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PayPal Shopping Cart Hosting Services

What is PayPal Shopping Cart- PayPal Shopping Cart is quite popular eCommerce application which is used to support customer purchases using the popular PayPal online payment service. It is a perfect fit for small business owners. There are various options to choose from and you can choose the one fitting into your needs. If you go with the PayPal Shopping cart, then you don’t need to have any other payment option. It is being widely used option across the world. PayPal is a renowned name and is a giant in the payment business which enables payments to be sent from one party to another across multiple countries (covering more than 180 countries).

PayPal is a good option to have whether you have just started your online business or you have an established business. Adding PayPal to your online shopping website is a smart move. 

This is one of the quite popular payment giant and they offer a safe as well as secured environment to process your payments anywhere in the world. They charge a minimal fee which is 4% of the total transaction value being done. While this is good option for smaller amount however if the amount is huge then it may prove to be costlier affair. 

PayPal users have been growing in number with each passing year. They had a total of 2.6 million of users who were active online spenders. These are the number till the year of 2012 and it would have been crossed a much higher mark. So you can imagine the potential of payment system like PayPal and its popularity. As of April 2018 they have more than 200 millions of users using the PayPal payment service.

PayPal Shopping Cart Integration

PayPal in itself does not provide any sort of platform to build any sort of shopping website however they have tied up with various Shopping Cart software which are integrated with PayPal payment gateway. They have tied up with below shopping platforms and you can choose to work with any of the platforms: 

- BigCommerce

- Shopify

- WooCommerce 

- Magento 

- SquareSpace

- Wix

- Miva

The integration of the PayPal friendly eCommerce solution is quite a simple process and you don’t have to do any extra effort. 

Many of the hosting providers do offer shopping cart applications featuring support for the service built-in with their eCommerce hosting plans. 

You are able to choose all the above listed platforms from the PayPal website itself and they offer plans whether you are start afresh or you are upgrading or you are just adding a payment feature. You have all these options to start with them. The process is quite simple, you just need to select as what you are looking for and then you will need to choose the relevant option listed on the page. You will then be directed to the relevant platform website where register and then follow the steps further. 

All these tools come available with advanced reporting as well so you are able to know the most selling product on your website and who are active at the moment and other such stuff available using the PayPal accounts. 

Apart from that PayPal offers a lot of guides as well tutorials for integration so you wont have to do any sort of hard work in order to be able to get started with them. 

PayPal for Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla

WordPress is one of the most widely used platform for blogging as well as hosting and covers almost 70% of the total websites across the globe. There are a lot of plugins available that offers the function of PayPal integration with your existing WordPress blog or website. 

Although there are lot of WordPress PayPal plugins yet the WordPress Simple PayPal Shopping Cart is one of the most popular one and it has more than half a million downloads. So if you are using WordPress then it is one of the best options to go with.

If you are running your website on Drupal, then also you have option of adding PayPal shopping cart. You can consider to use Drupal Commerce Kickstart distribution. This is one of the most popular options and is quite easy way to go. 

On the other hand, if you are using Joomla then you have the option as VirtualMart which is a popular extension to have a look at. This is quite good fit specifically for small online stores. 

All in all, there are lot of options available for all sorts of platforms and there are lot of documentation as well as tutorials available (along with Videos) online which you can refer in order to integrate the shopping cart on your website. It will not require much of coding like skills and you can easily integrate the same with ease. 

What you need to take care of?

While PayPal is a good and popular option for your shopping cart needs and can increase your potential revenue however you need to consider the costing part as well that comes with PayPal as PayPal shopping cart to your site can be an additional hosting budget every month basis the hosting plan you are using. 

Apart from that some other add-on services by PayPal shopping cart software there may be some additional cost to you which can be a one time or recurring.

Apart from that there can be transaction charges as well which is some percentage of the transaction amount so it can be a costlier affair. So you need to keep all that in mind while you are integrating the shopping cart into your website. It it makes sense for you to have that integrated in your website then only you should look towards this option else you need to look for other options which are more economical to you. There may be some other charges for some higher plans so you need to be aware of such things. 

PayPal Shopping Cart Hosting Frequently Asked Questions

What is PayPal Shopping Cart? 

PayPal shopping cart is one of the software which is meant for the ecommerce websites and it enables ecommerce websites to have payments received from the customer using various methods such as credit cards as well as debit cards. It is one of the quite popular options which is being used worldwide. This option is good for small businesses as well and individuals. This is not a full fledged software like osCommerce but offers only payment things to be processed. It comes integrated with lot of commercial as well as open source software. It is available in the form of plugin or extension for most of the website or CMS software such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, BigCommerce, WooCommerce etc.

How can I integrate PayPal Shopping Cart on my website? 

PayPal shopping cart is available as one of the option with many of the hosing websites so you can choose to integrate from there or you can use plugin or extension which is available with most of the CMSs such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc. If you host is not in the list of partners listed on PayPal website, then also you can add the same. 

Does PayPal Shopping cart support multiple currencies? 

Yes. PayPal supports multiple currencies and at the moment there are more than 30 currencies from across more than 200 countries. So it is quite possible to have your website available for more than one countries. 

How does the payment from the PayPal work on the website? 

PayPal shopping cart offers a snippet which is provided in your registered account. You need to integrate that onto your website at the payment page. When the customer clicks on the payment button then h is either redirected to the PayPal page where the customer has an account or the customer remains the same page (that will depend on the payment plan, if you wish the customer to remain on your website then you will have to go with the pro plan which is available at monthly fee). The customer just needs to enter the amount as well as the login details and the payment is deducted from the customer’s account and is deposited to the website owner’s account. 

Is it essential for customers to have a PayPal account in order to make payment using PayPal Shopping cart? 

No. PayPal shopping cart offers two ways to make payment. They offer either the PayPal option or the credit card option so people who have PayPal account can use both the options while non PayPal users only have the option of paying through credit card. The payment you receive will have the commission deducted from the total amount.

Are there any sort of discounts or deals available for PayPal Shopping Cart? 

Yes. PayPal offers discounts to only non-profit organizations. They also offer the option of receiving recurring or one time payments from their donors so you can easily keep track of of donations as well as donor. 

What sort customization is possible with PayPal Shopping cart on checkout page? 

PayPal basic plan or the standard plan which does not charge you any monthly fee comes with no customization feature. The customization option is available with the paid plan which is available at monthly fee to you. With this option you are able to design your own design for checkout page. 

Is is possible to send invoices to customers using PayPal? 

Yes, using PayPal you are able to send your customer the invoices either after the payment or before the payment. You can offer the payment option in the email (with invoice) which will redirect the user to the PayPal payment page or you can send them to your own website. 

Is is possible to receive PayPal payment via Shopping Cart on mobile? 

This will be the most likely case as you are able to use Shopping cart on your mobile website as well however it will also depend on the website you have built on. If your website is mobile friendly, then it is likely that payment can be received using mobile. 

Is a PayPal Shopping Cart PCI Compliant?

PayPal comes with plans that offer PCI compliant solution (named as PayFlow link). It offers various templates which are hosted on PayPal itself so you dot have to handle the financial transactions. While this is the option available with PayPal however you have option of doing so on your own. 

Is PayPal a full fledged shopping solution or you will need to install anything extra in order to use it? 

PayPal Shopping cart is not a full fledged ecommerce solution and it is just a part of the ecommerce solution. You will need to have a ecommerce solution and you can add PayPal shopping cart with it. 

What sort of security is offered by PayPal in terms of payment?

PayPal transactions are covered under seller protection agreement which covers the full amount of payment to the merchant in the event of unauthorized or fraud payment. They also offer support for buyer dispute or fraudulent payments. 

What is the support level offered by PayPal? 

PayPal being one of the payment giants, offers 24x7 toll free support which is available for all days of the week. 

What is the fee being charged by PayPal for transactions? 

PayPal charges an amount of 4% which is varying as per the plan that you come under. They have various tiers and all tiers have varying charge fee.