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Minecraft Based Hosting Services

What is MineCraft Hosting- Minecraft is one of the quite popular games which is focused on lot of creativity and is a game of survival in Lego like world. You will need a server, if you are willing to play on multiplayer mode, in order to host the gaming software. There are specialized companies that offer Minecraft hosting and they have you covered for the most of the basic things such as installation or configuration or any other stuff related to getting started with playing game. Many of the hosting companies will offer additional software or plugin which will be required to enhance the gaming experience even further. Hostgator is one of the best options to have a look for Minecraft hosting. 

Minecraft is different from the traditional video games in a way that it offers various and endless opportunities to the gamer basis the mode chosen by the player. It includes tasks and challenges which are creative as well as complex in nature depending on the mode of the game selected. 

It makes use of the algorithm during play n order to generate content so it is a kind procedurally generated. Players are able to interact with each other using various modes such as chat or voice mode using voice server when there are multiple players playing the game. Minecraft has been downloaded and played by more than a million people all across the globe. There are various ways of playing the game including single play, double play, multi-play and there are various modes of the game which are supported by various modules or short termed as “mods”. 

Game Modes of Minecraft

There are two options of playing the game so you have two modes of the game which are: Survival or Creative.

If you are playing the game in multiplayer setting, then you wont be able to taste both the flavors at the same time. 

The first mode or the Survival mode is more of surviving in the world by the creation new cubes in order to keep yourself alive. There will lot of attacks from various demon like creatures, monsters so you will have to be very watchful all the time, especially in the night. 

Additionally, you will need to take care of the health as well as hunger and you will have to regularly monitor it. 

On the other hand, Creative mode lets you being more creative and you can create your own stuff and create your own experience with unlimited building resources. You don’t have to worry about any health or hunger in order to survive and you don’t have to bother about monster or demons like creatures. Blocks can be modified to take any shape you desire. 

Extreme Game Modes

This is an advance level of the normal mode which is Survival mode. It is named as Hardcore mode as it is extreme version of the Survival mode. 

In the Survival mode you have various things such as “re-spawn” and you have bonuses as well as the world does not destroy even after the death. But in the hardcore mode this is not the case, there is not world after the death and there are no cheats as well bonuses. 

There are some 3rd party tools available that enables saving of the created world in the Hardcore version. 

In the hardcore mode there is not option of resuming the game from previous circumstances so it adds the difficulty level even more as in the event of death you will have to play it all over again. 

Minecraft Classroom Mode

The Minecraft game also comes available in the classroom mode. It allows the user to interact with the students which is available with the Education Edition.

While we have discussed all the modes above although you may have been clear upto some extent as what is the difference in various Minecraft modes. Just to make it more clear 

Having them side-by-side makes it simpler to make any newbies understand how it all works.

Survival Mode

Creative Mode

Hardcore Mode

You will have to gather lot of material in order to build and craft so that you can earn experience out of it.

You have unlimited access to blocks and the materials. You can also destroy the same.

It is more like Survival mode however it will have hard setting and you will have only one life.

You will have to monitor health, hunger and armor regularly.       

You don’t have to worry about any sort of health or hunger or armor. You have the power to fly as well.

Same as of Survival mode but with one life.

There is an inventory present.

You have access to spawn eggs and it does not exist in Survival mode.

There is an inventory present.

You can resume game from the point where you left in the event of your death.

You must spawn command blocks.

If you die, you will have to start all over again or you become a spectator.

Best Minecraft Hosting

Minecraft Server Hardware Requirements

As mentioned above as well that Minecraft when played in multiplayer mode will require the server hosting as many of the players will be having access to the server at the same time which requires higher bandwidth as well as higher RAM and disk space and un-interrupted service which only come with a robust hosting player. There are many hosting providers who offer dedicated hosting for Minecraft and they offer all the essential material or modules meant to enhance the overall gaming experience. 

So if you are looking to host Minecraft game then you will have to either rent a hosting space or you will have to have your own hosting server. The first option will come with a cost however you will have premium support so you don’t have to worry about installation or anything that may crop up and you are good to go without much to be done on your part. 

On the other hand, if you are looking to host on your own server than you are own your own and you are responsible for all the stuff related to hosting as well as additional modules installation if required. Although the option will be cheaper however you will have to have some technical skills in order to manage it all. If you want to stay away from al the headache of doing it on your own, then first option is much better as you will have dedicated support. 

Resource Requirements

It should be kept in mind that whatever mode you are willing to play, the resource requirements remain almost the same and nothing much changes in types. Whether you are going to play survival or creative or PVP or vanilla Minecraft. 

The requirement of resources is completely dependent on the kind of players or the number of players will be having access at the same time or how many gamers will be playing at the same time. If there are more players playing the game, then you will have to have more server RAM and higher bandwidth as well as disk space. If your requirements are smaller, then you can even host the same on a PC as well. 

While there are various plans being offered by hosting providers starting from lower plans to higher plans where lower plans for smaller requirements or entry level requirements but the higher plans are for bigger requirements. The entry level plans being offered by hosting providers not good at all or they do not serve the purpose you may be looking out for. 

What to Look for While Choosing Minecraft Hosting Plan?

While most of the hosting providers who specialize in the Minecraft hosting do offer all the required things so you don’t have to worry about the same however it will make sense for you to have a check on the main factors which are required to be looked into: 

- Latency: Latency is the delay in processing your data request which is dependent on the location o the server and is one of the prime factors to look for, for fast and uninterrupted experience with your game. You need to make sure the data servers are located in regions where have gaming players playing the game. If you have international players for the game, then you need to make sure that data servers are spread all across. 

- Processor: this is one of the other prime factors which needs to be looked into as this may affect the performance of the game. You need to make sure that processors are powerful and are latest. This will impact in the longer run and counts for scalability of the gaming experience to reach out to more players. 

- RAM: it is best to have a dedicated server as share resource wont work out for you. With dedicated server you wont have to share the resources with anyone so you can manage the RAM as well as other resources as per your desire. You will be able to fully control the server hosting environment. You also need to make sure that dedicated server plan is scalable in the event more space/bandwidth is required.

- Storage: it has to be a solid state drive (SSD) as it offers higher speed than any other drive. This will add to the overall performance of the game. 

- Mod and Plugin Updates: you should check with the hosting provider as what sort of mods or plugins are available and also how will the updates be done. Is there an easy update system in place such as one click updates? It will be an added bonus and ideal for you to have this option with your plan. It may be noted that not all plugins are free however the freer the more it would save cost for you.

- Minecraft Installation and Setup: it would make sense for you to go with the one that offers dedicated plans or Minecraft hosting as they will cover all the basic things and you will get premium support from them. You need to check with the hosting provider that they offer the desired support to you for basic things.  

- Control Panel: while this is not an essential thing to look for but it will make sense if you have a control panel as you can modify or upload a file without the need to play with the command line environment.

Detailed Look at Minecraft Hosting Requirements

- RAM, Processing Power

Many of the hosts do offers dedicated RAM as well as shared processor power with most of the entry level plans. Most hosts offer dedicated RAM and shared processor power on entry-level plans. You should not be enticed with the advertisement such as unlimited RAM as this can’t be a scenario as there is hardware attached to it so it can’t be unlimited at all. RAM is basically divided among various serves hosted on each machine into dedicated slots. 

There are a number of plans available which starts from lowest price for a cheap VPS server and goes higher with enterprise level hardware (including SSD storage). So it makes sense for you to check the specifications beforehand prior to committing to a hosting plan as you will be suffering from low performance or you will have offer higher in order to taste the good experience. 

If you come across a host that if offering unlimited storage or abundant storage, you should read their TnCs well in advance as they may be using low quality of hardware or there may be some catch to it. 

When it comes to storage option SSD is highly recommended as they are fastest option available. HDDs are not recommended at all. 

- CPU Performance

CPU performance is one of the important factors that needs to be looked into with care as with the use of lot of mod as well as plugin the CPU performance may just not be as usual as you may expect. The CPU may be loaded with high loads on a single thread which may hamper the CPU performance so it is to be taken care that CPU specifications are higher end that can perform well even under higher load conditions.  

If you are going with some cheaper plans, then chances are you will get a low quality of hardware or you will need to install some of the basic modules or even software on your own. So, all this needs to be taken care of well in advance so that you don’t have to suffer at later stage. Be clear of your requirements of that a game should have and then go for a plan that match with your requirements.

- Free Server Hosts

It is highly unlikely that you will find a host that offers free hosting for Minecraft. Even if you find a one that would just be pathetic or horrible so you don’t even think of going with a free plan if you don’t wish to waste your time and loose users in th middle or something. 

All of the above mentioned things should be noted well and planned action is required so that you don’t have to regret your decision. Do your homework first and then compare plans with various requirements. 

Running Your Own Minecraft Server

While it saves you money to have your own server setup at home however that comes with an extra work that may be bothersome to you if you are not really technically inclined. If you have made your mind to have a server of your own, then that’s good as you will save money and you will have some other benefits as well. Below are some of the benefits of owning a server at home: 

- Rules: Since you own the server so you have full control over the server. You can set your own rules and in-game law to match your community. You have the power of playing with the server and making it work for you the way you wish. 

- Community: With your own server you are able to build your own community though there are already groups existing on the web. This is one of the best part of owning a server that you are able to create a community of your own. The community will facilitate people connect from various parts of the world and hence you can build relationships with them. 

- Installing Mods: you are your own boss and you can add the mod of your choice on the server and hence giving you an extra edge over rented servers where you are at the mercy of hosting provider to add mod.

- Teaching: This may sound like little awkward to you however this is a fact as gamers who setup their own servers for Minecraft, they get to learn a lot from the same, such as installation, commands, and other stuff. 

- Provide an Environment: it is a likely that most of the the server serving games will have a specific users group so you are able to setup server as per the interest of the community and give them the desired environment for playing game. 

Minecraft Hosting Frequently Asked Questions

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is one of the quite popular games which has been played across the world with millions of users. It allows players to create or build constructions out of 3d blocks. There are various modes of the game that give a different flavor of the game. It majorly has 3 modes such as Survival, Creative and Hardcore. 

The Survival mode offers an environment for the gamer where the main motive of his to survive out of various odds such as attacks from various monster like creatures and at the same time he has to keep a watch on hunger as well as health. You can resume the game from the same point where you left last time in the event of death occurs.

The Creative mode lets the gamer build constructions from unlimited resources and he does not have not bother about heath as well as hunger or any sort of monster like creatures.

The hardcore mode is same as of the Survival with the only difference that the elements are little harder and you will only have one life and you don’t get to resume the game from the same point where you left in the event of death.

What is the purpose of Minecraft?

It is just like any other game which is aimed to have fun and Minecraft is same as the other games however with different modes wherein the gamer has various options to play the game. He can opt to be in creative mode, in survival mode or the combination of both. It also allows multiple players to play the game with admin setting the rules. To have fun!

How does the game work?

A Minecraft game offer the ability to gamer to build various sorts of construction using cubes and block like objects. It all happens in the virtual world which is an infinite virtual space where you have to build constructions related to various projects.

You will find various monsters like creatures as well which you will have to fight in order to survive yourself in order to complete the projects. 

There are various types of properties which can be used to build building projects. You have different modes of the game and you can opt to play in any of the mode or you can choose to have both. It also allows multiple players to play and compete with each other. 

Can you set you’re your own Minecraft for yourself and your friends? 

Yes. If you wish to play within a group of your friends, you can setup a separate server as well. You can either rent it out or you can even setup it at your home. Setting up a server at home will come with an extra effort which has to be done all on your own. If you rent it out then you don’t have to bother about the installation or any other thing related to setting up the game. 

Is Minecraft Open Source?

No. Minecraft is not an open source software and you will have pay in order to play the game. You can download the setup from the official website once you have paid for the same.

What operating systems are supported by Minecraft? 

Minecraft is able to run on all sorts of operating systems including Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux. You however need make sure that the version of the game is compatible to be run or not with the operating system. 

Is there any need to have a web hosting account for Minecraft? 

It really is not essential to have a web hosting account in order to run Minecraft as you can run it on your own computer as well provided the number of players playing the game is not quite high. You also need to have a good internet speed so that you can have better game performance. 

However, if you are looking to play the game with lot of player involved with it and for longer terms then it would make sense for you to have a hosting server (rented or setup on your own). 

What is Bukkit and Vanilla in relation to Minecraft? 

Bukkit and Vanilla are not but different versions of Minecraft server applications. The Bukkit version of the application supports community developed extensions and also help with the server admin. It also improves and enhances the overall gaming experience. 

What sort of hosting is required fir Minecraft Server? 

There are many options when it comes to hosting Minecraft server. The first hosting type that would come to your mind is Shared hosting however that is not the ideal hosting for gaming as gaming software like Minecraft take a lot of space, bandwidth, and high end processors are required. Apart from that shared hosting providers do not allow the games to be hosted as it will affect other users on the same server. 

The next option is VPS (Virtual Private Server) which is a good option for Minecraft server hosting. However, with VPS you will have to take care of the usage limit and the usage fee structure. You may also need to check whether they allow the gaming to be hosted or not. 

The other option is the dedicated server for Minecraft server which is the best solution for hosting the application. You have more flexibility with the dedicated server than any other option. With dedicated server you are able to have more speed, more secured, more controlled environment. This is best option for you if you are planning onto have number of players having access to the game at the same time.

What type of hosting will be suitable for Minecraft? 

When you are running your own server so you are responsible for all the things related to setting up as well as any other issues that may arise. You will need to have technical skills in order to manage that all. If you do not wish to take any sort of headache, then you will have to go with the managed hosting solution. 

There are many companies who offer managed hosting for Minecraft, with managed hosting they offer the basic setup as well as installation and they offer the desired environment to run the game. Some of the companies even offer automated setup so as soon as you pay you are good to play the game. 

One of the issues with Managed Solutions is that you will not find the kind of control that you are looking for or any sort of customization wouldn’t be possible. If you are a hardcore game player then you would like to have your game customization so that you can play the way you want to, this will be a disadvantage with having manage hosting for Minecraft. 

While there may be hosts that will offer you the ability to customize the game as per your own settings however others may not offer you the same and they will offer the same basic installation to all. 

What is Mojang? 

Mojang, is one of the companies owned by Minecraft that offers subscription service to for owning a server of your own in the even you wish to play game with your friends. This is best option for people who are willing to play with multiple players (specially friend circle) and they don’t know how to setup a server for Minecraft. 

If I wish to play Minecraft on someone else’s server, will I need to pay? 

The answer to the question is obliviously yes.