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Linux – Ubuntu Web Hosting Services

What is Ubuntu- Ubuntu is one of the Linux based operating system which has been in wide use both among web hosting providers as well as desktop users. It is one of the leading operating systems across the globe.

It was created and launched in the year of 2004 by one of the businessmen Mark Shutlleworth who hired the team of developers from Debian (the successful Linux distribution which has been in wide use for commercial use).

What is ubuntu

Ubuntu is an open source software operating system that runs from the desktop, to the cloud, to all your internet connected things.

The operating system is distributed by the company named Canonical however there has been no charge for license fee for using Ubuntu. They provide commercial support for which they charge.

Ubuntu is for Everyone

Ubuntu has been designed to be used by all including general user as well as developers. It has been used on wide variety of hardware including personal computers, to laptops, to bigger server used for enterprise applications. It is free to be downloaded from the Ubuntu official website.

It is considered to be powerful operating system which is well supported by its large community of developers. In addition, the company Canonical (that distributed the software) provides commercial support as well at a cost.

Since it is based on Linux so it makes use of Linux kernel which is the core of the the Linux operating system so whatever comes with Linux is also available for Ubuntu.

Having said that Ubuntu is known for some of its distinct features and style which make it one of the most popular operating system as of today. Some of the features are listed as under:

Ubuntu Features

Ubuntu is considered to be one of the most user friendly operating system of all the Linux distributions available which is the reason it is most widely used by desktop users as well. It provides a rich Graphical User Interface (GUI) which is kind of similar to the other GUIs provided by popular OSes including Windows, Android, Mac and other such operating systems.

Since it is based on Linux hence it also supports the command line environment and other programs supported by Linux.

Ubuntu was initially developed for desktop users so it supports all software supported by Linux as well as other applications which are meant for general use such as XL sheet, Word doc, media applications etc.

Ubuntu as a Server

Since Ubuntu was initially designed to cater the need of desktop users however it was lately enhanced to meet the requirements of being used as a server as well. It is one of the leading Linux distribution being used for server purpose as well.

Some of the factors which resulted into Ubuntu being one of the popular choice for using as a server are listed below:

- Since it is actively developed so there are frequent updates almost twice a year

- Long-Term Support (LTS) releases are supported for five years

- It also goes well with popular OpenStack cloud environment.

- Canonical also provides commercial support with its Ubuntu Advantage edition.

- High-quality management tools are available.

- Works with almost all hardware and software.

Ubuntu being an open source Linux distribution supports all popular open source software such as WordPress, Drupal, Nginx, Apache web servers and database languages MySQL, PostgreSQL. It supports popular scripting programming languages such as PHP, Python, Ruby, Perl, Java etc.

Ubuntu is a very fast operating system and it delivers high performance if it is run on servers. Due to high efficiency it becomes a great option to run it on web hosting environment.

Being an efficient operating system Ubuntu also comes with built-in tools to provide s secure environment.

Pros and Cons of using Ubuntu

Pros of using Ubuntu

- It is the most user friendly Linux distribution

- It is used widely and is a reliable, secure, open source Linux based operating system

- There is a large community of developers available for support

- Paid support is also available

- There are frequent updates from the company

- Provides wide variety of  tools to manage large  number of systems

Cons of using Ubuntu

Since it is designed to be a user friendly OS so it comes with overloaded software as compared to other Linux distributions.

Ubuntu Hosting Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ubuntu?

Ubuntu is a Linux based open source operating system with a focus on providing a reliable as well as user friendly environment.

What is a Linux distribution (distro)?

The core of the Linux is its piece of code or a software which is called kernel which can be used by developers to create their own version of the software catering to various business requirements. These versions have been terms as Linux distributions or Distros. Some of the popular Distros are Debian, CentOS, Slackware etc.

Who developed Ubuntu?

It was developed by one of the south African business man who created a company named Canonical in the year of 2004. It has been considered to be based on the popular Linux version Debian as the core developers were hired from Debain.

What is Ubuntu aimed to provide?

Ubuntu, unlike other Linux distributions, is aimed to provide a user friendly environment which is targeted to desktops as well as being used as server.

Who owns and operates Ubuntu?

Company named Canonical owns and operates the Ubuntu software. Although it is developed by the active developer’s community yet Canonical plays an important role in the growth and development of Ubuntu. The company does charge any license fee however provides professional support which is paid.

Is Ubuntu free to use?

Yes. Ubuntu is a fee to use open source software. Absolutely.

What are the advantages of using Ubuntu?

It is one of the most user friendly operating systems based on Linux. Unlike other Linux distros where the development is community driven (being open source) so there is a lack of timely updates and releases. Whereas Ubuntu is supported by the full time developers from Canonical who work throughout the year to release updates in time. Making it one of the most reliable, secure and upto date OS.

What are the add on applications bundled with Ubuntu?

Ubuntu comes with a lot of pre-loaded applications which make it more useful than other Linux distros.

It comes with Firefox as a browser and Office needs are provided with LibreOffice which is quite compatible with Microsoft Office.

Thunderbird is used as a default email applications.

Skype comes available as messenger. Other applications which are of general use such media player applications are also supported and hence making it a popular Linux based Distro.