapshot back-ups not available

. Small no. of locations- Chicago, London, Amsterdam, Singapore.


Quite cheaper than other providers.

. Very new but at the same time, getting traction quickly

. Reliable one

. Good solution if your applications use more of it.

. When a server is stopped, you will be charged for the whole server.

. The backup process is slower than Google.

. Scaling up process is slower than Amazon.

. A good number of locations- USA- Seattle, USA- Silicon Valley, USA- Los Angeles, USA- Chicago, Europe- Amsterdam, UK- London, Asia Pacific- Sydney.

Pros of Cloudways Hosting

Helps businesses to ease their workloads- A load of installing hardware tools in computer systems are reduced to a greater extent. You always want to have such service provider which manages all of your activities. The process involves huge dedication and commitment as the organizations find it difficult to proceed by getting started with cloud computing data centers. Therefore, the services provided would minimize the pressure of handling workload more efficiently and effectively.

- Organizations enjoy a scalable environment- The company believes in the fact that more scalable a business environment is, better are the chances for its expansion. As it provides security to the data and resources of organizations, the cloud is more able to accommodate all the business advancement.  The services provided to users gives large space to them for their corporate strategies and plans to reach a higher level along with the increment in its percentage to a large extent.

- Alert System- Various alert systems are provided with the cloud hosting services. These systems are continuously monitored by managed cloud host in order to alert users about various advancements, updates or problems confronting any users at any point of an hour. This advanced benefit is attracting users of other service providers at large scale.

- Backup recovery plan- What would you do if your data is confronting disaster? The solution is Cloudways hosting management services. Your data will be taken care of at the time disaster. The admin of concerned system works upon the restoration factor of data. Therefore, the users need not worry about how their data will be protected and backed up?

- Reduces overall costs- This is one of the most challenging topics for various computing services, so for the cloudways as well. Surely the costs of overall projects of organizations will come down, which means your organization will have maximum profits.  Through flexible storage and greater scalability, it helps to reduce costs.  By avoiding the cost of downtime, you will be able to maximize the profits of your business.

- Free Trial- Now you can be benefited with 14 days of free cloud hosting. Interestingly, in these free trial days, there are no requirements for credit card and technical skills. When you want to try the power of cloud servers, this is your golden chance.

Cons of Cloudways Hosting

Unable to use cPanel- Unfortunately, you cannot use Plesk or cPanel. The reason behind it is their own platform which helps the users to manage the applications which are hosted on their servers. Without cPanel, you cannot manage various important aspects such as FTP, backups, Email management to manage spam filters and autoresponder. Apart from these disadvantages, you will also lose control to manage your website.

- Available for limited users- A certain degree of expertise is required by it. Therefore, this hosting is not available to everyone. But if you want to avoid technical aspects, there would be a better showcase of traditionally managed hosting service from reputable companies such a SiteGround, WPEngine and many more. Also, you must provide accurate and complete information any time when you use any of the services. 

- Do not provide email hosting- The Company does not provide servers for email hosting but as an alternative, they do provide email solutions through email Add-ons. Without a hosted email service, administrators are worried about the attachments they are sending. It is essential because hosted email service simply increase the available space for the scalable resources which are required for your growing business.

Do we suggest Cloudways hosting?

There are some reasons to recommend it. Speed is one of the catchy reasons to suggest cloudways. With the use of attractive and efficient features, you will get much faster speed. Also, the price is also reduced from $525 per month to $255 per month, which is quite reasonable for you, right? Apart from other providers, it claims to be heroic. In other words, it is next level responsive. No matter whether you manage your website on your own or hires a webmaster, anything which makes the task easier is what you should always appreciate. This is the service provider which should be appreciated for a helpful feature which makes your tough tasks quite easier.

One of the beauties is the ease of setting up a server. Without a technical knowledge, you can simply set up your server by selecting one from a list. Also, it is quite easy to manage as you can delete the server if you do not want to set it up.  Not only you can delete it, but you can also start over on another one you wish to. The users can easily migrate all the content of the server to another server and also upgrade their server specs very easily. Now, downgrading your server is also very easy with cloudways. 


Cloudways is one of the companies which provide a great balance between functionality and affordability. When one talks about WordPress hosting, their servers come with an amazing feature set and as your website grows, you can scale the hosting resources as well. The service has flexible hosting plans, top-level customer support, and excellent uptime too. 

There is a lot to like about it.  Various features and configuration are ideal for users to maintain a fully managed website or application. If you are thinking to start a new website or planning to make a switch, believe me! Cloudways is the option you should consider. But if you are still not sure about it, then you can also sign up for a 30-day free trial that is offered to test their platform. There are various discount coupons available for users which they can use to get discount on hosting. In the end, you just can’t deny the fact that this is the company which you want by your side to keep your site up and running too. 

Cloud Hosting Plans - 2022

Plan Name DigitalOcean Starter Plan Vultr Starter Plan GCE Starter Plan AWS Starter Plan KYUP Containers
Space 20 GB 25 GB 20 GB 4 GB 20 GB
Bandwidth 1 TB 1 TB 2 TB 2 TB 2 TB
Price $7.00 $11.00 $34.17 $36.04 $21.11
CPU 1 x 1.00GHz 1 x 1.00GHz 1 x 1.00GHz 1 x 1.00GHz 1 x 1.00GHz
RAM 512 MB 1 GB 2 GB 2 GB 1 GB