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3 reviews
Charles Cosby

Excellent service and Quick feedback

I have been Hosting with 1&1 from last few Months and I am satisfied with their services. They were extremely knowledgable and got the data I required. Unlike other Company take some time resolve any issue but 1&1 give me quick respond. I totally satisfied !!

Published on Oct. 17, 2018
Jean Francos

Good service !

I wanted to host my website (, Then i got amazing services from 1&1. I never had any type of issue with this hosting company.

Published on Oct. 17, 2018
Mikey V

Reasonably priced and have Excellent Customer Service

I have my own wesite and I check about once a year to analyze plans. 1&1 providing me the best plan for my website. I saw many bad reviews about 1&1 but they really don't know what they are comparing. I must say this is the best hosting service provider. I host my other website on 1&1.

Published on Oct. 17, 2018

1&1 Expert Review 2022

Written by: Dheeraj

3 reviews

Great Web Hosting

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Great Web Hosting

About 1&1 Hosting


Founded in the year 1988, 1&1 is a German web hosting company which is owned by United Internet. This internet company ranks among the largest web hosting companies in the world. Eric Tholome is the CEO of this company. This web hosting company have offices in 10 countries which employees more than 7000 people and also have data centers in Lenexa (Kansas) and in Europe. 1&1 company provides services regarding cloud servers, domain registration, dedicated servers and virtual private servers (VPS). The customers with the UK address can fulfill orders on the UK website only. Apart from this, other clients can opt for either USA Kansas or German hosting which depends on the website that is used at the time of ordering.

As per the estimation is given by the company in the year 2006, the company hosted the largest number of the website as compared to any other web hosting company of the United Kingdom and Germany. Also, this company ranked seventh in terms of highest number of websites which is hosted by all the web hosting companies present in the United States.

Summary of 1&1 hosting

It is very easy for you to upgrade your current package easily at friendly budget. You need not have to worry about losing your content and affecting your website while upgrading your package. In case of downgrading the package it is important to note that you should not use any features which you are using in your website.  1&1 also allows you to install WordPress on any package you choose for your website. WordPress can be installed either by using click and build tool or manually. 1&1 web hosting is a good option for those who buy the other services like emails, domains, etc. with 1&1 only and need an account of hosting their website. In addition to this, people who do not have much budget and want a website for their small working projects can also consider this option. This platform certainly offers its customers some inconvenience in working on their platform due to the lack of quality customer support. For the experienced and big budget users, this platform is certainly not the best option to consider. As they have a plenty of other web hosts in the market which will provide them a flawless experience which they are seeking with the amount of money they are willing to spend.

Pros of 1&1 hosting

1&1 provides you a number of advantages which you should considered while choosing a web host. These benefits includes:

1. Prices

- The pricing of hosting on 1&1 is quite affordable. The annual offer of the 1&1 hosting is very economical. The price of this plan although increases after completion of one year which is still quite affordable.  • The pricing of the 1&1 hosting is competitive to the pricing of popular companies such as GoDaddy and HostGator. In fact the lowest cost plan of 1&1 is little bit better as compared to the lowest cost plans offered by the other hosting websites like GoDaddy and HostGator. However as far as pricing is concerned, 1&1 offers a great pricing to its customers who need good options and space at pocket friendly prices.

2. Relative Options

- Started as a hosting provider, 1&1 has now become a one-stop solution for all the services and products that one can need while creating a website. This company has ranked among the top domain registrars who provide a new domain free of cost for one years with its hosting packages. Along with this all the products are integrated which certainly benefits many users.

- Along with a wide spectrum of applications that are available for installing within their backend like Joomla and WordPress, the company also offers daily server backups.

3.Relative Performance

- It is very important for a web hosting server to send the files of the website as fast as possible each time when somebody ping for them. 1&1 surely understands the importance of this and claims to provide uptime of 99.9% to their users.

- 1&1 instantly delivers the files of the website to its users. Various factors are responsible for loading a website fastly. The most   important of all that how quickly a server reacts after making the first request which is called Time to First Byte (TTFB).

- For the websites which has low overhead or graphics, 1& 1 serves the best solution.

4.Customer Service

- 1&1 offers its customers a great customer service of 24*7 phone call. The representative of 1&1 responds to the request of the customer within minutes of holding time.

- Apart from giving a 24 hours phone call service, 1&1 also provide email support but lacks support of web chat. The customer support of responds in the email within one hour providing the link of the answer solving the issue or with the brief answer.

Cons of 1&1hosting

1&1 provides a number of disadvantages which might degrades the quality of your website. These includes:

1. Not friendly to Bloggers

1&1 does not have any plan which are dedicatedly designed for the bloggers who want to start their blogging website. They lacks in providing good packages to the bloggers. Only the people who want a decent website for their small-scale businesses get a lot of benefits.

2. Hard Setup It is hard for a layman to understand the proper technical features which help you to find your way to the simple options for easily setting up your website. Although the company provide short video to the users who does not have any knowledge of the technical terms.

3. User Experience The entire process of 1&1 web hosting is quite complicated. User come across various hurdles while going through the entire process of web hosting. 1&1 provides upsells which are never ending and annoying. Along with this it also has a bad DNS system and the company gives effort in technical features more than they are needed. In all 1&1 does not provide good hosting experience to its users.

4. Backend Setup 1&1 uses its own customized setup for providing backend setup to its users. But, its whole setup is not at all user friendly. On the technical front they offers very complex setup by not giving much options to those users who registered their domain name through some other domain providers like GoDaddy or Namecheap. Along with this not only the entire process looks complicated with its CPanel, but creating a profile for startup is also very complex.

5. Performance Although the 1&1 hosting performs well as compare to other web options available in market but it still lacks in many ways. There speed is comparatively slow as compared to many other web hosts in the market. This further impacts the speed of your other system also.

6. Customer Support Although the customer service of 1&1 is counted among their pros but still they lack in giving a good service experience to its users. The representatives of 1&1 are also not very trained to solve your problems easily. Due to this they take lot of time to solve any issue. This can be suitable for those who have experience to work in such hosting platform else for new users this platform will certainly not provide good experience.

Services offered by 1&1

1&1 hosting is a perfect choice for those who want an affordable and a feature-rich web hosting company. This company also provide a wide spectrum of services which include Virtual private server (VPS), cloud web hosting, shared web hosting, WordPress and dedicated hosting.

1. Shared Web Hosting

- 1&1 has a standard per month charge for web hosting whose price gets reduced if you want an annual or multi-month package. Only Windows flavors or Linux supports the shared web hosting of 1&1. A free domain name is provided by the company along with the package of basic shared hosting which you can use as long as you are associated with the 1&1.

- The basic shared hosting plan starts with a monthly price of $7.99 which includes storage of 100GB, RAM of 2GB, 500 email accounts, website building tools and unlimited monthly data transfers.

- The Unlimited Plus plan of the shared hosting starts with a monthly price of $9.99 which provide additional features such as unlimited storage, unlimited databases, unlimited domains, unlimited emails and RAM up to 6GB.

- Unlimited Pro plan starts with a monthly price of $14.99 which provide features such as a content delivery network, RAM storage of 9GB and mobile website builder of 1&1.

2. Cloud Hosting

- Cloud hosting is getting very popular among the people. As cloud hosting spreads resources via multiple servers which makes it different from traditional hosting which takes its power through a single server. 1&1 offers this hosting to its client along with several tires of managed and unmanaged cloud hosting. The cloud hosting provided by 1&1 is supported by Windows and Linux operating systems.

The cloud hosting plan starts with a monthly plan of $14.99 which offers 1GB RAM, single core CPU, unlimited monthly transfers and 50GB storage.

3. VPS Web Hosting

- VPS web hosting plans starts with a monthly package of $9.99 which provides all the necessary tools which are used for making a website which is capable of handling the firmness of the Internet more effectively as compared to other conventional web hosting.

4. Dedicated Web Hosting

- 1&1 offers three dedicated web hosting plans which are based on Windows and Linux operating system. These plans are Entry Level, Business line and Performance.

- The monthly fees of Entry Level dedicated server plan starts with $69.99 which offers 1000GB storage, 8 GB RAM and unlimited data transfers per month. These features are sufficient for tackling a light and small website.

- The other two plans i.e. Performance which starts with a monthly fee of $199 and Business Line which starts at a  monthly fee of  $499 offers better options of CPU and storage.

5. Wordpress Web Hosting

- There are two ways to start a WordPress hosting on 1&1 sever. One is either WordPress is installed on a Windows or Linux based server which you receive with the web hosting plan and the other is to signing up for managed WordPress.

- There are three WordPress packages provided by 1&1 which are based on Linux.

- The first package is WP Basic with the starting monthly fee of $7.99 which offers unlimited visitors, 50GB storage    along with one domain free.

- The second is WP Plus package with the monthly fee of $9.99 which offers 250GB storage and hosting ability of      five wordPress projects. Last one is WP Unlimited with the monthly fee of $14.99 which is a complete featured package out of the three plans. This package allows hosting of unlimited WordPress projects.

- Apart from this all the three plans also provide unlimited emails, automatic updates of WordPress, automatic detection and removal of malware and a full list recommended plug-ins and themes of WordPress.

1&1 Hosting Features In order to attract the new users 1&1 offers many great features to its users. Some major features of 1&1 web hosting are as follows:

1&1 gives its users an option of Shared Web hosting where the user is given one domain free with its package.

1&1 hosting also gives its users an option of VPS web hosting.

1&1 hosting also provide WordPress based web hosting services to its clients.

1&1 offers its users some attractive options of email marketing.

1&1 also gives a number of security features like SiteLock etc. which safeguards your websites from all the hacker threats and malware.

1&1 also gives SSL certificate to its customers which safeguards the information exchange between your website and visitors. Along with this DDoS protection is also provided which protects from the massive and targeted attacks.

1&1 also maintains its decent Uptime. It uses Gzip which reduces the data transfer by 70% to provide fast load times. Also CDN is used to distribute the content of the website to servers all over the world in order to get the global load times fastly.

1&1 also guarantees you to return your money back in case you are not satisfied with its services.

1&1 also has HTTP/2 tools which helps in providing data encryption with unbeatable transfer rates.

The domain of 1&1 ranks among the largest and top companies who are offering domain registration. A smartphone application is provided by the company to youto manage the domain along with the registration of domain name and domain transfer services.

The hosting of 1&1 is a symbol of green web hosting. 1&1 data centers are one of the most energy saving centers present all over the world. These data centers helps in saving the emission of 30,000 tons of CO2 per annum.

1&1 also provide you their webmail service which allows you to check your 1&1 email account which is linked to your website or domain name. You can access your email from any browser or can integrate with Microsoft Outlook, Gmail or any of your favorite client with the help of the webmail client of 1&1. Apart from this, 1&1 also allows you to access your email through your smartphones with the help of their smartphone application.

Creating the website on 1&1 hosting

The access to Website Builder which is a simple internet based site creator of 1&1 comes with all the hosting accounts of the 1&1. The clients are given options to choose from the variety of site templates, customizing the content, adding image galleries via dragging and dropping, Facebook or Twitter, YouTube videos, forms, downloads and comment boxes. This option is quite easy to use, although the templates are quite up to date and the limit of the standard service is five pages. The upgrade to the 1&1 Website Builder Plus allows developing the website of 500 pages which gives you direct access to CSS/HTML, more integration of web applications and using an image archive which is royalty free. All these services will be given at an additional monthly cost of $6.10 excluding VAT. The CMS can also be installed from the App Centre of CMS. This method is quite easy as compared to other common methods which need you to enter the title of your site, followed by certain clicks before you finished the process. The users with the basic hosting plans are required to sort out extensions, themes, and update by themselves. He web space of 1&1 can be manually accessed by the experts through secure SSH, Webspace Explorer, and FTP. All the options are not that difficult to access but it requires a little time for the users to get friendly with the interface as the 1&1 interface is quite different as compared to the other web hosts.

Setting up an Account on 1&1

There are several steps involves the setting up the account of 1&1. But, the company offers a well-designed guidance which allows you to complete the process with ease. In order to get the introductory discounts, one need to opt a package of the contract period for two or three years. The options of packages are like this-

1. Basic package charges $161 excluding VAT which allows per month payment for the first year along with the two yearly bills. This package will cut down to $132 in case you pay in one shot.

2. Apart from this, 1&1 also provide a number of add-ons for SEO, security, extended website builder and a free trial of 30 days for basic eShop.

The company needs the detailed information regarding billing which includes your name, email address, contact address and contact number. These details will be asked after you choose the products you need. After completing the payment, a confirmation email along with a copy of all the terms and conditions around 5000 words of 1&1 is sent to you. After this, you are directed to the control panel of your 1&1 package which allows you to manage and view your account.

Back Up of your website data

According to the company norms, it is your own responsibility to do the backup of your website data on your computer. 1&1 is not responsible for any loss in terms of your data. It does not guarantee the retrieval of the data which is back up with the help of their own backup service. So the company’s recommend it to everyone to do the backup of the data at your own responsibility to any secure location or to your computer so that the data can be retrieved in case of any failure.

1&1 Specializations

The companies offer pocket-friendly options of web hosting which makes it suitable for all the beginners.

Geo-redundancy is used by the company in all its hosting contracts. This is even used in its shared host’s packages.

For the evolving websites, 1&1 provides a good option due to their features of scalable performance in all their plans for web hosting.

Migration Policy of 1&1 Although the company does not provide the services of full website migration, their step by step guide provides ease to the users to complete the process of initiating a transfer. In order to complete the transfer, the user is also required to pay a little extra fee to the team of 1&1.

Do we recommend 1&1 hosting?

After doing a full review on 1&1 we found that the interface of 1&1 is quite clunky which lacks all the modern elements of design which are provided by the other hosts such as squarespace or wix that too in cheap price. It also takes twice as much as time taken by other host to complete a website. We thereby does not recommend this company to all the users you want a professional website with all the modern tools present in it. Certainly the users who want a basic website for their business in less amount can definitely take consider as an option.

Dedicated Server Hosting Plans - 2022

Plan Name A8i L4i XL6 X4i XL8 o12A-32 o12A-64 XL12i XXL24i A8i SSD X8i X10i
Space 2 TB 2 TB 2 TB 2 TB 3 TB 4 TB 8 TB 4 TB 6 TB 480 GB 6 TB 8 TB
Price $0.00 $39.99 $0.00 $59.99 $0.00 $99.99 $119.99 $149.99 $0.00 $29.99 $224.99 $299.99
CPU 8 x 2.40GHz 4 x 3.10GHz 6 x 2.80GHz 4 x 3.50GHz 8 x 2.60GHz 12 x 2.30GHz 12 x 2.30GHz 6 x 2.50GHz 12 x 2.40GHz 8 x 2.40GHz 8 x 2.40GHz 10 x 2.30GHz
RAM 8 GB 12 GB 16 GB 16 GB 16 GB 32 GB 64 GB 32 GB 48 GB 8 GB 64 GB 128 GB

VPS Hosting Plans - 2022

Plan Name virtual server S virtual server M virtual server L virtual server XL virtual server XXL
Space 30 GB 50 GB 80 GB 120 GB 160 GB
Price $4.99 $4.99 $9.99 $19.99 $29.99
CPU 1 core 1 core 2 cores 2 cores 4 cores
RAM 512 MB 1 GB 2 GB 4 GB 8 GB

Shared Hosting Plans - 2022

Space Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Sites Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Price $0.99 $4.99 $8.99