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AwardSpace Reviews by Real Users & Reviews by Hosting Experts

AwardSpace Reviews and Expert Opinion

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AwardSpace reviews by Customer

4 reviews
Kristofer Pagn

It's Awesome !!

Don't waste your time search other webhosting company. AwardSpace is perfect choice for everyone with awesome customer support. Must try !!

Published on Oct. 17, 2018
Kirks E

Great Free Plans

AwardSpace is extremely a decent hosting service provider. I am very Happy to migerate my services. Awesome free plan list and Support is so quick.

Published on Oct. 17, 2018
Tamsil Parveen

Helping Hand

AwardSpace is extremely a decent Hosting provider. I am happy to hire their Services.

Published on Oct. 17, 2018

Great free Plans

I discovered this server extremely valuable as my companion recommended me to utilize it. Awesome free plans list.And also support team is awesome and quick response to their customers.

Published on Oct. 17, 2018

AwardSpace Expert Review 2022

Written by: Dheeraj

4 reviews

Reliable hosting

  • Reliability
  • Pricing
  • User Friendly
  • Support
  • Features

Reliable hosting

About Awardspace Hosting

In this review of AwardSpace hosting, we are introducing you to the solutions for your basic and advanced websites. The solutions provided are quite flexible and scalable as well for more than 10 years. For everyone, it is like an entry- level hosting which is free of cost and with various plans like shared and dedicated. That is why; it is growing more and more with millions of users and still counting! A free website builder is offered to users which is very easy to use and interestingly, requires no technical skills.

There are many reasons why it is the most reliable hosting service provider across the globe. Some of them are-

- Uptime of 99.95%

- Firewalls to protect from virus and spam

- 100% reliability

- Flexible and adaptable

The hosting provider specializes in providing flexible hosting options to beginners. A decade ago, it was pretty popular. Whenever we review any hosts, we look forward to its features, uptime, customer support, performance, its pros and cons and what not! By taking all the points into consideration, we can conclude its position among others and how it is better than others. So, let's get started with this host.

The information you need to know about AwardSpace

AwardSpace is a stylish, professional, and easy-to-use website. This is the website you always wanted to have, so there’s nothing to wait for it. The signup to the website is also very easy. You don’t need to provide your personal details like gender or phone number. Only general or mandatory details are required like name, desired username, and password. After signing it, just in a few seconds, you got a confirmation email containing everything customer may need- email accounts, FTP Information, control panel login etc. Various options are available at a single place to get the first impressions such as domain manager, cronjob window, cPanel and what not!

You have to make sure about the files you have uploaded. The files must be uploaded to the domain directory on the server; otherwise, they will not appear on the internet. Along with it, make sure that your home page is saved as an index file, for example- index.php, index.html etc. If you do not have an FTP client and you want to better manage your files quickly, then it is suggested to download some FTP clients in advance or else you can use the File Manager inside.

AwardSpace features

AwardSpace is a featured-packed host. Therefore, let’s look at its features-

- Easy to use- The website is beginner-friendly that provides help to build a nearly customized inline presence in a couple of simple steps. To implement a website, it requires no technical skills as with simple drag and drops features, you can easily start it.

- WordPress Installer- With its premium and free plans, WordPress installation is easy. To keep your website secure and safe, the hosting packages come with anti-virus and anti-spam protection. The protection keeps your website responsive as well. To make you understand how it is done and what are the responsibilities for building your website with the amazing feature, you will also get WordPress tutorials.

- Backups and restore- Many of us or all of us are very much concerned about data and just like us, it is also concerned for us as well as for our data. That is why their hosting package features weekly backups and automatic updates that will help to keep us up with all the latest technologies and trends

- Flexible hosting choices- As per your needs and requirements, you can choose from various hosting packages that are available to you. These are some of the hosting packages-

. Free web hosting

. Shared hosting

. Reseller hosting

. Semi-dedicated hosting

. VPS hosting

. WordPress hosting

Others are some of the features that come as standard with this hosting

- SSL Certificate- The hosting service provider provides you with SSL certificates to secure your online payment pages and website as a whole. According to your budget and different levels of security needs, you can choose from various SSL certificates.

- Migration Policy- Now you can also easily migrate your domain from any hosting provider like Bluehost, Cloudways, LiquidWeb etc.

- Upgrade policy- Each one of the hosting plan is flexible and scalable too. Off course, to accommodate your growing needs, you always want to upgrade to a better hosting plan. With this host, upgrading is quite simple and can be done with just a few clicks.

- Unlimited hosting- For various selected plans, it offers you unlimited hosting.

- SSD storage- VPS hosting by AwardSpace provides more reliable and faster SSD storage. As SSD storage doesn’t possess any movable part, so there are few chances to wear out or fail. For enhanced performance, it stores data onto the flash memory.

Hosting plans

There are 5 types of hosting plans which are offered to its users. Let’s get into the details so that is easy for you to decide on the most suitable hosting plan according to your needs and budget.

- Free hosting- In today’s cruel world, it may appear as a surprise to you, thanks to AwardSpace. For your entire life, you will get a free account and also, in the beginning, there are no hidden charges. You will have to pay for only the premium features that you have used. This hosting plan is extremely scalable and can also be upgraded to any premium plan you want to.

This plan is highly recommended to that small business that needs a digital storefront for interaction with their prospects when they are buying or asleep. Definitely, it is not substandard. The guaranteed uptime runs across all the free and premium plans.

Features of Free hosting plans

100% ad free

. 1 GB SSD storage

. 5 GB monthly traffic

. 24/7 customer support

. WordPress installer

. Firewall protection

. Fast network connectivity

- Shared hosting- Why should you upgrade to Shared hosting plan when you have free hosting plan with you? You may choose it because beyond a basic site, the free hosting plan cannot handle anything.  As your business grows, your website will also grow. And as your website grows, visitors to your website will also grow. And that is why you want a bandwidth available to handle it thoroughly. Shared hosting plans are the solution to the entire web hosting requirements across the globe. 

Why is it called affordable hosting ecosystem? Well, its bandwidth is distributed among the users and so are the server expenses. You will also get unlimited disk space, higher speed, extra security features, a database for better performance of the website and unlimited traffic handling. An easy-to-use cPanel also comes with the plan which helps you to better manage your site, add a database and create email accounts so easily.

- Semi-Dedicated hosting- If you are looking for much better and quite faster alternative to shared hosting, believe me! Semi-dedicated hosting is the option you wanted by your side. The hosting plan is entirely better than shared one but unfortunately available at some cost of a fully dedicated hosting plan. Still, if you have any second thought about it, then look at its features-

. Unlimited INODES

. Unlimited ASP.NET websites

. Up to 50% of RAM

For various businesses, an intermediate semi-dedicated plan works because a website might linger between shared and dedicated hosting for many months or years and also the businesses do not need dedicated hosting immediately after a shared one. Advantages of Shared hosting plans-

. Extremely reliable

. Increased processing power

. Control panel is similar to shared plan

. High traffic

. More bandwidth available to your website

VPS cloud hosting- When you want more power and control to your website, this plan is perfect for you. The hosting plan offers better performance, storage, and great customer support. This will provide you a flexible and independent web hosting experience that you really want to have. In VPS hosting, one physical server is available for multiple websites. Also, a virtual private server has a single website that acts as a dedicated server which provides you full power but at some costs.

Features and benefits of VPS cloud hosting-

. You will get flexibility and authority as well to install any software

. You will get an independent virtual server, that means your website will possess disk space and bandwidth needed to handle any traffic

. You can also reach to those people you want to and more interestingly, you won’t get into SPAM blacklist.

WordPress hosting- WordPress websites are quite easy to use, build and manage. As its users are increasing day-by-day, many hosting providers are offering hosting plans fully designed and optimized for WordPress. On the other hand, it also guarantees 100% uptime and protection from SPAM and Viruses to keep your website running faster and quicker. 

With a complete set of tutorials, you can install and manage your website easily. Once you are live on your website, it takes weekly backup and you will not lose your important data. To provide you with great hosting experience, it has provisions for automatic WordPress updates. Getting your experience day-by-day is the aim of this plan. Apart from it, you can also have 24/7 support if you face any problem. 

Other services

Apart from website hosting plans, it also provides services that will help you to improve your online presence and grab the new opportunities to grow your business and revenue as well. The services which are provided to its customers are as follows-

- Free Reseller Hosting- AwardSpace helps you to build a fully functional reseller hosting a website with no investments and no obligations. Once you successfully drive a huge amount of traffic to reseller site and along with it when you are done with your client base, AwardSpace will take it from there. The hosting provider will completely handle the services which are rendered to your clients.

- SSL Certificates- with the SSL Certificates, your website is safe as well as unstoppable. No matter how much safety it provides, but at some point in time you are scared about our data due to various hackers and therefore to protect your business and customers from any kind of data loss, it provides 256 bit SSL encryption, which enables protection to your online transactions that are taking place on your website.

- Affiliates- Not just you are able to build a strong online presence but also you get a reward out of it. With the affiliate program, you can lead new sign-ups which will provide you commission of $110 but only when it converts into a registration. This is as simple as that and straightforward too. You can also promote its services on your website and redirect referrals to its official website and if they register, you will get $110 per conversion.

- Domains- Now you can register a domain and own it for your entire life at no cost. But free domains are available only with certain hosting packages which are-

. Web Pro Plus Plan – 1 free domain

. Max Pack Plus Plan -2 free domain

. Semi-Dedicated Plans- 1 free domain

You can also make a switch from other service providers to enjoy the benefits of being part of AwardSpace, no matter whether you have registered your domain name with other service provider or not. Some perks offered to its users are-

. 1- year domain renewal

. 24/7 customer support

. Complete DNS control

. Domain looking control

. EPP key control

How can you access your hosting setting page? Just in three easy steps, you gain access to your hosting account settings.

- First. Login to your AwardSpace control panel through the main web portal.

- Over the hosting tools menu, hovers your mouse.

- Click on the hosting setting link under the website manager area.

awardspace reviews

Features that are being offered – Some of the additional features available to you with an active premium shared hosting account-

- See a selection of installed Perl modules- If you want to get the list of installed Perl modules on your web hosting server and if you have a web application written in Perl, you can visit the here page as shown below.

- Ability to change the php.ini. The version on the server- You can now make use of Change link to perform a PHP upgrade or downgrade if your software application requires a different PHP version to run properly.

- Access to the php.ini file- The main configuration file is php.ini where PHP rules and directives are stored. To make modifications to this main file, click Edit.

php.ini file

- View php.ini settings- By clicking on the corresponding link, you can view the default PHP information for a given PHP version.

- Change hosting account’s directory settings- To prevent changes to your hosting account’s root directory, a directory protection is designed. When it will be enabled, at that time you will be protected against accidental deletions on your main directories

- Enable HTTPs outbound connections- The outgoing connections for all the client accounts are disabled by default because of the security reasons. That means your scripts which are hosted on your servers will no more be able to communicate with the external hosts. To make them enable, click on the enable button. This will establish a connection on ports 90, 442, 3306. But don’t forget that the HTTP outgoing connections are features that are available only on your premium plans.


- Quick access to the Zacky Installer software-You can get quick access to the script installer page and available application. By click on the here link, you can be able to find out which software is supported on your web hosting server.

Pros of the AwardSpace hosting

-Unique payment options- While talking about unique payment system and according to a recent article posted on the twitter feed, it is now accepting bitcoin as a form of payment. You can also pay by using PayPal through their online merchant provider For making payment, all you need to do is clicking on the PayPal option.

-Free reseller hosting- They proudly states that they are the pioneers in the reseller hosting. When you wish to make use of their reseller plans, you must sign up at the service responsibilities are handled by them; you need to just drive traffic. In free reseller hosting, you determine your prices.

-Uptime guarantee and performance- For their paid services, they do provide 99.9% uptime assurance. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee given for the free hosting, however. On the other hand, performance is one aspect of hosting service providers that are very much important from a customer point of view. They use SSD hard drives and that is why their performance is faster than those who use SATA hard drives.

-Money back guarantees- As a commitment to their clients, they promise an unquestionable refund within 30 days. The money back guarantee is surely much longer than others such AS ServerPronto (7 days), Virpus (3 days) but not as long as GlowHost (91 days) and DreamHost (97 days). But their refund assurance is only for annual web hosting plans and the domain names are also not refundable.

-Green hosting- They offer you to the option for making purchase green VPS hosting or shared hosting as their servers use energy from wind power.


- Limited support- The support which they provide has a limited scope because they provide supports top their clients only through a ticket system. For specific questions frequently asked by the users are answered by an FAQ section which is offered by their websites.

- Barebone free plans- The free hosting offered by them has very limited features and lower speed because they set up their free hosting to be more like a trail option.

- No backups- They state that the responsibilities of backups are of the customers as they are not liable for it. None of the plan of AwardSpace offer backup to their customers.

- No managed VPS- There are three different VPS options which are available to the customers from which they can choose from` but none of the VPS options are well managed

Conclusion- Overall, AwardSpace is the perfect and best as well for those businesses who want to start out with a basic website. The host is like a quick fix for them. You also don’t need to worry about your business when it grows as few premium purchases and upgrade can suffice the requirements which grow along with it. Not just for businesses, but it is also perfect for the individual as well. No matter whether you are hosting your own website or offering hosting plans to your clients, it has something for everyone.

Alongside, it does offer various versatile options and affordable pricing to their customers. The host is ideal for someone who is completely new to the designing websites.  Apart from their uptime and performance, their customer support is remarkable which available 24/7/365 as the feedback with the customer support on their website is mostly positive. The most attractive feature is their free hosting that is what you will love the most as they provide you with free hosting features so that you can try it first before purchasing the package. I would like to recommend it to you people that is quite affordable and scalable too. For more information, you can visit-

VPS Hosting Plans - 2022

Plan Name Starter VPS Pro VPS Advanced VPS
Space 25 GB 50 GB 100 GB
Price $10.81 $21.62 $43.24
CPU 1 core 2 cores 4 cores
RAM 1 GB 2 GB 4 GB

Shared Hosting Plans - 2022

Plan Name Free Basic Web Pro Plus Max Pack Plus
Space 256 MB Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth 10 GB Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Sites Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Price $0.00 $5.07 $6.69 $10.04