• Best Dedicated Server Hosting Services

Best Dedicated Server Hosting Services

What is Dedicated Server Hosting- When it comes to hosting there are a lot of options available to you as a hosting user. You may come across options such as shared hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting, managed hosting, unmanaged hosting or dedicated server hosting. It all depends on your hosting needs as what will you need and what will the best fit for you. Dedicated server hosting is one of the most common type of hosting which is used to host enterprise level web applications. For small to medium level businesses shared hosting or VPS hosting will serve the purpose however when it comes to having website or applications which have higher traffic loads demands for dedicated server hosting.  Dedicated server is nothing but a rented computer which is solely to be used by the hosting user who has paid for it. The resources of dedicated servers are not shared with other hosting users. Which is why dedicated hosting servers are expensive solutions.

Why Do You Need a Dedicated Server?

As mentioned above there are many options available when it comes to hosting your web applications. As long as you have a website which does not demand high resources to be consumed you are good with shared hosting or VPS hosting but as your requirements grow in terms of higher traffic loads to be served then you will need to go for higher specifications which are meant for greater security and better control.

Shared hosting plans are the cheapest option available from a web hosting company. However, it is meant to be used for applications which demands higher speeds and higher traffic loads. The next possible option available which is higher level from shared hosting is the VPS hosting.  

However, the issue with VPS hosting is that it still shares resources though is isolated virtually in software terms but the underlying physical hardware or the server is shared among other VPS users. So VPS hosting does not provide a fully isolated hosting environment.

That is where a dedicated server will come into picture as the name suggests that a dedicated server will be meant to be used solely by you. You can configure it the way you wish to. So a dedicated hosting server is required, some of the obvious reasons as why would you need a dedicated server hosting are:

- Your current demands are not being served with the current hosting plans such as shared hosting or VPS hosting

- You are running a web application which is enterprise level and is meant to be used or accessed by the masses.

- You are looking for greater control over your hosting  environment such as choosing an operating system of your choice, web server or your own choice, better security, better control.

- You have a web application running which demands for higher need of security such as financial web applications, defence web applications, medical healthcare applications where data security is of prime importance.

- You need to customise hosting environment as per your business needs

Benefits of a Dedicated Server

There are a number of benefits of using dedicated server although some of the benefits you should be aware of by reading the above articles yet it is sensible to highlight these benefits separately as well so that you are more convinced of using a dedicated server hosting.

Serves web pages with better speed

Better uptime as server control is in your hands and resources are not shared

You are able to customise your server as per your needs

Better control of your hosting environment so you can choose to run any application you wish to

Your server is protected by physical security at the data centre

Best option for enterprise web applications

Better security for your server at your own tips

Managed vs Unmanaged Dedicated Hosting

When it comes to choosing dedicated hosting you will come across two options notably, Managed hosting and unmanaged hosting.

So what is the difference between managed and unmanaged dedicated hosting. As the name suggests managed hosting is managed by the web hosting provider so all shared hosting plans and cloud hosting plans are managed hosting plans. But when it comes wo dedicated server you will have the option of selecting Unmanaged dedicated plans as well. Unmanaged dedicated server is generally cheaper than managed ones due to the burden of managing it will not be borne by the web hosting company but by the company using it.

When you go for a managed dedicated server plan which is fully managed, your hosting provider will take care of the the below things:

- Sever configuration and maintenance is handled by them

- Server managements in terms of updating it on regular basis, such OS upgrade etc.

- They are responsible for the failures of errors originating on the server so they manage to take care of the same

- They are responsible to take care of the security measures such as virus scanning or firewall configurations.

- Provide free backup service as well

- You may have access to the control panel as well which enables the web admin manage hosting environment using the interface.

24x7 customer support.

So it is obvious that with unmanaged server plans you will have to take care of all the above mentioned points on your own.

It is also obvious that unmanaged plans are suitable for people who know to handle servers and they know what they have to do with server.

How to Select Dedicated Server Hosting Plan?

Once you have decided that you have to go for a dedicated plan be it managed or unmanaged one. The next thing will be to choose one from the various plans being offered and what you will need to look for in these plans. You will come across various such plans which will differ based on many features or factors. Some of these factors are listed below:

CPU and cores

CPU is the computer processing unit which may be aware of. CPU comes with multiple core in it. More cores mean it is more capable of handling more requests. A quad-core processor has 4 cores whereas Intel Xeon core processors will contain even more than that.


More the space of RAM the more it is capable of handling concurrent request. So choose a plan having more RAM specification.


Bandwidth decides the faster loading of the webpage the more the bandwidth the more will be the speed in the event of higher traffic loads.

Disk Space

Disk space is the space on drive which is consumed by the web pages or files or database etc.

Cloud Hosting Vs Dedicated Hosting

The other option to go for when you have applications needing more bandwidth better speed and reliable hosting environment is Cloud Hosting. Cloud hosting can be a good option for you if you are not willing to go for Dedicated server however there are some factors which are not in favour of Cloud hosting when compared with dedicated hosting. For example, security will not be up to the mark with cloud hosting, apart from that Cloud hosting is difficult to monitor. With cloud hosting you don’t get to configure or customise your hosting environment as you do with dedicated server hosting.

Pros and Cons of Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Hosting Pros

You can customise the way you want to

-  Best suited for enterprise web applications

You can run any applications of your choice

-  Provides better speed and better security

You can lock your server down against security threats and attacks.

Dedicated Hosting Cons

-  Expensive option

-  You are responsible for the management

Add to your overheads and you will need a resource to manage the same.

Dedicated Server Hosting Frequently Asked Questions

What is dedicated server hosting?

Dedicated server hosting is type of web hosting which comes as managed as well as unmanaged type. With dedicated server hosting you will have the complete access to your server and you can customise it the way you want to.

It is best suited for enterprise level web applications.

What is dedicated hosting used for?

Dedicated hosting is required to run enterprise level web applications where your prime goal is to provide better security, better speed, better hosting environment. It basically gives you more control over your hosting environment. When VPS does not server the purpose for you dedicated server hosting is the way to go.

What to look for when buying a dedicated sever?

There are various hardware factors which you will need to pay attention to while purchasing the dedicated server plan from web hosting provider.

You need to look at the specifications of CPU, RAM, Bandwidth, disk space etc. the more you have of it the more powerful is your server going to be.

What operating systems can I run on a dedicated server?

It is entirely up to you as what you wish to run on the server as you own it completely for your own needs. You can run Linux, you can run Windows or MAC OS X.

You should be able to install any application that you wish you because you have complete access to the server.

Are there any drawbacks to dedicated server hosting?

Costing is one of the biggest factors as it is quite expensive than VPS.

Apart from that a server management resource is also required.

How does VPS compare with Dedicated server hosting?

A VPS can be considered to be a virtual dedicated server as it serves the purpose of a dedicated server however it shares the same pool of physical hardware which is used by other VPS users so at the software level is isolated but at the hardware level is shared. So with VPS you don’t have full control over the hosting environment but a limited. VPS is however cheaper than dedicated server.

On the other hand, dedicated server comes with great feature of being customisable, better control, better security, faster speed etc. however it is way expensive than VPS.

Is is better to use Cloud Hosting than Dedicated server hosting?

Cloud hosting is a good option to choose from instead of dedicated server hosting. However with cloud hosting you don’t have the full control over the hosting environment which you can attain with dedicated server. Cloud hosting is reliable and faster however when it comes to security it does stand with dedicated server hosting as with dedicated hosting you have higher security which can be managed by you at the server level.