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000webhost reviews by Customer

3 reviews
Shishir Thakur

Nice Learning Platform

If you are a student or beginner who wants to learn, this platform is no doubt best. u got free courses that helps you to learn alot.

Published on Oct. 17, 2018
Abdelha bouhafs

Easy, Free, Useful

I am using this platform for learning and i'm very happy and with free courses i have learning lot of things. its very useful for me and easy to understand.

Published on Oct. 17, 2018
Pham Minah Hieni

Free WebHost

I recommend to all to use the best free host provider. My instructor advice me to utilize this for transferring my learning web. And it's superb with me. It's free and it runs quick. Very helpful for Learner. Must go with that !!!!

Published on Oct. 17, 2018

000webhost Expert Review 2022

Written by: Dheeraj

3 reviews

Great Hosting

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Great Hosting

About 000webhost Hosting

Founded in 2004, 000webhost is now in the field of hosting for last 14 years. It is a web hosting service provider which is the best leader in web publishing sector. It is the first cloud web hosting provider in the world. 000web hosting infrastructure is totally based on AWX technology of cloud data. For giving the best experience and quick web publishing UX Cpanel is the premium tool. It also uses domain hosting of the third level by using MySQL, PHP, FTP, Cpanel and zero adds at free of cost.  It provides an uptime of 99.9% that too with a free package which makes it count among the rarest web hosting providers who provide free hosting solutions. In addition to all this, a premium plan is also offered by the 000Webhost which comes at an affordable price for all the pricey features.

Overview of 000webhost Features

1. Top features - Unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, free domain, Wordpress hosting and unlimited sites.

2. Scripting & Languages – Perl, PHP, Python, and Ruby on rails.

3. Control Panel – Cpanel

4. Easy Installs - b2evolution, Drupal, Fantastico/Softaculous, Joomla, Wordpress and SSL

5. Server Location – USA

6. Databases – PHPMyAdmin and MySQL

7. Support – Phone, Live chat, and Ticket


000webhost is a perfect choice for the newbies who have no knowledge of developing and running a website. The core feature of the 000webhost is that its free plan has all the maximum tools that come along the paid plan of other web hosts. Although these plans may have some limitations but they are quite perfect for those who want to start a small website or blog. A popular website can reach the maximum traffic limit quickly due to its share hosting nature. The customer support of 000webhost is quite active but sometimes it may take some time to get your issues answered. But in all, it’s quite a genuine place for someone who needs a friendly interface along with decent support.

If you have a high-level website which will have a lot of content and expects a heavy traffic then a premium account is needed for that. But the premium account of 000webhost is not that great and there are many options present in the market which provides you quite decent paid hosting services that too at a more affordable price. But 000webhost is undeniably the best free hosting site present. 

Pros of 000webhost

1. Pricing Structure

The premium plan of 000webhost’s starts with a monthly charge of only $3.49 whereas the business plan starts with a monthly charge of $7.95. Although Hostinger who is the sister company of 000webhost also offers some premium plans which are quite a value for money deals.

The premium plan of 000webhost also comes with a free .xyz domain and assistance of current web development. This feature is quite a unique feature provided by the company which gives you the support for the web development also.

With their premium plan comes 24*7 live chat support which is a really good deal. Apart from all this they also provide a free of cost technical support which allows migrating websites to their servers from different hosts.

2. Huge Disk Space / Bandwidth

000webhost also provide 10 GB of unmetered bandwidth along with 1 GB of disk space. This means a normal blog post would normally take 2 MB of space which means that you can write approx. 500 simple blog posts without worrying about space. Decent disk space and bandwidth are provided by the 000webhost along with their free plan. In addition to this, you can also host 2 websites and select your domain in their free plan.

3. Instant Backups

It is really very important to keep the backup of your digital data every time. 000webhost very well understands this concern so they provide you with instant backups along with their free plan as well. This feature is an inbuilt feature. Just with a single click, you can create a backup of your website.

With the help of the control panel, you can easily create a backup for your website. The backup of your website and MySQL database is also taken by 000webhost. No top web hosting company provides the feature of instant backup option for free. Certainly, 000webhost stands out from the crowd.

4. cPanel support

On the free hosting plan account, 000webhost introduces the latest version of cPanel. With this, they also have more than 100 auto install scripts such as Joomla, WordPress, Magento, etc. Boz billing is also supported by them which is a PHP based invoice system that enables you to make invoice for your customers.

Apart from this they also have free website builder which have more than 100 templates for you to choose from. You just need to drag and drop in order to use it and then easily publish your website.

5. Ad Support

000webhost most striking feature is that on your free website they allow you to run your own ads. Whereas the other free hosts do not allow you to run your own ads instead they display ads and banners according to them.

The strategy of 000webhost behind this is to help you in earning money from the ads that display on your website and then convert you into their premium customer.

Although it might be a possibility that google blocks 000webhost when you run Google Adsense as well as other ad programs. The company is working to resolve this issue as soon as possible but cannot guarantee a permanent solution.

6. Email Support

Email has become a core part of any business and having an email ID that sounds professionally is also very important. Thus 000webhost along with their webmail support provides you with free email accounts.

Unlike other free hosts, they enable you to edit the MX entry which simply means your email can be hosted as per your choice of email apps like Google apps, Zoho, etc.

Bulk emails can be sent to all the users you got registered with your website. This is due to the mail() function which is used in their PHP version. Although they will monitor its usage but certainly this is a very good feature one can get for free.

7. Dedicated support for PHP / MySQL

A dedicated PHP support is provided by 000webhost which other free host fails to provide after claiming.  Their latest PHP support allows you to send emails by using mail() function. In addition to this, you can also use GD library. Latest and updated PHP and MySQL version are used by the 000webhost.

CURL and Cron jobs are also supported by 000webhost apart from their full PHP support. API calls can be done to other websites with the help of CURL library whereas a script can be executed any number of times during any certain moment with the help of Cron jobs. Every week emails can also be sent to every member who is associated with your website.

8. Fantastic Customer Support

The customer support of 000webhost is fantastic. Along with email support, they also have a dedicated forum for their customers. Most of the problems can be solved by using their community forum. But, in case you fail to find the solution to your problem then their friendly representatives are available at your service whenever you require. They will quickly respond to your query and help you to solve your problem effectively. Apart from this they also have a separate FAQ section.

A dedicated section for website building is also provided to the customers which helps you to solve all the queries related to PHP, MySQL or any other issue that you face while developing your website. For German and Spanish readers they have separate forums exclusively for them. This is really interesting to see that a free host is providing diversified options for multilingual customers in order to help them in any way. 

Cons of 000webhosts

1)  Removed Websites without notice

Number of customers of 000webhost has complained about taking down their website without any prior notice on the user forum of the company. Although it is justiciable that 000webhost have the power to remove the free service content if it does not match as per their terms but removing the data of the users on which they worked so hard is not a good sign for any company.

2)  CPU Usage

While working with 000webhost many customers have complained about receiving a notice of exceeding the daily CPU limit where in actual their sites were at low traffic. They got redirected again and again to their site. This CPU usage limit gets refreshed in every 24 hours. But this problem occurs on those sites that already have a very low traffic which is quite irritating at times.

3)  Limits on uploading files

Without any pre-notification 000webhost removes many files which are more than 5MB. This makes no sense of providing 1 GB space with free hosting package when the company is not allowing the files bigger than 5 MB on their servers. The files are continuously monitors by the team of 000webhost who keeps on removing bigger files time to time. The user gets no prior notification regarding this which is quite inconvenient for users.

4)  Security Issues

The security provided by 000webhost is not very optimum. In previous time their website got hacked by a hacker who dig into their user database and leaked around 13 million passwords and confidential data of users. Later it was revealed that 000webhost keep the passwords of their user in plaintext which is not secured. Although this incident has happened before 2 year after which the team has adopted hashed passwords. So all we can hope that 000webhost has now definitely learned from their past experiences and has taken measures in tightening their security.

5)  Unresponsiveness DNS and Slow FTP service

While setting up the account with 000webhost, you may face problem in putting their DNS name on your account for redirecting your domain. Also the support and documentation provided by the company regarding this issue is very limited. Sometimes the company fails to solve the issue till the end.

Also, the FTP connection of the website is very slow. Customers who tried to upload certain legal documents each of 2 to 3 MB in size, it took them lots of time to upload and finally run them. Many users of the 000webhost have pointed out the same problem regarding the DNS servers and FTP issues.

6)  Database Reboots

  000webhost faces the challenge of frequently restarting their MySQL service. Sometimes the service restarts in every 1 hour. This means that your customer will unable to access your database while accessing your website. Also, the end user will receive errors if your website is developed from WordPress or database is used in the application. This feature irritates the customers especially when your customer is filling up a form and at that every moment your database down. As a result of which you losses a customer forever.

7)  No SSL certificates

It is quite disappointing for the customers that 000webhost does not offer the option of SSL certificate which is provided by other hosts like LetsEncrypt in the market for free. SSL certificate helps you to make your website HTTPS accessible and more secure. The latest version of Google Chrome highlights the insecure sites clearly which gives a bad impression on the users of your site does not have HTTPS certificate.

In addition to this Google also ranks the insecure sites down on their searching list. So with no HTTPS support, SEP of your site also get affected.

Plans offered by 000webhost

As the name says 000webhost is a host which provides packages completely free of charge. A number of features come with its free hosting plan which is perfect for the newcomers and veterans. The servers of 000webhost are reliable and fast and provide satisfactory service to their customers who are using their free plan. For more services, you need to upgrade to their premium plan which provides you with comparatively more features

Shared Web Hosting Plans

A.  Premium Hosting Plan

1. Price - $4.84

2. Storage – Unlimited

3. Bandwidth – Unlimited

4. No. of Domains – Unlimited

5. No. of emails – Unlimited

B.  Free Hosting Plan

1. Price – Free of charge

2. Storage – 1500 MB

3. Bandwidth – 100 GB

4. No. of Domains – 5

5. No. of emails – 5

What you not get?

- Although when you are using any service free of charge then you don’t expect much. But still, site owners have some important concerns for their site. The most important concern for every site owner is the safety of its website which is absent in the free plan of 000 web host. No SSL support is provided to the free customers. This makes all the confidential information and passwords unprotected. 

- Many users who use unsecured Wi-Fi service lead to the interception of data. Also, launching an e-commerce website in such scenario of without any secure access is not a good idea.

- Running PHP on free accounts may not allow some important software to run on your site.

- For the backup of your data, you need to remember doing it at regular intervals. Since only one automatic backup is provided with the free plan. 

Paid Upgrades

If you have opted for their free package then you will receive a number of reminders while working on your site reminding you that what you can get more if you upgrade to the premium account. 000webhost frankly shows all the limitations one will face while working on the free package. Such as accounts can be removed without any prior notice so no guarantee is given to the customers, data can be the loss at any moment. The free sites are possible due to the paid plans and contribution received from various sources.

A free domain also comes along the paid account. With the premium plan, customers are free to buy as many extra domains as required for running as many sites as they want. There are no caps on disk space and bandwidth in the paid accounts. Also, you are allowed to create any number of the database you want for your site.

In addition to all this, paid accounts also commit an uptime of 99.9% along with 24*7 live chat support and private SSL certification.

Easy Website Builder

1. For anyone who does not have much technical knowledge of launching websites, then the Easy Website Builder is the weapon for you.

2. Firstly you can start with choosing a template and then you can edit its components as per your wish. Such as you can simply drag the icons of YouTube, picture, text and many more. After this, you can add content to your site. A standard number of pages comes with the template but you can add or delete the pages any time you want.

3. If you have some knowledge of CSS then your working becomes much easier. Like with the help of CSS you can easily choose any style as per your choice instead of choosing them from the menu and then editing it. Raw HTML can also be added in a pane with the help of some basic concepts of CSS.

4. Although some negative points are there such as if you accidentally click the links which are live in the editor then it will remove the page which you are editing.

Features of 000webhost

000webhost offers a number of features to its customers. These are:

- It’s absolutely free

000webhost provides hosting completely free of cost which means that the company charge no extra fees and scams to snatch money from you. In fact you don’t have to upgrade for their premium plan if you are well verged with their free hosting plan. This is definitely the best feature offer by the 000web host.

- 1.5 GB disk space

The free hosting plan of 000webhost comes with 1500 MB of free disk space. And to get this much disk space you are paying absolutely nothing.

- 100 GB Data Transfer

100 GB bandwidth is provided by the 000webhost that is provided by the unmetered connections utilized by their servers.

- PHP and MySQL support

Proper support for MySQL and PHP is provided by the rare host. Surely 000webhost is among them who provide you with the latest and updated version of both PHP and MySQL. In addition to this, 000webhost also support PHP mail() function, Curl, send email, Zend, XML, Loncube loader and so many others functions.

- cPanel Control Panel

The latest control panel in the industry is cPanel which is used by 000webhost. A plethora of features is given by this control panel which is very user-friendly even if you are a newbie.

Although another host charge for providing cpanel on the other hand 000webhost is giving this feature absolutely free of charge.

- 99.9% uptime guarantee

An uptime of 99% is guaranteed by the 000webhost for free of cost. Whereas for the premium package they claim an uptime of 99.9%. And they give what they claim. This means your customer never have to face problem in loading your site. 

Do we recommend 000webhost ?

Having discussed the pros and cons of the 000webhost in detail we would definitely recommend 000webhost even though its cons are more than its pros. This is due to the reason that 000webhost is undeniably the best option present for those who want to host small or medium level websites and does not care much about their data. They provide full PHP support and quick backups which makes them count among the few hosts to provide that. And the free of cost tag makes it all worth to choose.I would not recommend 000webhost only if you want to host a big site with lots of visitors. Because for the serious websites there are many other good web hosts present in the market such as FastComet which helps you to safely keep our data and you will never face downtime.

Their awesome customer support which includes the full PHP support makes it the top choice for free hosting. We would recommend 000webhost without a doubt to those who want a host for their website at no cost.

Shared Hosting Plans - 2022

Plan Name Free Hosting Premium Hosting
Space 1.5 GB Unlimited
Bandwidth 100 TB Unlimited
Panel - cPanel
Number of Sites Unlimited Unlimited
Price $0.00 $4.84