• "Unmanaged Hosting" Based Services

"Unmanaged Hosting" Based Services

What is Unmanaged Hosting-There are lot of options available to you when it comes to hosting your website or web  application however which option is the right one for you can be a confusing question. So it would be better for you to know  as what all options are available and what are they meant for. Once you have little knowledge on the same you should be  able to decide on the type of hosting you will be needing. We will be talking about unmanaged hosting in this article.

Unmanaged hosting as the name suggests is considered to be the one which you will have complete control over right from the selecting your operating system, deploying OS on server, choosing the type of web server you will need and even the control panel software also will be installed by you and you will be be responsible for any issues arising related to the software thing.

What is Unmanaged Hosting Meant for?

Unmanaged hosting plans don’t include any extra hand-holding. You will only have the access to the server and rest of the things as mentioned above have to be performed at your end. Unmanaged hosting is specially meant to be used for people who are experts or have technical knowledge in the space so Unmanaged hosting is for:

  -  Large companies who have their own IT teams

  -  Managed IT service providers

   Web developers

When it comes to managing everything own you own such deploying an enterprise level application on the server then you wont be needing managed plans. With unmanaged environment you will have the full control over your software and you could benefit from the unmanaged Virtual Private Severs as they are lower in cost than dedicated server. In addition, it will allow developers control of features such as scaling, update and site backup.

Unmanaged Hosting Vs. Managed Hosting

As mentioned above as well, unmanaged hosting providers only provides you with a server space which has to be be managed completely at your end right from the deploying operating system, installing web server application or additional application software required as per your business needs. So you are responsible for self support, backups, updates and keeping your server secure.

On the other hand, with managed hosting plan you will have below benefits:

   Premium tech support

  -  Auto backup of your files etc.

   Security benefits

  -  Proactive monitoring

   Auto software updates

  -  Control Panel to manage your hosting

Comes with add-on features such as Wordpress installation, email service etc.

All these services will cost you more than you will have to pay with unmanaged hosting.

Fully managed plans often do come with dedicated server plans and cost you quite more than unmanaged plans. Many hosting providers offer all sort of plans which may be Managed, unmanaged or mix of both. Unmanaged plans are the least expensive as it does not require much from the hosting provider apart from providing a server space. Having said that unmanaged plans also come with some additional features such tech support or other support however at some additional cost but it will still be less than Managed plans costing.

Benefits of Unmanaged Hosting

Some of the inherent benefits of having unmanaged hosting plan involves:

   Full control of your hosting server environment

  -  More customised as per your needs

  -  As secured as you make it

  -  Server accessibility from remote locations

  -  Unlimited bandwidth

  -  Pay to use for memory, software etc.

  -  No dependency on support from the hosting provider which may result in delay resolving the issue

  -  No sharing of resources

Unmanaged VPS Hosting

Unmanaged VPS hosting is an added advantage for organisations where they have required skills as how to manage servers etc as it may result in lower monthly fees which you will have to give to the service provider so you can save on this with unmanaged hosting. Unmanaged VPS even give you great hand to save cost by setting up VPS on your own without having the need of dedicated server.

Having said that with unmanaged VPS you are responsible for all your things so it is upto you to manage as the web hosting provider will only provide you the server space where support is limited to power back up an uptime of the server. You will have to manage all other stuff such setting up will be on your own.

With VPS, all you have is a virtualised machine which shares the same hardware with other VPS users. You will have a separate server which is enabled with the use of operating system. You will have a separate RAM as well as separate system which enables you to avoid using dedicated server and hence saves you big monies.


Unmanaged hosting is meat for business and developers who know how to manage their own servers. It provides you with benefits such as complete control over hosting environment, full customization, no shared resources unlike managed hosting.

Unmanaged VPS hosting services can help you further reduce costs compared to a dedicated server.