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Joomla Based Web Hosting Providers

What is Joomla Hosting- Joomla is yet another open source content management system (CMS) which is free to use and has been built and developed in PHP programming languages. It makes use of MySQL, MS SQL and PostgreSQl as it’s database languages. It is in-fact more than a CMS and can be compared with Drupal which provides a framework to develop more complex websites which are not able to be built with other popular CMS such WordPress. Joomla is built on a model view controller web application framework which can be used independently of the CMS.

Joomla is one of the popular CMS application after WordPress and Drupal. There have been more than 90 million downloads of the application as of April 2018. There wold be around more than 9000 modules or extensions available to be used for free and it has a large community of developers who are actively developing the application and contributing towards the growth of Joomla. Joomla is considered to be covering around 3% of the total website market around the globe so you can imagine how powerful and useful the application is.

Joomla Features and Benefits

As with other CMS applications Joomla also has wide variety of features which make it one of the most popular CMS in the present competitive web market. The reason for the popularity for the system is because of versatility, ease of use, free to use, powerful extensions, flexible, scalable, secured, and much more. Let’s have a look at some of the main features that makes the CMS different from other CMS applications. Below are listed some of the features (but not limited to):

- Free to Use: it being open source platform is free to use and does not add to any extra costing to hosting requirements.  

- Powerful and Scalable: Joomla is supported by a huge number of developers who are actively building the application to make it one of the outstanding application to build powerful websites with complex functionality. It is extremely scalable as there are multiple numbers of extensions available that add to the features of Joomla and you can build advance level of websites which need high level of customisation.

- Plenty of Modules & Extensions: there is a huge no. of module and extensions available for Joomla that add to the functionality of the website and you can create a website which is powerful in nature and is able to perform various things we per your requirements. Some of the extensions include: shopping cart, product catalogue, forum building, community support, form integration, media management, spam filtering, emailing system, blog integration, social media sites integration and much more. All these modules can be altered to match to the requirements of the website.

- Plethora of Themes: when it comes to themes Joomla is not behind to other competitors such as WordPress or Drupal. It offers a wide variety of themes to choose from which can further be customised according to your needs. You are able to design and create your own theme from the scratch if you have the desired skills.

- Strong Support: when you are working on an open source project it becomes quite critical for you that you have the right source or channel of support so that you can ask for help in case you are stuck somewhere. So with Joomla you will have a strong community support which is readily available to extend help for any sort of issues with regards to the development of your website be it installation, or theme creation or plugin support or anything for that matter. Apart from that there is huge repository of well written detailed documents which can be referred as and when required. Video tutorials are also available for quick help.

- SEO Friendly Tools: SEO is an important and critical part for your online marketing strategy of the website as it enhances the ranking of the website in search engines and hence more visitors and more business for you. Joomla covers SEO part really well and supports various factors essential for SEO purpose such as meta title, meta tags, meta keywords, meta descriptions etc are built-in. You just need to plug and play.

- Security Conscious: Joomla codebase has been designed and developed to be robust and it features two factor authentication and extensive access control levels at various levels. They have a dedicated security team called Security Strike Team who is working ahead of time and are ready with patch well in advance even before someone tries to exploit it.

- Multilingual: it supports more than 70 languages so if you have a website that is meant to be built for various countries then it makes sense to have Joomla as your CMS application.

- Cache Management: with the use of caching management you are able to improve the speed of your website and hence performance.

- User Management: with the use of Access Control List (ACL) you are able to control various access levels for your users or user groups.

- Powerful Content Management: you can make use of various tools to manage the content. Tools such as publishing tools, WYSIWYG editor for easy management of content without having to know programming, content versioning allows the updating of content without losing the previous content, media management and category management allows nested categories for your content.

- Great Core Functionalities: easily redirect URLs as and when needed, monetise your website with the use of banners, add contacts and contact forms, tagging of posts, RSS syndication, News feed support, search your website function, messaging between admin users.

- Easy CMS Management: you are able to manage the CMS such as easy core updates within a click, easy extensions update, install of 3rd party extensions using the backend, easy user registration to allow them to use additional resources.

- Globally Popular: the popularity of Joomla can be gauged from the number of installs made till date which is more than 90 million as of April 2018 and still counting. More than 8000 modules are free to to use and more are being added actively by the community. It counts for more than 3% of the total website market.

- Enterprise Level: Joomla can be considered to be an enterprise level application due to its various features such as versatility, scalability, flexibility, security, extensibility, great community support, huge number of plugins and modules. All make it well contender to become an enterprise level application.

How Does Joomla Compare with WordPress and Drupal?

It can not be said as it is good or bad than WordPress or Drupal but it can be considered to be different than both of these. Joomla can be considered to be like of Drupal and is it’s direct competitor. Below is a detailed comparison between all three as all there are well popular around the globe with WordPress sharing the maximum market share 25%, Drupal 2.3% and Joomla around 3% so clearly Joomla stand 2nd in the ranking of popular CMS across the globe.