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Best BSD Based Web Hosting Services

Why Choose BSD- There are numerous reasons as why you should be choosing the BSD servers.

- It is an open source platform so you don’t have to pay any license fee to use it

- BSD is developed on open source platform and is a transparent. All the releases are kept in a central system where all your releases are available be it the current one or the older versions.

The development is not just done in a random manner wherein there is not control over anyone however the system follows a structured approach where in all the contributing developers work is managed by the so called experts of the community. These experts are also termed as “committers”. These all work under the supervision of Principal Architect who keeps a close watch on quality control and works in association with a core team who provides guidance towards to direction of the brand.

Four Open Source Packages:

There have been around four open source packages available for BSD which are designed and developed to cater to different business needs so it becomes important for you to as to which to choose from for your business requirements. Below are mentioned the all open source packages available for BSD.

NetBSD is available for a wide range of platforms including large-scale servers and powerful desktop systems and other handheld and embedded devices. Due to its clean design and some of the advanced features make it a good option to be used for both production as well as research environments. The source code is also freely available under a business-friendly license.


OpenBSD comes into play where transparency as well as system security if of utmost importance. So it has been an ideal option for for financial institutions and government departments where high transparency and system security is of importance. Due to the ‘code purity’ available in this package the implementation of this package is quite secure as well as easier.


FreeBSD, due to is user friendliness feature it has been used widely across the globe. It is mainly used by the web content providers and it also runs on multiple platforms.


Dragonfly includes many useful features that are distinguish from other operating systems in the same class. The most important feature is HAMMER which is the modern high performance file-system with built-in mirroring and historic access functionality.


GNU (General Public Licence)

All of the Open Source BSD packages listed above are available under the GNU licence. The purpose of this license is that anyone is able to see the base code which is used as base of their operating system. Anyone who is skilled and willing to join the community to extend services and contribute towards the growth of the project.