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Gereld Ease

They Honor their Word

This organization cases to have world class Hosting, and that is exactly what they give. I am exceptionally satisfied with the level of administration they have. They were easy to understand and Friendly support.

Published on Oct. 17, 2018

123-reg Expert Review 2022

Written by: Dheeraj

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About 123-reg Hosting            


123-reg is a web hosting company which was founded in the year 2000 and is based out of UK. 123- Reg has come from a larger group named Webfusion which is in the market since 1997. Being a part of Host Europe Group, Webfusion itself claims to be a biggest private hosting company of Europe. Apart from this, the Host Europe Group owns DonHost, RedCoruna, Heart Internet and Domain Monster which serves customers with web hosting services from Spain, Switzerland, Austria, US, Germany, and the UK. 123-reg focuses mainly on providing domain name at a cheap price. In addition to this, the company also provide so many plans for web hosting which includes dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting and email hosting.

123-reg has successfully registered more than 3 million domain names while hosting over 1.4 million websites and claims to be one of the largest UK based domain provider. The company believes in the philosophy of website creation for the masses which can also be seen in their portfolio. 123-reg also pays attention to its green credentials data center which is based out of UK is eco-friendly.

Overview of 123-reg

Flexible monthly or yearly billing options.

- Customer support is UK based.

- VPS plan has latestDell hardware.

- Onsite hardware support is provided by UK based data center.

- VPS plan allows multiple site hosting.

- Cloud Backup.

- 7 days money back guarantee.

- Built-in redundancy.

- Very strong network.

- Choice of operating systems such as Windows or Linux.

- An uptime guarantee of 99% for dedicated servers.

Technical details

1. Top features

- Unlimited websites

- WordPress hosting

- Free Domain

- Unlimited disk space

- Unlimited bandwidth

2. Platform-Linux and Windows

3. Scripting & Languages


- Perl

- Java

- Python


- Ruby on rails

4. Control Panel


- cPanel

5. Easy Installs


- WordPress

- MediaWiki- Mambo

- Magenta

- Joomla

- Softacilous/Fantastico

- Drupal

- B2evolution

6. Server Locations- UK

7. Databases- MySQL and PHPMyAdmin

8. Support- Tickets, Knowledgebase, live chat and phone.

Summary of 123-reg

123-reg is a famous, well-settled web hosting company which provides competitive and well-designed hosting plans based on the cloud. This company is basically based out of UK. The key selling point of 123-reg is the adoption of a new approach for interacting with customers through modern social media. This is a great advantage for a regular social media users such as Facebook or Twitter. 123-reg also offers green hosting boasts which are quite commendable. But regarding this, the company does not share much information.

The money back guarantee which is provided by the company is quite less which is of only 7 days. This is certainly a con if we compare this factor to other web hosts that are present in the market. In addition to this, many times the hackers also targeted the company servers which is very bad for a web hosting company. But the response of the customer support representatives seems to be exceptionally fast.

To conclude we can say that 123-reg has definitely made its position among the other web hosting companies. This company has successfully attracted the attention of the customers based in Europe and UK. For a cloud hosting, you can definitely consider them as a good option for your website.

Pros of 123-reg


High Usability – your customers will never face any difficulty while using and accessing your website due to the combination of unlimited bandwidth and lightning speed loading time.

Unlimited Bandwidth – Unlimited bandwidth comes along all the plans of 123-reg whether you are opting for a basic essential plan or high-end premium plan.

Each plan comes with a database– All the plans of 123-reg have their own database with the help of which you can operate software such as WordPress or any other content and e-commerce apps.

2. Support

The customer support of 123- Reg has a team which is based in the United Kingdom. So this is a great plus point for the residents of UK as the support is just a step away. This hence solves all the problem which you normally face if the support team is based in any other country.

The representatives of 123-reg have a deep knowledge regarding the products, billing, and setup. They solve all your queries very effectively

123 Reg reviews

3. Pricing

The plans of 123-reg are very flexible. All the plans can also be purchased on monthly basis. In addition to this 123-reg also has good introductory packages of one year.

4. Attractive Templates

123-reg offers templets which follow all the practices of modern designs, mobile ready at no additional charges and are attractive.

123-reg has every kind of templates one can look for which includes one-pager, portfolio, restaurants, e-commerce, beauty  and health, business, and many more. It surely has something for everyone.

5. Inclusive Website Builder

For beginners, 123-reg’s website builder is easy to use which hardly comes with any add-ons.6.

Other options

Apart from the online shopping plans and website builder plans you can also choose from a variety of hosting such as Windows hosting, premium hosting, Drupal hosting, Joomla hosting and WordPress hosting

Cons of 123-reg

1. Technical

- Limited Email accounts – The Unlimited and Premium plan of 123-reg comes with the unlimited number of account mailboxes. Other basic plans come with the limited number of mailboxes. As compared to other web hosting companies, the Business and Essential plan of the 123-reg does not get many mailboxes.

- Limited storage space - As compared to other web hosts present, 123-reg initially offers small web space. 10 GB web space comes along with the Essential plan whereas the Premium and Business plan provides 100 GB of web space. The unlimited web space is offered by its Unlimited plan.

2. Support

- Customer support based on the US – The customer support of 123-reg is based in the UK which has both plus and minus. In case the client of the 123-reg goes to another country then contacting the technical support representatives through a long distance call will cost them very much.

- Live chat is not available 24*7 – The Live chat feature offered by the 123-reg to its customers has a fixed schedule. Unlike another web hosting available in the market, the live chat feature of 123-reg can only be accessed from Monday to Friday i.e according to London time from 9 am to 7 pm.

3. Pricing

123-reg offers a very small time period for its money back guarantee. In only 15 days you need to decide whether you are satisfied with their services or plans and in case you are not then you need to contact them for your money back. This duration of money back guarantee provided by 123-reg is very less as compared to other web hosting services present in the market.

4. An only domain is free

As we know that 123-reg is basically based out of UK so it provides a free domain which is i.e. which is UK based. In case you want any other domain such as .com then you will be required to pay extra.

5. No Help with Migration

If you need to migrate your website from other web host server to their then no migration help is provided by the 123-reg. Although a user guide is present which will help you in processing the process. But unlike other web hosts, they do not provide this facility for free.

Cloud Hosting of 123-reg

Nowadays Cloud hosting has become a standard in web hosting. It provides customers the ease of accessing and uploading files from anywhere across the globe. Now you can easily update the information on the website by making it a crucial part of any web hosting.

Cloud hosting offered by 123-reg is very reliable and fast which make sure that your website never goes down and keep running 24*7. With the help of its secure data center which works on network connection of 10 GB per second the website data and information gets uploaded very quickly. On the other hand, you can also set up shop with the help of its massive storage that provides you space. It also gives you the option to get more space if you need to upgrade to more web space.

Security Features of 123-reg

- Web hosting security features are very important for every customer as they worry about the online vulnerability which affects their websites in many ways. So customers consider these features very seriously before purchasing any web hosting plan.

- 123-reg offers a number of security features to its customers which help them in protecting their website. The company gives you the power to block all the IP address and stop them from accessing your website. In addition to this, your email is also secured with built-in antivirus which ensures that every email that comes in your mailbox is free from viruses.

- Site scanner is also provided by 123-reg which helps in protecting your website from any vulnerability or malware infection that may harm your website. Domain reputation especially the spam blocking list is checked by the Site Scanner.

Unlimited Bandwidth

- Unlike other web hosting companies, 123-reg does not limit the bandwidth of your website as per the plan opt by you instead it offers unlimited bandwidth regardless of the package you choose. Whether it is the Essential plan or the Premium plan, unlimited bandwidth comes with all of them.

- The unlimited bandwidth helps in transferring the data or information of your website quickly. This further helps in improving the customer satisfaction and experience while decreasing the delay in loading time.

- Also irrespective of the size of your website you don’t have to worry about paying an extra price for the extra bandwidth.

- 123 reg gives you surety of your website efficiency by doing the data transfer on your site in the fastest and secured way possible without paying any extra amount.

123 Reg’s Control Panel

- A variety of features are given by the control panel of 123-reg with the help of which you can effectively manage your website. IT has a variety of tools such as marketing, security, e-commerce and domain management. Apart from all the essential tools the control panel also offers you some very useful features at some additional cost. File manager tool is one of the most basic tool provided by 123-reg with the help of which you can manually edit the HTML files. This is a really helpful tool which allows you to make instant changes on your pages without any need of web creation software.

123 reg control panel

- Another feature is the website templates which are also given by the 123-reg control panel. Although the designs of maximum website templates are very simple which helps you when you are not creating any layout for your website. 

- These templates can be downloaded and then uploaded via FTP once you've edited them. They can also be modified using the File Manager tool. Although manual editing and pre-formatted templates are available at the control panel of 123-reg but it does not have tools of web hosting on its panel.

- Manage button is very important tools which help in accessing all the tools of the control panel. But if you are a new user you might not have any knowledge about this button due to which it may feel that there are no tools available for you in the control panel.

- The top-notch plan of the 123-reg provides extra tools such as image library, Perl and HTML validator, JavaScript generator, command line tools, control panel for MySQL, a website statistic tool and AWStats.

- Site tool is another tool available in the control panel of 123Reg. Different types of website templates are provided by the Instant Site tool which has templates for every kind of site. You can also add widgets and forms to your website with the help of Instant Site.

- The last tool which comes with the control panel of 123-reg is the Website Builder. Although this is not a web hosting tool but it helps in creating websites in an effective way by the simple drag and drop interface. The starting price of the Website Builder tool is £3.99 which also let you to add Google maps, social media buttons, shopping carts and buttons on your website. 

Types of hosting by 123-reg

1. Shared Hosting 

- Shared hosting is accompanied by a free domain name. You get WordPress one-click installation along with its Unlimited or Premium+ plans with the help of which you can start developing your website instantly. The price of the shared hosting is quite justified especially when they are also giving a domain free of cost along with it.

- The shared hosting has four plans under its umbrella.These are:

. The essential plan which comes with 1 Domain, 1 Website, 10 GB storage and unlimited Bandwidth.

. The business plan which comes with 1 domain, 10 GB storage and unlimited Bandwidth.

. The unlimited plan which comes with 3 domains, 10 websites, Unlimited storage capacity, unlimited bandwidth, WordPress supported and 1 SSL security certificate.

. Premium+ plan includes 1 domain, unlimited websites, 100 GB storage capacity, WordPress supported, unlimited Bandwidth and 1 SSL security certificate.

Shared hosting

2.  WordPress Hosting

- The pricing of WordPress hosting is genuinely low.The Premium hosting plan includes 2 GB RAM which helps in loading the pages at superfast speed.

- 123-reg is using load balanced servers which helps in spreading certain website part across the network of servers that helps in getting faster loading times.Generally, the balanced load servers are found only on top-notch plans. And to get this feature at a monthly price of £1 is an undeniable deal.

- In addition to the fast web pages, you will also get certain other features like one-click restore, automatic security updates, and daily backups. All these features make 123-reg really attractive as these features are available with other hosts at hosting plans of the high price. There are two plans that come under WordPress hosting. These are:

. Business plan – This plan comes at a monthly price of £1 which includes 2 domains, 5 websites, 100GB storage capacity and unlimited bandwidth.

. Premium plan – This plan comes with a monthly plan of £14.99 which includes 1 domain, unlimited websites, 100GB storage, unlimited bandwidth, 2 GB RAM and 1 SSL security certificate.

3.  Website Builder Plan

- The website builder of 123-reg is a good plan but it has one flaw. In order to remove the logo of 123-reg from your website, you need to upgrade to Business+ plan which comes at a monthly price of £9.99.

- For the monthly plan of £4.99, the company logo will remain on your website which makes your website looks less professional.

4.  Search Engine Optimizer

- The Search Engine Optimizer plan of 123-reg comes at a monthly price of £9.99 which includes all the SEO needs for your website. This plans also allow you to automate certain processes of SEO which provide a full SEO audit to your website.

- This SEO audit will help you in identifying any problems which are stopping you to improve the search engine ranking of your website.

- You will be provided with the instructions for solving the problems which are stopping you to improve your SEO ranking.

- This plan also comes with another important feature which is a monthly website report which shows the details regarding the improvement of the performance of your website.

- So with the monthly website report, you get a clear vision of actions you need to take each month. This is especially beneficial to you if you are new to the SEO thing. It will be a wonderful way, to begin with, the improvements that you need to make to your website in order to improve its SEO ranking and also to learn about SEO at the very same time.

5. VPS Hosting

- The operating system is the foremost thing to consider in the VPS hosting plan of 123-reg. For new computer users, the Linux based plans are hard to operate. So to solve this problem 123-reg offers an option which is convenient for all the users. The users are now free to choose from Windows or Linux. Even the most basic plan has this facility. So if you are a newbie Windows VPS plan will make your work much easier.

- VPS plans of 123-reg are of four types. These plans are of great value as you can get a Windows installed VPS plan in less than £10 per month.

Starter plan starts with a monthly price of £9.99 which include single core processor, 512 MB RAM, 25GB storage, unlimited bandwidth and option to choose from Windows or Linux OS.. The

large plan starts with a monthly price of £18.99 which comes with single core processor, 1GB RAM, 70 GB storage, unlimited bandwidth and an option to choose from Windows or Linux OS.

. XL plan starts with a monthly price of £29.99 which includes 2 core processor, 2 GB RAM, 100 GB storage capacity, unlimited bandwidth and an option to choose from Windows or Linux OS.

. XXL plan starts at a monthly price of £44.99 which comes with single core processor, 512 MB RAM, unlimited bandwidth and an option to choose from Windows or Linux OS.

Vps hosting

Do we recommend 123-reg hosting?

123-reg not certainly not the best web hosting solution present in the market. But it is neither the worst. They offer nothing extraordinary to their clients but they also do not do anything which is not good for them. But in the field of management and domain registration, the company 123-reg definitely stand out. However, 123-reg is recommended to those who need a website hosting at low cost. 123-reg has a low-cost monthly plan which provides many features which are useful to newbies who are new to WordPress development as well aase you need a web hosting which is UK based. Although UK based web hosting also has some disadvantages since thefree speech laws in the Europe and UK are not safe as compared to the US or other Eastern Europe places.

Cloud Hosting Plans - 2022

Plan Name L XL XXL
Space 1000 GB 1000 GB 1.6 TB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Price $86.33 $108.28 $130.23
CPU 4 cores 6 cores 8 cores
RAM 24 GB 32 GB 48 GB

Dedicated Server Hosting Plans - 2022

Plan Name L XL XXL
Space 4 TB 4 TB 8 TB
Price $159.50 $218.03 $291.19
CPU 12 cores 16 cores 24 cores
RAM 48 GB 64 GB 96 GB

VPS Hosting Plans - 2022

Plan Name Starter L XL XXL
Space 25 GB 70 GB 100 GB 150 GB
Price $14.62 $27.79 $43.88 $65.83
CPU 1 core 1 core 2 cores 3 cores
RAM 512 MB 1 GB 2 GB 3 GB

Shared Hosting Plans - 2022

Plan Name Essentials Business Unlimited M L XL
Space 10 GB 100 GB Unlimited 100 GB Unlimited Unlimited
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Panel cPanel cPanel cPanel cPanel cPanel cPanel
Number of Sites Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Price $3.64 $7.30 $13.15 $73.15 $102.41 $190.21