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Amazon Web Services Reviews and Expert Opinion

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Amazon Web Services reviews by Customer

2 reviews
Mark Veldkampi

Excellent On Demand Hosting

If you have a Website and looking for a best Services for your website, Amazon Web Services is the perfect decision. You never face any problem and Got perfect information regarding your Query. Everyone should use "Amazon Web Services" services i Recommend.

Published on Jun. 22, 2018
Danial Buff

Easy to use Hosting

The services provided by "Amazon Web Services" is different from other hosting company services. I used their Services to host some of my extra services on my main website and i am fully satisfied. Also their support service helps you if you stuck anywhere !!

Published on Jun. 22, 2018

Amazon Web Services Expert Review 2022

Written by: Dheeraj

2 reviews

Best Quality Service

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Best Quality Service

About Amazon Web Services Hosting


Amazon Web Services is basically known with the name IaaS i.e. infrastructure as a service. Known as IaaS, in general, the Amazon cloud is the same as public cloud computing. But still, most of the services that are offered by Amazon Web Services are more similar to PaaS i.e. platform as a service. The main difference between IaaS and PaaS is the kind of service. Like in an IaaS system, the customer traditionally uses virtual machines which are also configured by them whereas, in PaaS, the PaaS provider creates as well as maintain the services that are used by the customers. Amazon Web Services provide best of both the worlds. The company also provide coupons to their customers from time to time. Here in this review, we will discuss all the aspect of Amazon web services.

Summary of Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services is not similar to any other web hosting that is present in the market. The Amazon Web hosting services give their customers a complete suite of services that are related to each other such as content delivery, elastic load balance, and scheduled backups. The sellers who sell their products on Amazon are the basic clients of Amazon web services. But, other users if want can also sign up for their Amazon Web Services. 

There are 4 main core features of Amazon web services that are Compute, Storage and Content delivery, Networking and Databases. For the clients who want top-notch services can take charge of all these four core features along with the help of admin controls that can be accessed through a secure web client. The security and monitoring of your website can also be configured with the help of Amazon Web Services. This can be done after signing up with Amazon Web Services.

In addition to all this, application programming interfaces and third-party programs are also offered by Amazon Web Services. The Amazon Web Services provide their support on both Windows and Linux servers which is great for the people who do not want a single kind of server can choose the server as per their choice.

amazon web services

Pros of Amazon Web Services

Amazon is a well-known name which is known door to door for providing a bunch of services to their customers. Started up with a small online bookstore has now become a brand in the online business. People know it very well that for any possible tangible product that they need, they will find it on Amazon. As this review is all about Amazon Web Services then we will discuss some of the pros provided by the company to its clients. 

pros of AWS

1. Automatically Scalable Storage

The most important feature that is provided by Amazon is the automatic scalable storage which allows you to get as much space as you want. Amazon adjusts your account automatically to fit in perfectly which also saves you from “bandwidth exceeded” error. This is certainly one of the rarest feature offered by Amazon as it helps you to stay without any worry about anything that can happen to your visitors or to your data if your usage increases. 

2. Pay Per Use concept i.e. low cost 

The concept of Pay per Use concept has been used by Amazon Web Services which makes it a low-cost model for its customers as the customers will pay for only what it uses. The customer need not have to pay a monthly fixed price in order to use any model or services. They only have to pay the amount for the services which they have used. The customer of Amazon Web Services needs to put their data into their “buckets”. Then the company will charge you as “per gigabyte” rate and “per request” rate for moving your data in or out of your bucket. Hence we can see that Amazon web services are not a money oriented company, instead, it is a service based company which believes in quality instead of quantity”. 

3. Excellent Support Options

When it comes to providing customer support to its clients then no one can beat Amazon. As we know that Amazon just doesn’t deal only in web hosting services, instead it also provides many other services. Every possible tangible product has been sold by Amazon. So in order to handle such wide customer base the company has created their own model of customer service which is also copied by many other companies. The immense amount of customers are handled by the employees of Amazon who solve their request in the best possible way, leaving them with a big smile. Amazon Web Service provides four levels of services to their clients. These are Basic, Developer, Business and Enterprise. At basic level customers are given access to customer service along with 24*7 support all around the year, access to forums, a self-help resource center, for health checks customers are entitled to their tech support and product based FAQs. One can see that if the basic level has so much to provide then the other upper levels will definitely get better and better. 

4. Free Plan for New Users

A free plan has been given by Amazon Web Services to its customers. The free plan comes with following features. These are:

     • 15 GB of outbound data transfers for one year. 

     • 2000 PUT requests. 

     • 20,000 GET requests. 

     • 5 GB of disk space. 

This is very rarely found in any web host to provide a completely free and usable users account.

5. Large Terabyte Files

Another great feature offered by Amazon Web services is the capacity to transfer files. The company provides their customers a benefit to transferring files that are up to 5 TB in size. Many other hard drives present in the market does not even come nearer to this limit. Amazon handles all sorts of data to their customers. To talk in practical, there is rarely any file which is around 5 TB in size. But, the fact is that Amazon Web Services will take any file which you will provide it no matter what its size is. Even the highest and largest resolution videos and photos will be taken by it easily. 

Cons of Amazon Web Services

Although Amazon Web Services is typically not a web hosting company. So to compare it with any other web host is wrong. But still, if we are writing a review about it then it is important to discuss the disadvantages that Amazon Web Services provide to its clients. 

1. The absence of Standard Packages 

It is not fair to compare Amazon Web Services to any other web hosts due to the fact that it is not a proper web hosting company. The server-side scripts are not available when you host your website with Amazon Web Services. Although you can run client-side scripts. In addition to this, the company only support static website.  Also, Amazon Web Services may not be a perfect option for you if you want to run any kind of e-commerce website. 

2. Prices Vary by Location

Being a global company, it is very obvious from such company to charge prices at all the locations. But, the prices of Amazon Web Services vary with location. Even within a certain country, the prices vary which is quite not good to see from such a company. Although if the prices vary in two different countries then it can be understood. But if the prices vary even within the country then it is not a good thing. For example in the North Virginia region of United States, Amazon provides its free outbound services which we cannot find in any other part. 

3. It is important to Estimate and Calculate Your Usage

Although the pay per use model is quite a good thing for any web hosting. But, it also has a downside. Because while paying for a pay per use model, you need to keep the track of your usage by estimating and calculating your usage in order to fit things in your budget. This is not in the case of a flat fee per month system as you already know how much you are spending on what things. So you need not have to track anything. 

Core Features of AWS

In this review, we will also discuss the important features of Amazon Web Services.

1. Amazon Web Services offers their customers with all the primary services that one can ask for. This includes Networking, Databases, Storage and Content Delivery and Computing. In fact, Amazon Web Services also introduced 1012 new features for their clients as well as in the year 2017, the company has launched 1430 new features. Along with providing the four basic services the company also offers their clients enterprise apps, security, IoT, Management Tools, Developers Tools, and Mobile. Even if you go on a higher level than you can even get an opportunity to control all these features with proper admin controls that are accessible through a secure web client. Amazon Web Services also provide tools to their clients like logging, monitoring, auditing, identity management and creating, controlling and storage of encryption key. 

2. If we talk about the cloud business, then Amazon Web Service provides many options. For a database management system, Amazon Web Services provide Amazon Aurora, a MySQL and PostgreSQL compatible relational database service. In addition to this, for storing data of size terabytes (TB) or petabyte (PB) into the cloud is also made easy with a small briefcase size appliance known as Amazon Web Services Snowball. But still, if you have data that does not fit into Snowball then for that Amazon Web Services also provide Amazon Web Services Snowmobile which is an Exabyte scale data appliance that comes in a 45 foot customized ship container delivered by a tractor trailer. 

3. Amazon Web Services also offers RedShift to their customers when they need to process all the stored data. Redshift is basically a data warehouse. Apart from this, the company also provide Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR) which is a Hadoop and Spark Service. So with clients who have data in bulk, AWS got you covered. You can also use artificial intelligence and Machine learning services provided by the company. 

4. Amazon Web Services also offers Internet of Things i.e. IoT to their clients. As compared to many other web hosts present in the market, the cloud services of Amazon Web Services are more conventional. Apart from all this, the company also offers archival storage, virtual servers, block, containers and file systems to their clients. In other words, we can say that you can do everything on Amazon Web Services which you do on a cloud. In addition to this, Amazon offers by far the most variety of both third party and in-house software options and choices. 

5. On top of the Xen hypervisor, Amazon Web Services supports different types of Windows server 2003Windows server 2008Windows server 2012 and Windows server 2016 and Linux distributions. Amazon Web Services has its services based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux i.e. (RHEL) variant. 

6. Docker containers are also supported by Amazon Cloud. Amazon Web Services is a foremost choice of multinational companies as they are available in 54 zones. Each zones has up to six data centers in 18 geographic regions all over the globe. 

Do we recommend Amazon Web Services?

If we go through different reviews of Amazon Web Hosting then all of them will have one small thing in common which is the services of Amazon Web Services are not for everyone. For newbies, their services, as well as the price, is a bit complex to handle. But, depending on the way you consider it, Amazon Web Services can either be best web host for you or can be the worst web host for you. We definitely recommend Amazon Web Services to you if you want to have a static website which is basically used for cloud storage. Although it is not recommended for people who need e-commerce websites for their business.

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